Karelia Bourrasque Assault! – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Another fun round in the Bourrasque! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. Hows yours marathon going? Or are you not getting it? Or just the bonus items? 😀

    • Since I already have some pretty OP premiums for profit, I am not that much interested in this new marathons. Plus I am not that much fond of light/mediums hybrids.

    • Marathon has no priority in my life. Just playing some other games and wot once in a while. No need to torture myself for a couple of pixels that will just get boring like most other tanks

    • Nope – the burlesque seems nice, but it’s just not a hardcore sex show as the EBR…

    • Maybe I’ll get to the 3rd level by the end. Maybe.

    • I want the tank, but the marathon came directly after a Clan Wars campaign, and I usually take a weeklong break after CW campaigns to not get burned out… so… I miss out this time.

  2. Oh how I’ve been blessed, a late start for school and a Circon Video!

  3. nice video

    Loving this upload rate, man 😀 😀

  5. I thought you had turned on the assault game mode. Good lord

  6. “F” in chat circons channel is dying hes uploading daily

  7. Delicious baguette memes. 😩

  8. “F” R.I.P WOT 🙁

  9. lovely content

  10. Why did they name a tank after a curvaceous parisienne lady can-can dancer?

  11. Wtf how was that an ace????
    I ‘m doing 4k damage and only getting 3rd class circon explain…

  12. LOL @ 5:15 !!!
    “Hey, you missed, bud!
    Aww, you’re dead, bud!”

  13. orangeBOOM 😉

  14. i think i’m just gonna go ahead and sell my ravioli, pointless tank lol

  15. I keep getting kicked out of the queue because there is an auto kick after 5 or 10 minutes, and the active playerbase has dropped by 80% or something since its peak i believe. So uhm… yeah its not going to last very long

  16. That bloom after firing looks really awkward for long range. 2 seconds between shots in the mag, and six years worth of aim time bloom.

  17. Im ready for the HE E4 memes to begin

  18. What are these random outbursts of verbal gibberish?
    Drives me nuts 🙂

  19. So your team bots the field while they control the ledge and for some unknown reason the enemy team decides that it would be best to yolo off the ledge into the open field to get farmed! Wow just wow. All they had to do was stay up there and shoot!

  20. With a short look on the map at the end u can say it wouldve been an easy win for the 704…Feels bad

  21. That E-50 on your team… moved 50m out of spawn and still managed to die less than 5min into the game.

  22. I can’t even connect to NA Server today

  23. So… 1 second is bad? NA que times are about 2 mins for 8’s and 5 mins for 2’s. Game is on borrowed time here.

  24. is this a tank that can rush faster then most lights into early spots and kill them pretty easy. can outspot tds behind 2 bushes. has great camo and turns like crazy?

  25. Glad you uploaded this one, missed it on the stream. Just heard from the other room screaming “mine mine mine” :D:D:D:

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