K-91 Test Server Preview! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. K-91 is shit when u move tier 9 to tier 10 it loses 28mm of frontal turret armor 😮 wow

  2. reptilespantoso

    I liked the 416 but not with corridor maps and 3-5-7. (yeah I know, that’s obvious) The 430 mkII should get the t-54 212 pen gun back!

  3. Autoreloading Russian td with siege mode next patch confirmed 😛

  4. the problem is that when you see the tier 9 and then the tier 10, it is like other cases when the tier 9 is way better or more in line in how you play the game now….. the 416 work in tier because of his camo and gun, in the k91 you get this but way worst, so where is the improvement?, maybe if wg let the k91 have some turret armor and have the good sidescraping abilities of the 430 v2, the k 91 would be good.

  5. Nice review. but I probably won’t be getting this.

  6. It’s almost like the damage number appears before the sound of the gun has finished 😂 That speed is mad.

    • That’s because they’re using armour piercing discarding sabot velocity numbers but calling the ammo APCR.

  7. Give the leopard this kind of shell velocity, swedisch td level off accuracy and the 1a5 turret! Its my most played tier 10 but there is no reason to play it anymore :'(

    • The accuracy is not the issue with the Leopard, it’s the handling. The thing needs to have soviet levels of soft stats.

    • The soft stats of the leopard 1 are even worse than the stb 1. I think that says allot.

    • riffler24 For me the accuracy is the problem, i get that the soft stats prevent it from snapshotting but when i fully aim i want to hit and somehow it doesnt do that anymore. Maybe with heat the leopard isnt that bad but i used to play it before the premium shell spam.

  8. Vasilis Fotiadis

    why no one compare k-91 with grille 15 ?

  9. K-91 has the Guard’s hull.

  10. Abaddon Despoiler

    omg im so happy now i quit the game weeks ago.

  11. I mean, the IS-3A is technically an auto reloader, but because the tech wasn’t there/they were lazy, they just made it a faster reload than the IS-3.

  12. I fully agree with your points. My Initial thoughts are that the tank is decent, but needs some slight adjustments. The mobility is indeed lacking, and I honestly would have liked to see a gun that varied a bit more from the other 100 mm guns featured on its cousins. The 276 mm pen and 1700 m/s velocity are cool but the other mediums can solve any pen-related problems with the same HEAT round this tank also gets.

    Some ideas would include:

    – Increase the engine power from 500 to 750 h.p. would bring it in line with the 416 and 430 II in terms of agility.
    – Increase the alpha damage from 320 to 350, but reduce the rate of fire to retain the current DPM. Higher alpha accomodates the sniping role, and gives it a truly unique quality over the other mediums.
    – Increase the penetration of the HEAT shell from 330 to 350 mm, to enhance the fact that it also has higher penetration on the APCR shell.

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      I agree *however* the HEAT increase to 350 mm is a bit overkill, the standard pen being so high is good enough.

  13. I really like the gun but the rest of the tank hell no, worse still WG is fucking over one of my favorite tier 9s next patch.

  14. i like this tank alot, its gun is amazing but because of that the tank itself is worse than the other t10 soviet mediums so i find it balanced in many ways

  15. Demolition!ranch!!

    If they just nerfed the hull to 60mm all round buffed the turret a tiny bit as well as the mobility I would be happy

  16. Krunoslav Bulaš

    Yes…that’s the gun stats Leo 1 needs.

  17. A new Russian tank appears and community wants it buffed. What sort of a loopy land have we entered? 😀

  18. William-Henri Pralong

    It’s a slowish TD with bad gun depression, very bad alpha, and non fully traversable turret…

  19. 2730 views, 273 likes, 0 dislikes. *NOICE*

  20. Russian siege mode tanks

  21. you forget that they would nerf this till its complete shit

  22. Tier X 416 sounds dope! I hope they buff it in the way you mentioned. Maybe also give it a little more cam, like at the 416

    And it’s not even OP…as a new tank, sb sober at WG?

  23. I like how they made a TD with much more armor and speed than a medium. And gave a sniping gun to a medium, less armor and speed than the TD.

