Kampfpanzer 07 RH – First Look – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing the Kampfpanzer 07 RH a 8 German medium tank blurs the lines between light and medium!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Yet another german tank that probably will be rare to see after a few weeks. Meh..

  2. Kampfpanzer 70 sounds better

  3. “For you free-to-plays and you’re not willing to use premium consumables you really want to use coated optics”
    Me an F2P: *Speed is speed!*

  4. But QB accurcy didn’t matter right?

  5. I love the way German tanks look, but this one is just too much of an ugly duckling.

  6. I like this concept though, Massive alpha tier 8’s have been done quite a lot lately. I like the low alpha but blistering rate of fire thing.
    I wouldn’t even mind a tier 10 with like 240 alpha if had like 3200-3300dpm.

    I don’t care if it would suck, I just want more different, unique tanks. Not 27gajilion russian heavies with a pikenose and a 122mm.

  7. looks lie a hellcat with an oscillating turret and a ring around the turret?

  8. The turret outer section that doesn’t oscillate may count as spaced armour, depending on what’s behind it. That COULD make the turret surprisingly tough; by no means impregnable but significantly less poor than it might seem at first glance.

  9. Interesting, A high fire rate low alpha medium. Last time I switched out my E50 from 105 to 88 my win rate dropped from 56% to 51% lmao.

  10. That turret is the same as the one used on the USS Monitor, the first Union ironclad warship, in 1862.

  11. at last, A german tuna can-panzer turret

  12. The entire turret is spaced armour by the look of it. The turret actually fits inside a ring of armour plate which would create the spaced armour effect. HEAT isn’t going to be too effective against its turret. Looks ugly as hell. It almost looks like it was designed this way to get maximum gun elevation which suggest some thought into it having some AA ability or indirect artillery fire ability.

  13. WTH thats faster than the T92 LT with that 65 kph max forward. T92 is limited to 60.

  14. please clean your dusty microphone

  15. WHY IS PREMIUM GOLD THERE? WHY? WHY? WHY? It is premium. Not gold. You buy it with credit. Not gold. You literally can’t buy anything that gives any kind of advantage in the game for gold or real money. Literally!

  16. World of premium Tanks.

  17. It will be an hit and run rabbit.

  18. Its nice to see something different with the alpha damage, rather have a tank have a smaller caliber gun with smaller alpha damage instead of the usual “105” with 390.

  19. Oh no, that’s a Counter to my absolute favorite at the moment – the Bourrasque. If you load HE it will blast it…

  20. this tank is a camper look his name ! 🙁

  21. so I think that turret is going to be trolly I’m guessing that the strait sided jacket around the perimeter of the turret that it seems to sit in is going to act like spaced amour and the armor stat not actually be representative of what is actually going to happen shots to the base of that turret with hesh are unlikely to go in and over all I think its going to be average with sneaky bounces off that odd turret

  22. Bognostrokulum bognostrokul

    80mm front flat turret :(:(:(

  23. Looks like a complete piece of shiiiite…no pen, no alpha, no armour, flat turret…total meh….just wait for the next Object (yawn) because, well, Russia!

  24. So how many prems are there now? 50? Haven’t played wot for 6 years now.

  25. There is a chance that the weird silo connecting the turret to the hull is spaced armour. Which means that the turret might not be as bad.

  26. if the tanks has not so good camo, it would be really great in my opinion. if it had good camo like the bourrasque, it would be op. so hopefully not

  27. yeah it is just going to be garbage, you see that the turret isnt angeled like a pan, /like any soviet turrets) and you know that no matter how thick that steel plate is, it will always just be an easy penetration for everybody, and since hull armor is unimportant anyway because the game is 100% richline camping, the tank ois useless and another gemran tank that has to hide behind the TD next to the map border

    so just another gemran tank that is absolute bullshit

  28. Can you do a “2years on” video of the 279e ? I think its been two years, its such a controversial tank

  29. That is just classical oscillating turret surrounded with an extra ring of metal.
    Everybody did oscillating turrets back then, so why not germans?

  30. Peter Søholt Weigel Andersen

    Looks like cromwell hull + vk 30.xx turret mash-up

  31. Quite ugly for a German tank.
    It looks more like a British tank. Kind of a Challenger or something 🤮

  32. Idk is it only me that things that it’s a Cromwell but better and at T8

  33. Retropaintball clips

    Do you even need to grind tanks in wot anymore?

  34. it looks quite interesting as a tank for leopard players, overpowered… maybe the topspeed with a good crew and the dpm. but we will have to see. will only get it if it is an reward tank tho

  35. Just another BS made up tank to milk the one and only wargaming cashcow as much as possible.

  36. It’s a French turret with a skirt around it so the other tanks don’t make fun of it

  37. this is gonna replace the indien panzer mark my words

  38. turbo – improved aim – vents. job done 😛

  39. I smell lootbox …

  40. It’s ugly, with horrifyingly low alpha, terrible view range and no armor. Guess which nation will never have all of these at once… Fu WG

  41. I hope its the new reward vehicle, i heard wg is gonna make another mission grind thingy where yyou get a free prem

  42. you should finally do a WZ-132-1 review

  43. Wargaming: we release as much other nations tanks than russian tanks
    Also wargaming: *puts the alpha damage at 200 for a tier 8 medium and gives a shity turret*

  44. Yeah, want this one!

  45. Looks like it has a riot shield around an oscillating turret. That could significantly change its turret protection. Interesting when its using its gun depression it looks like the shield actually protects the roof of the tank too. With the lack of any large weak spots on the roof and the gun being mounted very high on the turret means this thing could be pretty good on ridgelines.

  46. Jesus, what a turd looking thing.

  47. Why buff old premiums when you can sell new ones?!

  48. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    Looks like the brother of the comet

  49. Kingston Enterprizes

    10 degree sweet spot? More like 10 degree Swede spot

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