KI-87 – THE SUPER-TURBOCHARGED FIGHTER (War Thunder Plane Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. phly plzzzzzzzzzzzz make a vid on how to download user missions attempt#3

  2. Stupid debate lol

  3. I wanna see some simulator tanks bring in some fighters as well to keep the
    skies clear

  4. German premium P-47 next ##########$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Pls do the super heavy m26 Pershing and the medium tanks m26 Pershing with
    the Flying Fortress B29A show that Germans what means Mercia muscle

  6. Nicolas Santiago Kennedy

    Cougar The Hunter killer

  7. Can u do f8f-1b I don’t know how to fly proper, and gets matched with jets

  8. Play with the 1 inch gun carrier + Vyvern

  9. Have a challenge with the best pilot in the game go one on one

  10. Love that plane! Well played as always sir

  11. f9fcougar

  12. 13mm German guns have considerably less powder capacity compared to .50 BMG
    (12.7mm US / Brit). Powder capacity = more energy.

  13. Fly the Bent Wing Bastard, the F4U

  14. Jakub Krzysztoszek

    im installing ze Free Eagles right now

  15. Hey phly do the bv238 and the flak 37 88mm

  16. CronicHurricane FireFly

    F-82 Twin Mustang for Roosevelt!

  17. what is the song name

  18. James Fisher- Smith

    I ‘ll Tend to vote for the IL-10, but that might be be too punishing to

  19. 13mm is a much smaller round vs a 12.7mm american thats why it does
    nothing. Look up a picture of them side by side.

  20. Turbochargers were a significant upgrade to planes. The core difference is
    that the supercharger relies on engine RPM to provide compressor RPM.
    Mid-war planes typically had two Supercharger settings (gear choices) which
    allowed for effective mid and high-level performance.

    A turbocharger on the other hand is regulated by the wastegate, a spring /
    vacuum driven piston that will open and close as needed to divert exhaust
    gas to and from the turbocharger. This means that so long as the engine
    produces enough exhaust energy the turbocharger will provide a constant
    amount of boost pressure at basically any altitude. At some point the air
    thins considerably and the compressor will no longer be capable of
    providing the mass flow needed to produce target boost. For the early P-47
    this was about 19,000 ft. … boost would drop off as the plane climbed
    further, but for the later models which had updated intakes and higher
    speed turbomachinery, it’d be around 30,000 ft.

    The difference? If you took the same engine, but one had 2-stage
    supercharging and the other a late-war turbocharger … above 20,000 ft.
    the power difference is 20 – 30% … close to 30,000 ft. the power
    difference is 1,000 HP (~50%) AT LEAST.

    Fuel economy is also improved with turbocharging.

    About the only downside to the P-47 being turbocharged is all of the intake
    routing. A few 7.92mm bullets could knock out the engines ability to
    produce boost and given the location of the turbocharger, that probably
    wasn’t very hard to hit and highly susceptible to ground fire.

  21. Can you please fly out the f9f cougar. I really want to see you fly it

  22. I know a fun plane. SEA VENOM.

  23. гууга аггагу

    maus or tiger II 10,5

  24. US Consair

  25. Man its really hard to hit someone on the ps4 xD i shot all my rounds but i
    hit the enemy like 1 or 2 times xD (sorry for my bad english)

  26. Fly the new F9F8 Cougar!!!

  27. Play the P47M because this camo is beautiful

  28. does ping actually affect your hits? im constantly sparking especially with
    the bigger cannons 37mm+

  29. Take out the Stirling please nice flying by the way

  30. its been along time you never fly the bf 109 so how about you fly the bf
    109 for next video

  31. An Old Dog with New tricks

  32. Bring out the F9F-8 Cougar and show that russian bias is not the best!

  33. that “oh god” when he looked up killed me.

  34. phly why are you in need to rake in free GE from the people that use your
    ref link for the app? you have a press account anyway?

  35. Hjalfnar Feuerwolf

    German 13mm ammo had around half the power of the US .50cal.

  36. Fucking japan they attack Korea so they should say sorry to Korea.

  37. Japanese planes in war thunder are troll planes (Planes that are
    aggravating to fight in all areas but fun to fly).

  38. Phly you forgot to Kamikaze in the KI-87 it’s a Japanese plane so you
    forgot it

  39. P-39 Aircobra next

  40. c4yzy, guys us this invite code for GE

  41. the German 13 mm has less velocity and a less aerodynamic round causing it
    to just not pen very well compared to the 12.7 and with warthunders extra
    sparkyness to deal with the 3rd person and mouse/crazy game aim it just
    really blows

  42. The 13mm are very good (HEI) rounds, they have crap velocity compared to
    12.7mm though

    With that being said, I think all guns are way more powerful when fired
    from bomber turrets… don’t know why.

  43. Dornier 217 j1 please

  44. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I would like to see some FW190A8 gameplay :3 it’s such a fun plane to fly

  45. plz KI-45 and KI-21

  46. arcde and RB……..that is nothing

  47. ive been playin usa layley and the 50s do abosolutley nothing,no fires just
    sparks or hits with no major damage,ive never had so many games where i get
    10+assists and 2 kills

  48. 62 ping?
    bad server or to far away or bad connection on your side?

  49. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    why you fire from 650m??
    its a waist of ammo why you are such a noob?

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