Kicking Ass with the Type 64

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  1. Haven’t seen your videos in a while, come back and see a face cam…wut!? lol

  2. I dont have anything against you or your appearance in your videos, but i think that gaming channel is supposed to focus on gaming, while twitch livestream/youtube livestream is type of moment when its totally alright to have you in it.

  3. Found you just a few days ago and I already love your videos, could you please do a video on the Cromwell or comet as I need a bit of help mastering them

  4. François Bergmans

    Armchair general here ! I don’t think there was a solution for you on the second map. Your team melted on both sides at the same time and you couldn’t carry all by yourself.

  5. Challenge: play the Charoiteer. Is essentialy a medium tank but with a much bigger and better gun

  6. The middle of this map is just a fish bowl Just hating this map now with wheelies. Even if they yolo and die, you’re getting spotted and can be taking fire from multiple directions.

  7. First dislike,bitch!

  8. I think WoT made a translating fault when they called the Type 64 a light tank. It is a great TD.

    • Well it is more or less the Taiwanese Hellkitty, so there. The only thing is the M18 received the 90mm as a top gun and IRL the M18 had a 76mm M1A1 or A2 or something… which is the gun that’s mounted on the 64. You won today’s internet.

  9. Alexander Kofoed

    The 45 tp teammate writing “what a team” omegalul

  10. do an agressive arty gameplay

  11. Robert Teunissen

    Always a joy to see you play, nice games 🙂

  12. im sick of seeing type 64 man. Get something fresh like t69.

  13. 1st battle just proves the 9 line hill owns that map. The enemy didn’t even contest it. Also proves how useless the 0 line is, as they pushed right through it and were faced with crossing a wide open field, which is why it sucks. Take the fucking 9 line hill, every time….

  14. Lemming you do a way better job than me at managing garbage team deployment, thanks for the lesson in patience. I am sure I would have committed to trying to win a side and gotten rekt and then raged.

  15. @T6, you’re going to bottom tier 90% of the time, quit bitching. That’s the way MM is./

  16. Bottom tier in a scout-light tank is good actually, because its easy to get more and more spotting dmg.
    This map sucks basically, but in other more open maps its the best thing that can happen to 3 mark tanks

  17. I really like leaving those lost games in and talking through them, explaining how to react to teams folding and losing sides of the map, trying to build damage and looking for opportunities to maybe turn things around. I mean, those games are the ones it’s important to know how to deal with and still make out pretty good.

  18. Is it possible to do poorly with a type 64?

  19. It sucks when you want to go to an area and you realize you basically have no help. So with that being your second handicap. You did all you could do.

  20. Azrael36 DaGamingGod

    You were asking how the S-51 knew there was something at the spot he was pinging. In aerial arty views you can see objects on the map getting destroyed as vehicles hit them regardless of whether they have been spotted. Good arty players will alert their teams as to where they are seeing objects/trees going down at the beginning of the game and throughout as needed.

  21. Two excellent but very different games. Enjoyed the commentary and your insight into these situations.

  22. snowisthebestweather

    Of course you’re enjoying the 64. It’s OP as balls.
    And that being only a 1st class just helps prove that. A tier 6, bottom tier, doing 2k dmg and 1.2k assisted, and that’s only a 1st class?

  23. Maestro.

  24. I would’ve stayed a passive scout for the scorpion g since there was less enemies in the field when it was lost. Then at least that way no one (presumably) would be rushing the base from the field

  25. ” *XVM focused by Arty* ”

  26. “the Cromwell B did an excellent job of scouting” just as he disappears from the minimap 😛

  27. ummmmmmmm why is the reload time 2.7 seconds??

  28. Grizzlykin Skynounours

    I am learning a lot from these video, thanks for the tips trick and insight it’s very useful.

  29. Crazy Russian Bot

    we have to watch out for oncoming traffic
    is what you wanted to say :9

  30. why i cant find ur profile in official worldoftanks site, or wotinfo?
    I can find it for NA server, but not for EU.
    what im doing wrong? im typing exactly the name im seeing…

  31. That LT-432 is so weird even for a yolo, Usually when team is not doing anything thing in highway north spawn, I will sit at b9 to see is there anyone wants to yolo, snipe here snipe there, do some damage, there’s not a lot you can do. Going into city from north spawn usually end up killing yourself as a LT, Depending on how many tanks we have on the field and snipers sitting at base, I would go spot the field or go straight to a1 and do some damage or tracking. I will join the city fight if I feel comfortable with enemy position, north spawn is not good for a LT in my opinion, you have to play like a medium to help the team and scout in late games.

  32. Great job thinking out loud. This is the kind of content new players can gain something of use from. Not just may may videos of kv2 doing what it does. The point in the second game where you explained where that shot came from was great. I wish tru_voodoo could do that on his stream. All he does is play that tier 5 French arty. Kappa.

  33. My dude, I will forever suck at WoT, that is why I play WoWS lol. But my question is are you playing while commentating? Cause by your eyes and upper body motion, seems like you are operating a mouse and keyboard. If so that is deep man, I can barely do 1 thing let alone talk and play wot at once 😛 while planting my face on youtube.

  34. Love the 64 with a good crew

  35. James The Archaic One

    Churchill VII was very nice to meatshield for you like that

  36. The Asia server has 4-5-6 matchmaking now (you can only meet tanks that are one tier difference from yours)

  37. My dad bought a car from you

  38. Sitting on a chair

    Autocorrect: did you mean kicking as a seal clubber?

  39. It’s always great watching how technical you get with your plays. On mobile we don’t get as technical because the games are so fast paced.

  40. I was disappointed with the lack of an april fools video.

    Good video though in all seriousness lol, I love the 64 as well, have it 3 marked on console and working on my first on PC.

  41. aty players (like myself occasionally) dont often have xvm, it reminds us how much arty play hurts that statistic.

  42. Are going to do a face reveal on 100k sup?

  43. My experience has been that if one of their top tier tanks yolo your base then they have much better players on their team than yours. It is then basically a bum fight on their side to get as much WN8 before their better players starts farming the HP on your team. This is most probably also why most of your team then just camps bush at base.

  44. You should do a rapid and aggressive push to spot the enemies with the e3 instead

  45. Which nationality is the type 64?

  46. Toxic Yasuo player

    I am a 974 win8 player with 48.44 % win rate I feel my issue is not knowing where to go / be on the map during the game with a tank such as the bat chat :d.

  47. I am at 80% moe but I’m a ftp player so can’t really afford to fire any gold, the gold ammo is just plain better than standard so I am waiting for the gold ammo rebalance as that should give ftp players like me a good chance of being competitive, it really worked in blitz so hoping regular wot will be the same.

  48. Valentin Kovachev

    That was a better outro. You are becoming a professional, Lemming!

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