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Source: QuickyBaby

Kampfpanzer 07 RH – of Tanks. Here comes a new Tier 8 German premium the light an ferocious Kampfpanzer 07 RH!

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  1. Who will win? The Pot or The Roach.

  2. What Panther 8.8 ?

  3. Anyone know what the price would be to buy instantly ?

  4. A tank such as this with such a quick aimtime and rate of fire is begging for a bounty aiming unit to bring that terrible dispersion under control.

  5. Predator Gaming

    idk i dont think i will be getting this i just dont think it is worth my time if you get what i mean

  6. Predator Gaming

    I mean with the bourasque its one story but this just doesnt really match up

  7. Duy Anh Quách Đông

    QB moaning while getting penetrated 12 rounds per minutes by the tank is tight

  8. So basically it has the soul of a light tank in a medium body?

  9. The horrible soft terrain stats must be an attempt at “realism” by WG. The tracks on this thing are ridiculously narrow, they look like ice skates, in rEaL liFe it should be practically immobile in swamps and sand.

  10. most trash tank i will ever put time grinding for

  11. Won’t be so good in a city map.

    • thinking the same because there are not many useful spot to do hulldown and you will probably left with no contribution to team

  12. Butter Apple Pie

    good 3d styleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  13. slow soft terrain maybe something to do with track WIDTH. Thinner tracks move faster on harder ground & slower on softer ground (because they sink into the sand/mud/soft terrain). I haven’t seen the tracks yet, but that’d be my guess.

  14. Make sure you ban Paris map when using this tank into battle

  15. Is it a tierVIII cromwell? xD

  16. Does this thing not have two layers of turret armor due to how the turret works?

  17. I would’ve count this tank as a antilight vehicle if not it’s poor view range.
    And still even if u have a low alpha with + and – 25% 250 dmg is the maximum u could do and so as it can low roll. U can trade ur hp in pvp only. So it means you should be a long range sniper. But as we can see from this replay, shells are flying like sh*t. Nah WG you can’t get me to buy this one. I still think that bigger alpha is the meta

  18. The worst marathon tank ever, Total waste of time

  19. My kind of tank. I like to think a lot and formulate plans in my head when i play these fast and sneaky tanks.

  20. good review. gotta love the dpm. gonna be shredding some tanks.

  21. This feels like it’s going to be the Medium tank version of the E25 at Tier VIII spamming gold all day long.

  22. Am I the only one that’s thinking this tank would be great with a Turbocharger? Hmmm Turbo, IRM/VStabs, Optics/Vents?

  23. Looks o.k for good players.
    I just stick to my IS-3A.

  24. Crystal challenge? Fitting name, you basically gotta be on crack cocaine to complete it for free lmao

  25. So technically it is a AMX CDC but better?

  26. So this tank is basically a Cromwell in t8

  27. 6:20 I believe WG just rolls dice and then put numbers into some statistics. There is absolutely no logic behind giving this tank such a poor ground resistances, yet they did it lmao

  28. Has anyone else noticed the pathetic shell arc? If it’s us playing, will miss all shots.

  29. Dennis Rademaker

    Not watched the video yet, but I bet that in the video at a point he says “.. is a bit of a werido” …. Lets see 😉

  30. This looks like a tank that c an counter La Ferraris 75

  31. Yet another prem that has everything and is “balanced” by 1 maybe 2 bad stats
    This thing will be rly rly annoying to deal with
    Only the Panther 88 has more dpm, 5 sec reload, you can probably get that down to 4.3, best in tier gun handlings, second best in tier mobility, very flexible and it has enough armor to bounce HE but not HESH and the camo is also rly nice
    Is there anything bad about this tank? Every bad or mediocre thing about it is offset by the other stats, the low alpha by high dpm, mediocre pen by rly good speed and camo (you can get around the map and enemies, you dont need much to pen the side of a HT, or anything rly)

  32. Not my playstyle it’s a pass from me, also lets me not bother with the marathon saving my sanity. Looks to be a pay to win tank, having all the paid advantages will make a huge difference for it.

  33. Perfect demonstration !

  34. Kssssssss, hey you! I will tell you a secret to happiness and wealth……BUY GME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I prefer my mediums able to at least bounce lower level guns… As it is, even T6 can shred you if shoiting turret.

  36. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Really ugly tank
    Very weird it isn’t an autoloader since its the only reason to use an oscillating turret 🤔

  37. Also realise: 42 shots, only 26 hits and 22 pens, this penetration won’t be enough against higher tier tanks, and the armour won’t hold up against the enmies’ firepower

  38. More garbage being sold in WoTs.

  39. Saiful Adli Azahari

    the tank looked like Rheinmetall was tasked to improved the british valentine tank. and as for the turrets, they had a big stock of danish butter biscuit tins in the factory pantry

  40. Way to many premium tanks in this game. 229 premium tanks and 57 of them are russian,10 more then germany. Lot of crappy low tier premiums,that none whats so ever using. People wont buy any crap but WG think they do just because they are cheap. I bought my 3 premiums the first year (2012)and thats it. Why even buy premiums? I can understand that streamers like QB does,and thats great that we have them so WG not over eun us with all the crap they trying to sell. Thanks QB.

  41. Kamping Panzer 07

  42. this tank against a kv2 (90 HE pen)lol

  43. so in typical WG fashion… finding any excuse to get money out of ppl during a marathon, 3D style no longer given for free as a reward for completing the marathon like it was with the B-C Baguette. now you gotta give them money for the 3D style… and 5000 gold for it too… RIP OFF

  44. Liberty or Death 1776

    Can’t wait to put a round of 183mm HESH through the turret of the first one I see.

  45. The Last Grizzly

    A test with premium equipment, premium food, 5 skill crew … not really a realistic test of the tank for most players

  46. This tank in games with equal and lower tanks will be a nightmare to fight against. KV-2s will love to shoot these tanks if they can.

  47. I just wish the gun was a bit more accurate tbh

  48. so… Free to play marathon? 😀

  49. So, it’s like a tier 8 German Cromwell?

  50. Looking forward to 3xKpz07 platoon in one team chasing 3xBoris platoon in the other team on open maps. Loading HE and pew pew pew times 3

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