  24. As an evolution of the awful 430 II, this piece of garbage makes sense but why anyone would want it is a mystery.

  25. “With this tank the Russians have every playstyle available to them except for auto-loaders and auto-reloaders” – *insert ACKCHYUALLY meme here* The IS-7 had an auto-loader. And I’ve seen the ST-II on the forums as a possible replacement for the IS-4 – double the gun, double the fun. And there you have it – Object 277(Heavium with good DPM), ST-II(Auto-reloader), IS-7(auto-loader). And since they don’t care about balance they’ll probably add the Object 279 as a standard heavy tank.

  26. MayhemxBarracuda

    In my opinion, this is the nail in the coffin for scout tanks, that shell velocity completely nullifies the speed of scouts, keeping in mind obviously they weren’t very relevant before, I just feel they are slowly throwing out scouts, after pushing them so much, which makes me a little sad, but it is what it is. I think the tank is fine as it is, especially with 410 view range. It allows for a pretty wide range of relevance.

  27. Personally, stats do not mean a lot to me, they are just numbers, right?..I rather just see how it performs on the battle field…This will tell me a lot more about the performance of a new tank..

  28. They should have given it on of those 115 mil guns.
    Increase alpha to 350 ti make it unique but lover ROF to keep DPM.
    They fucked it with meds, chinese one should be give higheat alpha then 430

  29. A highlight in that update from what I see in this video is that if a tank is unspotted when he hits his opponent, his name wouldnt be shown to that tank. I like it, snipers and clickers like it.

  30. I don’t want my object 230v2 to change. I love how it can be a bully with its armor and rof.

  31. Is this tank a turreted tank destroyer?

  32. Tomáš Chochola

    I think any buffs would make it OP. Even now i dont like 410 view, insane gun, and turret armor. And i agree Leo 1 should have fast shell and much better gun for sniper.

  33. Only the Russians can invent heavy tanks that are in fact faster than medium tanks

  34. Id love for it to get a better engine tbh
    The playstyle of the line at tier 8 and on in high dpm, rather quick with good gun handling but no gun depression and limited traverse

  35. if theyre changing the obj 430 II, then whats gonna happen to the A-44?… Thats a decently armored tank and a decent brawler like the 430 II

  36. Wow a Soviet tank that has British, USA, Swedish etc levels of mobility !

  37. Test server nothing gets changed…kranwagon? Just another in a very long line where test server bears no relation to released version.0

  38. talk about a counter scout the shell velocity you could auto aim and hit every shell on a moving scout tank

  39. More fake tanks? Nice.

  40. The mobility probably hails from the fact that historically, the K-91 was a design for a heavy tank instead of a medium tank

  41. Looks neat. Sadly I could never handle the 416’s godawful gun depression and stock grind

  42. Many Miles Away

    It’s worth noting Circon that there are plenty of vehicles that WoT could add that actually existed if they simply got rid of their ridiculous rule regarding smooth bore guns. The T-62 could get its 115mm gun, the Americans could get their T95 Medium tanks and so many others. It just seems so annoying looking at WoT from a WT perspective and seeing them having to make up vehicles time and time again when there are so many real life options that would fit the bill perfectly.

  43. wargaming sucks at balance, but IMHO this is why you do not give to super unicums to balance tanks too:
    what Circon seems to be saying: give this tank the armor and the mobility of leo, give the leo the gun handling of this tank.
    What IMHO this means you have two tanks which are the same, but the Leo has 390 alpha and depression.
    and the worst part is all the parrots echoing, give leo this gun stats …

  44. The Obj 416 has 16.7 hp/ton. Why does this have 11 hp/ton? Just give it the same mobility as the 416 and it will be fine.

  45. I love my 430 II, and I wouldn’t mind a bit grinding out a bunch of xp on it. It’s just so fun to play. But this doesn’t look worthwhile at all.

  46. 6 spg’s in a game on test server…lol

  47. IS-7 Auto Reloader, T-62A Auto Reloading, ST-II Double Barreled……………… Shit guys I think I just found out the future for the soviet tech trees

  48. you are actually very good at making tank reviews

  49. Is this the slowest tier 10 medium?
    I would’ve prefered a fast flanking tank, but if it was fast then it would have been very similar to all the other russian meds, just rear-turreted
    Props to WG for doing something different & not immediately OP as fuck

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