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  1. *rate the cancer of the video thanks bye*

  2. All T-34 lineup…. oh Phly, why must you do that

  3. 5 choppers and a jet.. still dont understand a jet

  4. Its much better in russian….
    нападение акулы
    napadeniye akuly

  5. My German fellow-countrymen and women! Party Comrades! It is, I think, something very extraordinary when a man after about 20 years can stand before his old followers, and when in doing so he has not had to make any revisions of his program during these 20 years.

    Today’s gathering, however, reminds us most of all of the evening which we were able to celebrate in the former hall 10 years ago. It reminds us of this because at that time too we were in the midst of a very hard fight. Our fight to take over power in, Germany was just as decisive for our fate as the fight which we are waging today. It was only during the past year that this became known to us in all its meaning, and if victory had not been achieved in 1933, then Germany would have remained what it was then, that is, a powerless nation with an Army of 100,000 men, which would necessarily have (had to submit) to destruction.

    And at the same time, a colossus had arisen in the East with only a single thought in mind, to fall upon this weak, lazy, defeatist and internally-torn Europe. And if at that time this challenge had not been successfully taken up, then the power which alone was capable of opposing this danger would not have entered world history.

    Today we know that there would probably not be any Europe left. Therefore the battle which we fought then was only apparently an internal struggle for power. In reality, even then it was a struggle for the preservation of Germany and, in the broadest sense of the word, for the preservation of Europe. At that time, we were close to victory. And yet when, 10 years ago, we met in the former hall, no one knew exactly how close it was. Only one thing went without saying as far as we were concerned, namely the conviction that this victory, no matter what happens, must come and will come.

    It is with the same conviction that I now stand before you, and it has never left me, either, since the day on which, as an unknown man in this city, I began the struggle, first for the soul of the German people, and then, on beyond this city, forever more and more followers. And in the beginning I did not have much more to give than faith, the faith that if anyone pursues a just aim I with unchanging and undisturbed loyalty and never lets himself be diverted from it, but puts everything into it, then others will be found who are determined to be his followers, and that from this host an ever stronger faith must gradually radiate to the whole people, and that out of this host the worthiest part of the whole people must one day finally find themselves together, and that finally this worthiest part must acquire the power in the state.

  6. psychologically unstable 2

    *Radar athena spins*

  7. Hey test the finnish plane

  8. Still annoyed that the ADATS is in the American tree despite being made by Switzerland and used by Thailand and Canada.

  9. If you pay you can have invisible heli. Thats what WT become. Cancer AF

  10. Whoever made the Phly soundpack should literally just remake the ADATS audio EXCLUSIVELY just be “Chopper chopper chopper chopper chopper.”

  11. Shark attack does not sound any better in Russian…

  12. I destroyed the cancer with cancer

  13. So apparently the most efficient way to grind tanks now is to talisman a AA and just hunt helicopter huh?

  14. Do a vid on the Sweden biplane

  15. There’s also the South Africa map…. That’s it. They forgot they also added Sweden

  16. Spoiler, the video is a lie! And Unsubbed because of Myspace link!

  17. Shark attack in rusdian would be “Нападение акулы” or “Napadeniye akuly”

  18. that luck the ka50 dont stay outside your range with their 10km missiles lol

  19. OF-40 MTCA got moved up to 9.0 …without thermals with the weakest apsdfs round…i mean great job gayjin. You guys should’ve been sued for stealing peoples money.

  20. A mate and I jumped in a RB 3/4 Of the enemy team spawned in ka50s 1/4 crashed and we jumped in our Cobras he killed 5 with his tows than got rektd by a Tunguska, I got 2 with my AAMs then just flew underneath them pulled up and ripped them to shreds with my autocannon. EZ kills

  21. Pls phly the Tiger UHT and let the missile know where it is once again

  22. Nikola Nedeljkovic


  23. PHLEEEEEE! Can you play the new premium hunter 🙂

  24. They need to change “that new heat round” to MPAT.

  25. War thunder is just getting more and more like money grab and just a premiums spam

  26. Gaijin logic: Well we added cancer into the game so might as well add even more cancer to counter the previous cancer. May the most op cancer win.

  27. ADATS Be like : Do do do doo
    Black shark be like: Momy shark…. wait no…. run away doo doo doo

  28. Phly: don’t look at the line up here you can’t handle it.
    Me: pauses video to look at line up
    God damn that’s a lot of t-34’s phly XD

  29. Phly, listen! Play the BMP1 (DDR) PLEASE IM BEGGIN YOU

  30. ADATS isn’t cancer. It’s the cure to cancer.

  31. нападение акулы OR napadeniye akuly

  32. Try out the new Swedish forces! Annars blir jag sur!

  33. Hey phly how about doing a vid with the Firecrest…

  34. Play the swift f7 with the fireflash missiles

  35. Guys u know that in the ka50 u kan
    Just stay outside radar range with those 10 km range atgm

  36. What the hell, my YouTube videos recently have been super clean and sharp

  37. best counter for radar…is the Signal from the Launcher…the Signal goes along way…And once you can pick it up, you can Lock a Missle on that tone..
    you have the best trick to turn off radar and Guide it in.. but Both of you arnt Moving much..
    Where are the other counters for The choppers?

  38. This is the nightmare

  39. Алексей Сафронов

    Actually Phly, in russian this update is called “Black Shark”. So it’s even worse.

  40. There was an update where they added Abrams tanks it was called “Iron Generals” or something like this

  41. Wait – so you can get a free premium vehicle by going to some facebook page and downloading the game? What the hell about the rest of us who ALREADY have the game and have been supporting it for years?!

  42. In Russian the the patch is actually called Black Shark

  43. not as good as shturm tho

  44. 10:11 BRRRRRRRRRT

  45. Are these things this effective in RL?

    Why do armies even have attack helicopters then?

  46. Have you ever tried the stormed hvm? I would really like to see it

  47. . . . i can’t stop staring at the spiny thing ..

  48. Title could have been better Steve.

  49. 10:00 What’s that countdown ?? Can someone tell me >>>??????

  50. How am I going to have a great day after watching this?

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