Ka-52 Big Brain goooo brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Ka-52 Big Brain goooo brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. This video did make me wonder. Could APS actually work on a helicopter? Just launch a mini-explosive at an incoming missile.

  2. Phly alive for so long with these AA players being completely brain dead meanwhile every time I play plane/heli at top tier the missile always finds me seconds within entering engagement range. And high G turns and CM’s seldom have any effect on this.

  3. time to use the bagelpanzer instead then

  4. I-16 type 10 please Phly. 3 years requesting.

  5. Normally the missiles Mistral should have been the perfect counter to this but the missile is nerfed to the ground for 2 years

  6. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 25)

  7. m42 duster: hold my beer

  8. Hey Fly, will you take a look at Gaijen’s pure helicopter game? Apache Air Assault. I play it on the 360 and the controls are quite bad. But might be nice seeing you do missions with actual AI enemies in a helocopter.

  9. and to think they just reduced the br of the zsu 37 2, I think helicopters will be seeing more of those as revenge spawns.

  10. 역겹다!!!! k- a 52

  11. Ok I’m getting back in my stormer.

  12. For me the leo a1a1 l/44 is annoying as the ka52

  13. This why top BR is dying

  14. i feel scammed, “🚀GET 3% off War Thunder GE & Vehicles 🚀” and nothing changes to the price, still gonna stay with you either way


  16. ADATS, use guns, visual lock. Next!

  17. hey you know what would be better, raising br of opponents it faces while leaving 2s6 at 10.7 while something like radbus is at 11.0 with triple times repair price….

  18. Firestarter OnYouTube

    And this is why Russian Helis shouldnt be allowed

  19. 9:14 ha ha VNPA

  20. phly as much as i love watching your videos man, you just published a Meta and now people are gonna follow this meta. -_-

  21. Firestarter OnYouTube

    25:09 not necessarily an Apache? If youre facing Britainnit could convceivably be a Stormer (it uses a Laser Designator to guide the Starstreaks onto target)

  22. what is the setting where you can see exactly where your rockets hit? And is this for any vheicle

  23. Next video prediction: Werblewind at top tier.

  24. dude the pic at the start i cant look at with a straight face lmao

  25. Stefano Capogrosso

    Steve: “I hate spawn campers”
    Still steve pushing the spawn point in berlin

  26. Lmao I knew as soon as the hstv J’d out that he was coming back to revenge kill him. Of course he proceeded to enter an Adats just to say fck you lol

  27. No need for an excuse if you teamkill ka50/52 …actually the heli need to excuse why tf hes playing dogshit vehicles

  28. That Berlin spawn rape was nasty… fuck Gaijin

  29. Мммм Флай флай.. эхх. Скомуниздил заставку у Сергей Сергеича. xD

  30. CrampedDwarf is chiting look out for him Phly

  31. Phil is blind to adats from every angle as we can all see.

  32. Phly I have an idea. Why don’t you try to play low tier Swedish tank with a shell that has a 105 mm pen. Try it you will have fun

  33. Day 1: Phly, you should try to get ground kills with the fireflash Air to Air missle (on the swift f7)

  34. After I finish Germany in 4 months i’m gunna grind the fuck outta Russia just so I can buy this heli and use it in a year. Fuck you gaijin

  35. i suggest you go chack what Hunter is doing with choppers and CAS to ppl xD

  36. TheManiacalTanker

    Lovely thumbnail, keep it up

  37. Phly’s laugh keeps me going

  38. This strat. was originally used against the KAs in arcade. It was never as effective as the KA’s use of them for some reason. Good to know the KAs are more broken now.

  39. Stormer HVM: Laughs in starstreaks

  40. Hunter taught you this. Hunter is quite possibly the best CAS helicopter player in WT.

  41. Sam salconi rhamie lareich terroriste escro monopole canabis depuit 20ans

  42. about the stuff your saying at the start: it has been like that for a while now, even if you dont take dumping rockets, but laserguided aams, you can easily outshoot the enemys sam

  43. “gaijin please add SEAD!1!1111!!!”

    *meanwhile real chads*

  44. These videos are boring

  45. let me guess, now everybody gonna spam the KA 50 (they are doing that already anyway) and shoot down AA missiles cuz now they saw it in your video…. time to go back to low tier for a while untill this “Trend” is no more.

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