Keep Calm and Carry QuickyBaby – World of Tanks

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Today Rolojuma_NextGen is going me in World of Tanks



  1. “Nobody really wants to end up taking vert stabs on a med these days” WHAT, WHO TOLD YOU THAT

  2. CVS on 121B had me on the floor
    Droping the stab for the CVS for real lmaoo

  3. Rng blessed him well.

  4. Ghiță Herdean

    Playing a light tank with that lag: that is one masochistic dude.

  5. I love playing the manticore it’s like being in my old elc before they took the nerf bat to that great tank.


      the ELC is really strong currently. Better than the prenerf ELC in fact

    • @RELIGION_OF_RAGE – No, no it is not! I have over 1400 games in the old ELC (most under the old LT match making) and it is a shadow of what it used to be in speed and power to weight. I just does not work like it used to unless you put a turbo and 120 octane in it. Now I’ve pimped mine out so it is kinda like my old ELC but still not the same.

  6. What level 8 vehicle do you recommend to buy with bonuses?

  7. Martin Macháček

    Sorry but what ? “nobody wants to take Vert.stabs on tier 10 mediums ?? What kind of mad lad you have to be to not use vert.stabs.. Jeez QB

  8. With a bounty exhaust, directive, skills and field mods, you can get the Manticore up to 55% camo and almost 10% after firing. You can get more with vents, but it’s not worth dropping CVS for them.

  9. “Nobody really wants to take vert. stabs on their tier X mediums these days”
    I really don’t intend to say it in a mean way, but.. I do think he’s been living in his own little equipment bubble ever since the 2.0/field mods updates.

    • Yup, its always vstabs/gun rammer/optics(or vents), always has been and always will be meta. Maybe turbo or improved hardening can replace vents and optics… I do appreciate different playstyles and meme builds tho, but its not meta

    • Same thing about the fact that he says “its rare to see arty in the game nowdays” like really? Explain me QB why I get 3arty games in like 3 out of every 5 battles I play

    • Vstabs is one of the best equipment in the game. Far more useful than vents on a lot of tanks that doesn’t already have good dispersion soft stats.

    • Samwise the Soulless

      he is a pretty decent player compared to most of us, but I wholeheartedly agree that most of his equipment choices are downright ludicrous, but well, that is just my opinion

  10. 3:54 is the reason why people always lose on Highway

  11. What a game!!!
    I love it!

  12. 05:20 Love the sign falling off the wall! GJ WG.

  13. Bro that manticore playing at McDonalds

  14. QB– these assumptions getting you killed? Time to take a break, go watch SKILL player channel from your last video, and unlearn these horrible assumption choices. Lol

  15. I always pick v stabs over anything else because it will allow me to get my shots in more reliably and ocassionally get in those tasty snap shots. Anyway it’s only my opinion (:

  16. BubblesAndFishing

    QB you played that so poorly

  17. damir1945

  18. Huh, VStab disregarded theses days? The gun stats of meds havent changed much since the introduction of equip 2.0. And before equip 2.0 Vstab was considered top equipment.

  19. Thanks Rolojuma with the battle – that was amazing that you didn’t get shot all the times you got lagged. See you on the battlefield!

  20. NGL considering he was built for sneaky scout his luck was pretty good considering the manticores gun can be rather derpy

  21. Wosanda Keween Jayaweera 10-H

    That lag…. I feel it….

  22. Strelock youssef

    im not gonna spoil it but im gonna do a manticore in the thumbnail gg

  23. Welcome to the Matrix :).

  24. One of your best videos QB. Why you might ask? Because of how you explained what you were doing from a outside perspective.

  25. Dylanhaley12WOTB

    Uhhhh why is the wt e 100 on tomato gg have 44 people playing it!?!?!? With a 40% winrate

  26. Normunds peikmans

    Hey QB
    I haven’t seen here in some time
    T77 Tier 8
    S1 Tier 8
    Defender Tier 8
    In some time two of those tanks you made a vid 5 years ago

  27. Such terrible play qb

  28. 8:38 or he was smart and fired through a tree 🙂

  29. the atomic wolf

    i started a new account with a friend of my, and we play like morons but still carry out team XD idk why it works but it does

  30. Must be a honor to carry QB

  31. with lags was a great game, without lag some are just dumbs

  32. accairriducibili

    CVS on 121B?:D EPIC

  33. *doesn’t aim in and shoots moving targets* “WhErE tHe HeLl ArE mY sHeLlS gOiNg?!”

  34. this map is used in skirmish battles currently, thus tactics has changed, it is much easier to win north side taking town asap and return to def base and eliminate incoming mediums from the west side (some should wait around the bridge)…..

  35. I remember slapping you around in a game. You cursed me with genital warts and itching kneecaps! still to this day it hasnt gone away!

  36. Why do people consider the 121B a good tank but the 121 not as good?

  37. Hardcore Potato

    My life when i played and almost wins but i have many enemies besides enemy tanks,RNG, and the big boss lags.

  38. Is there no sound?

  39. hahah nice cliffhanger 🙂

  40. Priyanshu Verma

    bro can you pls tell me from where we get the 3 D style of IS 7 .pls tell in your next video . your big fan from INDIA

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