Keep Calm and Carry QuickyBaby – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Phatviking is going to carry me in World Tanks.


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. He won with 46 extra hit points.

  2. On a similar note, it would be a great idea to give players a way to say good job to allies as to reinforce the good play they made.

  3. borras will be balanced when it has 300 alpha instead of 360

  4. Just wondering QB mentions warming gaming releasing wargaming code’s was wondering where you are able to see where they put them, like what website?

  5. Phat Carry

    I mostly ( 99%) watch it till the end.
    Maybe I learn something.

  6. No qb the less the zoom the petter the aim trust me i used alot and i was 49% now im 55%

  7. Perhaps he isn’t using the larger zooms because he didn’t have them turned on. I think they r off by default. It is possible he is just unaware of their existence. That would be my best guess

  8. QB is the best ❤️. I don’t play WoT much anymore but I still watch each and every one of his videos. Even if you hardly ever play World of Tanks his videos are just so informative, interesting and also very very very entertaining and engaging.

  9. Ah the confidence knowing that WG gives u more camo and perfect viewrange than what..any tank in the game? Because your a premium. Got it – we know. Lesson – Kill Bourrassque as soon as it’s spotted. If not , WG will fk u up the ass.

  10. They have rep in wot blitz

  11. Best idea ever, right click for good teammates and let him get extra bonus…, i would spend 10 to 30% of my free xp …

  12. You have absolutely right about watching the big picture once you are dead and trying to tell ppl how to do the things while they don’t have all the info you are getting. Same thing happens to me in WOWS

  13. I’m yet to encounter a burrasque player who doesn’t just spam gold. It truly is a credit card players tank.

  14. yes to the rep system

  15. So how do you feel about the bisonte after all those games? the gun is troll and the dpm is down right depressing =/

  16. Hey QB I for instance also use a max zoom of 8x and I do it to prevent tunnel visioning

  17. 13 90 so dangerous tank you need gold for it…jesus these players

  18. They have a report system in WOT blitz where at the end of the game you can either report someone for something bad or for something good

  19. Fun fact: QB was not in the same game as bourasque, which you can see that there is no QuickFingers name on the battle he was spectating

  20. long-winded? You mean a actual good game? Matches like we used to have. Not the 5 min roflstomp?

  21. Qb got reality check

  22. Personally, once I get killed, I stay if the game is close otherwise I quit.

  23. Maybe Standard B player did not do much in gameplay, but surely helped with a lot all those positive messages. Wish more of gaming community be so nice in chat.

  24. My answer for ur question at the end -> most of the time i just fk off back to the garage. But when i spot a player who clearly knows what hes doing i stick around and try to give that guy hp info and some positive encouragement etc. but that is quite rare these days since most games are just stomps

  25. I dont play WoT for about 4 years now. After all these years when i see ISU-152 that deal 0 dmg i get stroke.

  26. she should have hit the remaining shell into 212A and then surprise a one-shot to avoid risking

  27. Pleaseeeee zoom in 😀

  28. The report doesn’t work for the toxic players, but toxic players abuse it to grief other players, I’ve seen whole clan abuse this and only play to lose games (20+ players all with 38-42% WR). Whoregaming doesn’t want to remove the toxic players, it rewards them and promotes this behavior.

  29. I played world of tanks blitz and you could “+rep” since like 3 years ago.

  30. 0:19 when QuickyBaby says “italian medium tank Bisonte”

  31. In world of tanks blitz there is a honor system, where you can honor players from both your team and the enemy.

  32. Sokol actually means falcon in czech. 😉

  33. Of course he is not zooming too much when only firing preiums… pffff I hate these goldspamming jerks. Like I can mostly manage to play a decent game with Bourrasque only using 2-3 premium mags (4-6 shells) and only fire more because of lack of standard shells with 1 HE clip always at my disposal.

  34. QB man just be yourself , we can sr you change your mood when u start ur video , just be your self

  35. sometimes its very exciting to watch it till the end. especially if your team wins and you watched the close win

  36. Ban autoladers. Game is broken.

  37. 0:21 i think its heavy tank😉

  38. Of course he’s most worried about the pay2win cancer tanks.
    Don’t worry Quacky, as long as your team has more or better pay2win players/platoons, you will win.

  39. I normally stay watching, unless it went really bad and passive. If the team is active, but loses: thean I still can enjoy my/our loss. But stupidity… No thanks…

  40. Reputation you talked about is in World of Warships, but it’s pretty useless … It’s called “karma”, you are starting with 0, every “recommend” gives you +1, every report -1, but as I said … It’s not affecting MM, so it’s pretty useless 😅

  41. 0:20 qb you said a medium tank, Bisonte is a heavy tank

  42. medium tank?

  43. Costea Razvan Catalin

    What do you think about shared XP, is something that me and a friend come out.
    If you are playing in a platoon you can give your xp to your friend. Lets say I make 1000 xp in a game and I can give it to him halfed (he gets 500) or less 33% . It would be great.

  44. Have you ever played wot blitz the mobile or steam version

  45. Favorite quote: “I’m an armchair general for a living on the internet”.

  46. Imagine getting featured in a QB’s video without even knowing

  47. At least you PC players still have a game.

  48. Is this game still worth playing for a newbie? I mean … I do play it on console but latest update kinda killed it. So im asking if PC version is worth starting from tier 1 again

    • Pc is a much better skilled lobby, depending on where you start to play and if you’re willing to spend money would be the real questions

  49. Medium tank? Are you sure about that?

  50. I just got the game what tank should I get

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