Kanonen Jagdpanzer 105 – Review – World of Tanks – Is it worth it?

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  1. DPM is just too low on both KanonenjagtPanzers. Paper armor on tier 8 does often result in one/twoshots by artillery, japanese heavies or certain TDs.
    No turret is always shit, especially for a TD with no armor. No exceptional alpha, no DPM to compensate – so why use a TD anyway. Okay mobility and cammo, but only 0,31 dispersion?
    When you really snipe from 500m to 450m to stay out of viewrange, then even 0,29 can be quite frustrating. The reason why UDES is so much Better than S1… with 0,24.
    Im okay with WG not nerfing premiumtanks, but buffing a complete underpowered tank would be welcome. I would like to see a massive buff to DPM to both KJPzs to make
    them reasonably balanced.

  2. This thing needs tier 10 STRV seige mode gun handling

  3. Skorpion G is probably the most overpowered tier 8 in the game.
    I don’t think any other tier 8 td survives this kind of comparsion with Skorpion G.

  4. So in short: YES.

  5. Skorpion is fair and balanced

  6. I own the skorp and the kanonenjagdpanzer105 and the first thing i complained about when i swaped to my skorp was the slow shell velocity xD

  7. hey circon , what u think about AMX Cda

  8. I’ve been finding the Avg Damage closer to 360-370, not the As Advertised 390 unless it’s a Lightly Armored Vehicle, then it’s As Advertised and another 10-15% (I have Hit Scouts for as High as 455 on the APCR)….. I do like the Tank and it’s Mobility, and I do like the Camo, but I also see the points you make about the Gun…. If they wanted to make it Competitive at all with the Skorpion, since the 105’s Damage is pretty much what it is, fix the Reload for the Extra Shell and the After Fire Dispersion for the Casemate Chassis….. These alone should Help Improve the Tank to an Acceptable Level….

    I’m using it to to Assist my Skorpion Jinx Crew in Training Up and have a Second Crew Ready for when I start the Borsig Line…. I did go the Obvious Pure Sniper Equipment Set Up of Vents, Net, and Binocs since my Crew is only 3/4 of the Skorpions for the Odd Man, this Loses Sit Aware for the Skorpions Radioman but my Commander still had Recon at 80 something Percent…. Full Camo, BiA, Net, and Without Food, the Camo is at almost 64% overall….

  9. WG got me I bought this POS and regret it.

  10. The original Kanonen had pref MM?? Who knew?

  11. Circ you don’t understand. This is a tank solely for Arty Clickers. An Arty player thinks this thing is Super Sexy.

  12. Yeah sure lets make premium tanks where you can choose between different gunt, because thats totally a thing in the normal tech trees!!

  13. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I just want a video on the fcm 50t :/

    I have terrible taste

  14. Another tank for the sado-maso

  15. That may be, but both Kanonenjagdpanzers had 4 and 5 kills in this game. Not bad for a bad tank.

  16. i bought the 105 and i like it way more than my skorp. i just like to play with camo tds. play it with binos and camo net and you can shoot people at under 300m without getting spotted. even lights are easy picking with the great shell velocity. and if you get spotted you can gtfo like no other tank with such a gun could. how can i put this i dont think you are playing it wrong but not to its full capabilities. the gun arc on that tank is btw amazing comparing it to other turretless tds. espacially when they have good camo most cant use camo net because of their gun arc. i would like to argue that this review is not as good as the other ones purely because of the rage in it and espacially insulting people for buying it and even wrong facts at the start. sorry memelord but unlike 99% of your other content i have a very different opinion on this one. but thats obviosly 100% fine because its only my and your opinion not being the same

    • The gun arc is good but its a bush kemping tank. They arent fun to play in such a corridor brawling heavy meta. Truth is as well, this and the original re both pretty meh tanks. Why play a turretless, non-existent armor sniping td? The skorp hits harder, is slightly less mobile, and has a turret. Its able to get by thanks to the turret, this thing just looks like a turd meant to be an annoying bush wanker.

    • +Skyf24 as i stated in my comment the camo rating enables you to be more ballsy compared to the scorp. not having a turret is not that big of a deal for me if the tank traverse is fast enough. for me its like a big e25 with not the same dpm but with good pen for its tier so for effective dpm its not that huge of a difference. i mean i even enjoyed the st emil and 3 marked it so i guess it just fits my playstile. i hate playing slow tanks with armor wich is irrelevant in modern wot unless in extemes like on the jap heavys. also in your reply you generalize what is fun for a player and doing so is simply wrong

    • Alright so; 1: you have no armor, and while the gun traverse is decent, it’s not a turret. The E-25 works because of how insane its mobility and camo are, and limited MM as well. 2: Camo sniping bush wanking TDs are some of the easiest vehicles to play in game. Make of that what you will. 3: At no point did I generalize what is fun. Unless you assume me asking why play a bush wanking td is generalizing.
      I haven’t played since april but this tank looked bad from the start. When i last played, and i dont think its changed much, bush wanking TDs were a thing of the past. It doesn’t work for Circ likely because of how aggressive he likes to play, which you can’t do with the Kanoen 105.
      Out of curiosity, whats your average damage in the kan 105?

