KEEP slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and carry on

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KEEP slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and on

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  1. Trust me mate, the Black Prince (forgive me god) is not the slowest. That role falls to the t95. By the way PLAY IT AND SUFFER!

  2. What is that song that starts at 14:48?

  3. T95 and 28 are sloerererer

  4. Can you fly MD452 IIA?

    that was pain at 10.0

  5. t95 is the slowest at 12-13 kmph

    • the american doom turtle aka slow 1 .50 cal aa because at 7.0 you get nuked before you make it to a fight unless you spawn when the round starts and i rarely make it to the start of a match

  6. 0:26 straight up thought you were yelling in German for a sec

  7. you pick the black prince to enjoy noodles while playing

  8. Discord light mode ew

  9. One i see them they’re practically dead

    You my friend have a killer eyes

  10. Why didn’t he just use the sabot cuz it goes straight through the Panthers hull

  11. I dig the V A P O R W A V E

  12. Hurricane Gaming

    Challenge – you and the guys take a random enemy player hostage by tracking, cannon barrel or whatever for as long as possible

  13. 13:13 you became a doge indeed.

  14. House tour when?

  15. Whoever thought making an extra heavy Churchill without upgrading the engine deserve a proper smack to the back of the head..

  16. wait what? the thumbnail is a comet???????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Czesław Wiesław

    Phly when you shouting you sound like hitler lol ??

  18. the anthem gamer67

    I think it’s slower that the Mouse

  19. Love to see Black Prince is a masochist tank in both Warthunder and World of Tanks.

  20. T28 man. 12kmh top

  21. This tank seems easy. 90% of hits bounces of you. Try ISU-122S. Same mobility, no turret, no armor. You drive it for 30minutes just to die from a random shot flying over battlefield.

    Edit: Ahh i remember now. you played isu-122 and named video “the worst tank” Good good

  22. the slowest tanks are in the old 1935s tanks

  23. As someone who drives 12hrs a day.
    This is not my kind of tank.

  24. Khaled Qaraghuli

    sir, please play the KI-61-Ib and play Deja Vu at the same time

  25. Hey what’s the sound track that you use during your “fast forward” clips? (eg. 14:45 – 15:26 )

  26. Byl tam i čech:-):-)

  27. Churchill Mk vii VS panther be like

  28. This is why I fucking hate the churchill. Yes it looks cool, yes it’s a fucking legend but good god britain why can’t put some proper engines into your damn tanks.
    The only Churchill that did “okay” was the 57mm one, because that thing at least has some pen but all the others are such a pain to play. It takes way too long to get places with it and the damage is too unreliable imo.

    If you make it to the front before the battle is over Hans just whips out his long schlong 75mm on his Pz IV F2 and blasts you back to the rainy isles you came from. Yes you got that juicy armor and all but Hans doesn’t care.
    Meanwhile all the other british players who keep telling themselves that tea time is over there in Berlin and take the Firefly are just making fun of the Tigers and KV1-B’s all day long. Because that’s where the 17-pdr really belongs.

    I think a really good Churchill in War Thunder would be the NA75, where the british used the 75mm guns from the Sherman I’s and just somehow crammed it into the Churchil Mk IV. It’s just such a good gun all around in my opinion.
    Yes, I really *hate* the 75mm OQF.

  29. Gun Siraphop Kwankeua

    “turn horizontal for me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” – phly 2019

  30. Lol i thought that was Comet in the Image of video when u look at front of it

  31. Ananab Backwards

    The speed of the churchill was intentional; it was designed to be an infantry tank so only needed to go as fast as infantry walking. The much overlooked factor was that it had the ability to go almost anywhere, it had the power to get places other tanks couldn’t.

  32. You are soo good at this game dude … you should play with the worst tanks only so the others can get chance !

  33. Blazing Oshawott

    9:44 so hes always happy?

  34. What’s up with the echoing from your voice recording? Or have I just never noticed that before

  35. Dita… Sounds familiar tho

  36. that intro made me laugh thanks phly

  37. 8:00 jokes on you Phly, he knew. He was just using you as a shield.

  38. Use Da Maus Ones Again!!!!!!!!

  39. Kommandant Killcode

    Doom turtle (T95) is slower with the T28 having around the same speed.


  41. Kommander Phly, pls take the VFW into 10.0.
    Attempt No 15.
    Oh Phly, oh Phly do u ever learn to shut that big mouth of yours?
    (Flashback to Tetrach Mk 1 in 10.0 video)
    Although u did it.

  42. Vice Commander Rumi

    Dont dis the Black Prince

  43. Every british tank ever.

  44. He do it for fun but people are forced to play with even worse tanks to grind some Better ones… Sad

  45. Try take out a squad of Me 264s and demolish everything in tank RB

  46. PHLY !
    The Germans need a recconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #28

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