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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Kunze Panzer. Today Pigame99 is going to have to keep calm and beat QuickyBaby!

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  1. The T110E3 bringing 155mm of FREEDOM to that Ruskie!

  2. Fantastic battle and video QB… having the ability to watch the battle from both sides was excellent!

  3. Heh, my wife was listening in and said QB makes the fight interesting. Despite not playing. Said it was like a sporting event.

  4. That Lt-432 player is from my clan:D

  5. What a twist at the end – I fully expected pigame to pull off the win there. What a heartbreaker.

  6. The sound bit is frustrating, but has an easy fix. Go back a few seconds with the left arrow key and you should hear sound.

  7. Kunze Panzer looks rather squishy, ngl id feel better on an UDES or a leopard, or strv. but for hybrids like this, id rather risk in on the STB1

  8. 13:45 that was intense~

  9. Wish the 432 was this good on console. It’s “meh”. It was nerfed when it came to console.

  10. Hard to believe but I actually reinstalled the game today and played my first evening of World of Tanks since 2015 or so. Really sorry for everyone who had to be at the same team as me today, I was being a great liability. Then again I got carried most of the session so I can`t really complain. If only the sky pigs had not been following me around everywhere I went.

  11. WOT in the old days was honestly the best! 💯 Those training lobbies were always full with people doing glitches with the ELC or playing hide and seek

  12. 13:45 Had he not fired on the move repeatedly I’m sure the outcome would have been in his favor.

  13. If I see an enemy having 6 to 7 kills and I have less, I would’ve totally gave them the win. lol

  14. well for anyone who been playing wot for years, ‘normal tank’ is kindda boring to play.
    even if we are bad at it, the challenge and fun it bring is worth it.

  15. A piece of “cake” OP tank. Along with chieftain, alien objects, kunze panzers, 50t panzers. Time to unninstall this game.

  16. Damn, I wanted that LT to win…

  17. that lt just got insanely lucky with those shots and such a low roll with that E3…

  18. i just found the t110e3 and lt432 both in the comments lol

  19. Joshua Burright

    Everytime I have a team that plays the redline I root for the enemy.

  20. F for the guy

  21. im surprised he didnt catch in fire even looking at those tanks … in my lt 432 i get fire every single game no matter what hits me

  22. LT432 looks balanced

  23. Hey QB! This is Leichtraktor from WoT Asia (Singapore). I have a question: How do you install and use the WoT Replay Manager mod from WoTMods? If you could help me with that, that would be very much appreciated! 🙂 (I’m also a frequent viewer of your channel and DezGamez’s channel too)

  24. Not played in years, but your still making content I want to watch.
    Love this switch of which team you were routing for

    Is this LT432 a LT100 beater?

  25. RNG giveth and RNG taketh away.

  26. Well….bottom line: RNG rules

  27. RNG has given, and RNG has taken away… gg wp

  28. Cheats are killing the game and all the good moments! It’s impossible for a LT only notice a HT by is side on open ground when he fire…. Why not talk about that Mr. QuickyBaby???

  29. This tank kinda look like the amx 30 proto

  30. This position works for all lights and meds

  31. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Well he rushed the shot at the end that’s why. I wasn’t expecting the the T110E3 would’ve killed him either, but Well played but the LT.

  32. The original stream was on 14/05/2021, the timestamp for this match is 3:56:00. It’s available on the QB’s twitch channel.

  33. Buy very good tier 9 ruski medium with real money. Really good tank, da!
    On a serious note, though. Well played.

  34. literally the only mistake was the rushed shot at the end , he had time to readjust and get behind him and fire from double bush.

  35. Not a heart break. Justice.

  36. Quaky makes money off of someone else’s replay, noice 😉

  37. Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about WoT game 🙂

  38. That was awesome. But hats off to the T110E3 who played very well too. I’d love to see the battle from his perspective as well—not every day you manage to get 5.7K in an E3 and beat out a very good light tank player.

  39. Imagine QB beat dan tdm in wot. Also Dan Tdm have to play wot.

  40. What type of PC do you use

  41. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    imagine him double bushing the last shot, then only needing a single shot more for the win. would have won probably. really nice try indeed

  42. WG: This game is free to play!
    Community: But it is pay to win as well….

  43. He got lucky, then got the result the game deserved. The e3 made up for the low roll that should have ended it 2 mins earlier.

  44. bad play at the end. also, QB cutting across the field like he did?? that was a stupid play

  45. Really appreciate the “heartbrake” after I asked you to upload one on your last video! You’re the best, QB!

  46. I have a problem for some days. If I wanna shoot, like a blindshot. I see no Bullet flying, or no impact. It looks like I’m shooting right in front of me in the ground, or I have to wait the whole time until the circle is closed. That’s very annoying, and costs me a lot of DMG points, and most matches. Does someone has an idea what’s going on?

  47. LT 432 is still a good tank. Alot of players have forgotten it after buying the ebr. Ebr doesn’t get a good armored turret though.

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