  17. Totally agree.

  18. Wargaming does have the option of switching out guns on premium tanks but it’s on Blitz Circon. Like the IS-6 on blitz for example has that. You can either use the old unbuffed 122mm gun that had the 175 pen or another 122 mm guj that has APCR as standard and like 218 base pen and like 250 HEAT pen on it’s shells
    I honestly really enjoy the options of being able to switch guns on that tank depending on how i want to play it before I go into battle.

  19. It’s not bad that it’s worse than the Skorp G, it’s bad that it isn’t competitive in any way to similar tech tree tanks and you basically shoot yourself and your team in the foot by taking it out

  20. The problem is that ANY tier 8 td is shit compared to the Scorpion – even the godlike RHM. Which can btw mount the 750 gun making this premium even shittier.

  21. also, this tank has nothing over the AMX CDA 105, which isnt that great of a tank but is better in almost everything

  22. But I like wet noodles…the dry ones are hard to digest….

  23. @circon, maybe you should have compared it with the Chinese premium TD? At least that one has some frontal armour and good DPM, although I forgot it’s alpha.
    I think everybody can agree now that alpha means more than DPM.
    I see so many of these kanjagdpnz 105 going frontline and getting destroyed in the first minute of game play it’s funny.

  24. Circ still carries lol

  25. So it plays like ever other light armored no turret TD? Imagine that….

  26. On blitz for the jagdtiger 8.8cm u can use the 105mm or 88mm

  27. you should have added swedish tier 8 premium TD for comparison as they have similar gun and playstyle

  28. Load the Skill rounds

    Imagine how bad the 90 mm version was lol

    Got mine for free because a long time ago when they released the 90mm version I was an idiot and bought it

  29. Really enjoying the reviews Cricon, your wisdom is always appreciated.

  30. Maybe this TD is just there so we have a good reason to load HE to blast them on ?

  31. What the fuck, Circon’s gone crazy… Tank reviews just keep filling my subscription box! Not that I mind 😀

  32. Who could have foreseen that releasing a bunch of overpowered premium tanks a few years back would cause a ton of past and future premiums to sell like dogshit just because they’re not as overpowered? Who could have POSSIBLY foreseen that there could be some problems with flooding the matchmaking full of cash-in tanks for short-term profits? This is your greed coming back to bite you in the ass, WG. Of course the Kanonen didn’t sell well when you were making garbage like the Defender and Skorpion, and that’s why this new Kanonen won’t sell either. It’s pathetic that a company with millions of dollars in revenue every month couldn’t foresee that people don’t want to pay money for a premium tank that is worse than other people’s premium tanks.

  33. Damn, how many times does he say “Actually”
    It’s weird

  34. Circon I love watching to your tank reviews but I feel like most of the replay was just you dissing on camping TDs.

  35. This tank suits those who wanna play Leo1 as a pure TD, I guess.

  36. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It is german, so it is expected to be a piece of shit in this game. The example more notorious is Grille 15, that shit that Wargaming pushed over us.

  37. Yea. A utter joke compared to the skorp and wz.

    Oh and the russian version coming out soon with its 520 alpha and more dpm than the skorp….

  38. If the skorpion was less accurate and had less dpm, the kpz 105 would be more competitive. However, it doesn’t so it isn’t

  39. I’d pick skorp g all day

  40. More skorpion g plz

  41. How do you really feel ??????

  42. So, what your saying is, get a Skorp G 🙂

  43. What is that pen marker when he shoots i want that mod.

  44. Summary: Just wait for the Scorpion G to go on sale in the Advent Calendar during the holidays 😉

  45. German and British guns… If not 100% aimed, your chances of actually hitting are very low, almost non existing despite great stats on paper…

  46. there was an option to create ticket for support to replace the old kanonen with 90mm to the new 105mm so I did it. it was for free and 105 still better than the old 90mm version

  47. The tier 7 JPanther has more DPM, comparable accuracy, and somehow gets 320 alpha. Still better than this.
    Also the Borsig is just better, despite SOMEHOW having 0.35 or 0.34 base accuracy.

  48. oh god im an idiot! great review though, love these so much!

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