KATYUSHA’S CAME TO PLAY (War Thunder Funny Gameplay)

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Source: Slick Plays


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•Thank you all for watching!


  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Dennis Sørensen

    not first!

  3. You should use something like the XF5F Skyrocket if you have it

  4. You didn’t do a Blues Brothers and hide by the other, static Katushas on Poland 🙁

  5. 20 katyushas vs maus!!

  6. Dennis Sørensen

    Slick! stop that commie crap.. Play the ????????????????????????????????????????????????!


  8. Ever heard of a german joke? They’re the wurst!

  9. Gaming Saba Saba

    Once I got tk-ed twice, by the same guy.

  10. Russian stalingrad assisted rockets systems (R.S.A.R.S) can breeki the tail

  11. Slick could you please put if its a sim game in the title for future videos PLEASE I know this is not sim but for later reference?

  12. Ey slick, what do you think about adding to british tree machines like Vickers Mk1 MBT or Alvis Scorpion

  13. Jorji's Sweet Memes


  14. slickbee i have a *Chellenge* : play *Katyusha* , on *Poland* , crush one of the Katyushas at C, take its place and *act like you are a part of the Map* !! i guess you win when some enemys drive past and don’t notice you….

  15. This is pretty much the Po-2 of Ground RB

  16. I killed 3 AA trucks with one arty strike a few days ago. Fucking. Glorious.
    Please, do continue clustering the caps in AA’s 🙂

  17. 0:48 RIGHT THERE SLICK!! But I’ll forgive you because of the rocket snipe.

  18. the stailnium is strong with this kutyusha

  19. I haven’t had Internet for 3 weeks you’re killing me with war thunder slick I need it man

  20. Those BV 238 rockets were bias you didn’t actually hit him.

  21. Slick, I think you cut your video wrong. It just stops.

  22. Im in the kv that’s in the first 10 seconds of the vid!!!

  23. 32 Katyushas vs. the city on Tunisia… I know there was a vid with KV-2s but Katyushas would be so much more efficient… I did my tests with one and I think that with 32 (using artillery) you could destroy the whole city in 2-3 reloads, maybe even in one, if everybody would aim a designated area of the city… That would show what Katyusha was really designed for 🙂

  24. This reminds me of good arty in an M18. I was next to a chieftain and a hill about 10m in front of my got hit by arty, and the splash went under my M18 and amo racked me. Yes, it was about 10m.

  25. Try in custom battles, Katyusha vs Panzerwerfers XD

  26. more of this please, it was fucking great 😀

  27. “Katyusha is came to play”

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