Kanonenjagdpanzer review! Is it worth the gold?

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  1. Also now that the video is in 1440p tell me what you think guys!

  2. hahaha foch u are the greatest ! ;D
    really man u are hilarious ;)

  3. is there any report for WG? so we can report this idiots who putting this
    tanks in game just for money

  4. turetless RU-251, that cant be bad :))))

  5. it’s an RU251 without a turret

  6. I’d stick with the Nashorn ^^

  7. Why are they aiming at you: Purple Player herpadiederp, *eats another

  8. i’ve never seen a Kanon carry a game, ever (on server).

  9. They are all shooting at you because a) they think you have no armor. b)
    Xvm shows you as a dangerous player and c) you had low hp so they were
    hoping to land a kill at the end. But maybe you are right maybe they all
    just hate the shitpanzer !

  10. GeoRgE “DeViLoS” ChRiSto

    Try not to be an ass to people in random bro.. i am probably ur biggest fan
    and calling me an idiot on stream for absolutely no reason is kind of an
    ass move. Keep up the good work man. Cheers

  11. I can’t agree. Money aside, this thing can be a terror. Right now my camo
    rating with my current Kanonenjagdpanzer and crew is 773 (btw higher is
    better), my e25 is 659, my Scorpion camo is 265!!!!) and even my tiny
    French UE57 is 745. That basically means my 26 ton vehicle has a better
    camo rating than my 2.8 ton UE57 by far. In stealth terms, which is what a
    td uses, that basically means my Scorpion is like spotting an Elephant vs a
    humming bird. To top it off, it’s crazy mobile and can bounce some shots.
    Unlike my awesome little e25 i can penetrate tier 8 heavies frontally. The
    main thing is it’s FUN to play with. Sorry Foch. Worth a buy if you ask me.

  12. I really really REALLY hope that WG will be releasing more bad premium
    tanks so I’ll be able to enjoy your funny, sarcastic reviews. Good job it’s
    like WoT stand-up comedy video.

  13. I bought the Kanonenjagdpanzer and I actually really, really enjoy it. I
    personally don’t get the hate for it :p
    Hilariously enough, I actually played a game with it on Serene Coast, in
    which you were in your Leo and ended up doing 7k dmg. I helped whittle down
    an IS-7 that you were getting smacked by 😛 But personally, I enjoy the
    camo, the gun and the mobility and it just works for me. But hey, each to
    their own ^^

  14. Gotta love that “Is it worth it? FUCK NO!”

  15. I very much like the quality of this video!

  16. video looks nice, more color than usual it seems like

  17. Answer: No. End of review.

  18. Video quality is good mate

  19. Hey Foch, nice review and good picture quality.
    Do a 110E5 review now…you know it’s gonna be great.

  20. I Climb Everything

    Stupid how the Kanonenjagdpanzer was on sale for like 2 weeks in a $100
    bundle on Console.

  21. One can just say is it worth having your balls in a vice then absolutely
    no. One of the very worst shit premiums WG ever made along with some of the
    “gift” tanks.

  22. Video looks good

  23. with the new prems its hard to justfy the old ones

  24. I saw this game live on stream :D

  25. Vladimir PutinYarbutt

    Great video quality!

  26. The color in this video is fine. And the video quality was just fine as

  27. KJ is OK to play only if you already have a highly trained crew, at least 3
    full skills. Also meaning that you have a lot of experience playing german
    TDs. Otherwise, it is very hard to handle.

  28. A noticeable improvement in the quality. I would say it doesn’t need any
    more tuning but that’s my eyes.

  29. Well, I don’t minf the colors really. It looks kinda nice. But the text is
    very tiny and blurry.

  30. If they gave it better DPM, like +2500 or so, preferably ~2700, 0.3
    accuracy and let aimtime and pen stay as it is, it would be much better

  31. i’ve always thought your video quality was good foch, the small changes
    were nearly un noticeable. I’ve always come to your videos because of your
    no nonsense tell it like it is opinions. i hope those never change. cheers

  32. That outro tho. It was sick.

  33. Why did you buy this tank lol

  34. heya Foch. vid seemd a bit oversaturated, which may or may not be my
    monitor, but it also seemd “jumpy” like it was dropping frames, and it
    seemd slightly blurry, but not all the time, or everywhere. Like the KJ
    would be sharp, but the trees, buildings or terrain would be more blurry
    than in your other vids.

  35. did think about buying this tank and then see price… nope

  36. It’s not a bad tank per se, but almost every other Tier 8 TD is better
    except maybe something like the AC 48

  37. Well it’s a Leo1 chassis with a ru251 90mm cannon …or that’s what I saw
    at the museum ,so I think that it’s worth …on paper … XD

  38. is the 9.17 buffet worth it, it includes lowe, wz111, m4 rev for about the
    cost of only the lowe and wz111

  39. 4.5k and a top gun is a first class:/
    Battle: Lakeville
    Vehicles: Charioteer
    Experience received: 2,498 (x2 for the first victory each day)
    Credits earned: 37,696
    Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Mastery Badge: “I

  40. Foch pls do a lowe, t34 and sta2 review…. They got buffed now

  41. thank you for playing the game for me Foch. I gave it up for a while
    because it makes my head hurt too much and I don’t think that’s healthy

  42. Foch, the reason they choose to shoot you is XVM. They see a purple player
    and they all get SUCH a need to do anything and everything to kill you
    including going on suicide runs.

  43. In my opinion it’s not bad td, but when you compare it to op things it’s
    look like shit I guess.

  44. Paldies, kā vienmēr godīgs un atklāts apskats!

  45. this thing has far worse DPM than the jpanther wtf

  46. orjelmort23 _infernustank

    fuck off, i love this tank, i u dont like play scorpion and shhh

  47. Dunno if you mentioned it, but even though its obvious: Skorpion also has a
    turret :D

  48. I play german tenks only… This TD was utter shit when it was
    introduced… It got even shittier after the “rebalance/buff”… Let’s
    introduce the last and most modern german TD ever made in the 1960s into
    the game, only to be worse than a WW2 russian peasant tractor… WG logic
    prevails again.

  49. The video quality is bad. Not sharp and off focus. The colors are wrong

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