Kampfpanzer 50 t – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Kampfpanzer 50 t is a mix of the Leopard Prototype and the E 50! All you need to know about this ranked battles reward!


World of Tanks is a 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. Another great fake tank form WG .

  2. Cant wait to play it myself, i managed to get the good techtree tanks for the third season.

  3. Wow, looks like an upgraded PzKpfw Leopard 1 (1A3 etc) – nice!

  4. 16:14 Is that Minecraft Launcher ↖↖

  5. Always have to appreciate WG for releasing balanced interesting tanks nice job WG

  6. Imo they should give it 360 alpha and maybe just a little better despersion

  7. I think the Kpfpz 50t compares closest to the T-55A actually, with the alpha, turret and “dynamics”

  8. It is impossible to get.. If you have no Chieftain, 279, odj907 and willing to shot only gold.. It would be fair only if tec tree tanks only can used in or if it would be on tier 8..in others way it made only for 10% of the players..

  9. I want this tank so badly but i will never get it. 😔

  10. Tiaan Janse van Rensburg

    Looks like a fun tank.

  11. Another fake tank, atleast it’s interesting and good looking I guess…

  12. Need line like this!

  13. Looks amazing

  14. Gonçalo Oliveira

    IM still relatively new to the game. Can com someone actually explain me how do we get this tank?

  15. Sander Mangelschots

    world of tanks sucks play war thunder

  16. Hey you should try Warthunder.

  17. i need 4 marks from ranked at the moment to achieve it !

  18. German tank with a tragic 0.33 accuracy? THIS IS NOT RUSSIAN TENK GIB TENK 0.3 ACCURACY

  19. Sexy, and balanced. Good job WG

  20. again a balanced tank for the better player that plays these money gaping game mods …

  21. So how do you get the tank?

  22. How cool is this tank.
    Like if u agree! ♡♡♡

  23. if wargaming really want to compete with war thunder they will have to make wot,wows and wowp into a single game and also adding new mechanic like radar,rocket,atgm,AA guns and night mode and also add modern mbt tank.

    but they should not remove hp mechanic so people could have choice either simulator,war thunder or arcade,wot.

    i suspect this would never happen or will take 20 years because you know wg.

    • Lord Solar Matthius

      it would also be nice to have realistic and arcade like in warthunder (but alittle different obviously), realistic would be like warthunder’s realistic in that there is no name tags or what ever, and view ranges would be made further and gun dispersion smaller.
      arcade WoT would be the most arcady and similator WT would be the most simulator-ish
      with realisitic WoT, arcade WT and realistic WT filling in the gaps…

    • No, they wont need to as WoT is much more popular than WT

    • zenek i know that world of tank alone have 900k more player combine that war thunder have combine daily but still, if they so that they will be much more popular.

  24. Wait a sec, DM23 is apfsds, not apcr? And isn’t DM11 heatfs, not he? What’s the point of changing the ammunition types for the game?

  25. “Looks aren’t everything”
    ..I mean for some tanks that are absolute garbage they are.

  26. Wargaming are making more and more better looking tanks, lovely.

  27. With all this heavy meds running around at 50-55kmh, i cry in my heavies/superheavies…

  28. Damn this thing powercreeps the E50 so hard and somewhat with the Leopard PT A as being the best of both combined into this tank. Godly frontal armor, decent reload, good pen, good acc, decent weight for ramming. This thing will need a bit of a nerf to make it more balanced with it’s T9 German counterparts. It’s too good to be honest.

  29. 06:54 in da morning ✓
    Haven’t slept since yesterday ✓
    Watching QB videos I did miss and he just released this one ☠️☠️

  30. why dont you say any word about the weakspot in the turret? you move your mouse around the armor but are leaving this weakspot out…

  31. 5:22 jingles 2 loading: Ram ressistances ? xd

  32. But it clearly says APDS and not APCR, which should mean penetration stays higher at all ranges, compared to APCR
    WG should phucking bother to at least stay consistent in their bs

  33. You mean Chieftain Battle, right? On NA 10 of 15 tanks are OP Chieftains, no point in playing unless you have one. I wish WG would ban anything but tech tree tanks from Ranked to make it an even playing field, even for someone who just started out this ranked season.

  34. The tank has a massive weak spot on the turret. You forgot to mention that

  35. CampPanzer???lol

  36. Has no plan or interest to play Ranked at all.

  37. 15:43 you actually did fire a HEAT round, when you ran out of APCR.

  38. I saw this tank on the field, and it seemed to do well.

  39. Ace in any tank. Ye ye keep on dreaming.. Now time to spam some gold like there is no tmrw on the 300wn8 qb fanboys.

  40. If only the e50’s frontal turret was 250mm like this tank

  41. Буду потеть ради этой красотки

  42. basically a tier 9 sniping chieftain

  43. he says it aint op after a 6.6k battle, how many times can you do that in a PTA or E50? I think it’s the new OBJ430 and it’s behind disgusting rank battles.

  44. Since playing monthly challange, I haven’t got single tier 7 game in my tier 9 tanks. After 600 battles. Allways tier 10 and occasional tier 8 with tier 10.

  45. Muhammad Kharismawan

    it’s nigh time WG buff the guns on E50 and E50M….

  46. it seems good

  47. I feel this game will add tier 11 tanks, which will include MBTs

  48. This one is actually balanced, great job to wg

  49. so best tank reward for people who spammed in ranked with best tanks, so reward for best players, AGAIN

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