KILL Behind COVER – Striker ATGM (War Thunder Gameplay)

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KILL Behind COVER – Striker ATGM (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Thanks for the shout out fry dairy 😀
    I approve of some of those meme shots.

    Thanks for making my phone vibrate like crazy at work! Keep up the great vids

  2. This is a good tank.

  3. 0:06 That’s what she said.

  4. “On target but it missed.” You are officer material Phly.

  5. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #31

  6. Those red markers you see on the edge of the screen also warn you of tanks in a general dirrection, like how it well, shows Aircraft. I’ve used them for spotting unspotted tanks atleast in my vision.

  7. the name of the missile is “BAe”?

  8. lol that air raid horn at 12:54

  9. Loving the Unloved: Play the KV-122 (aka worse IS-2)

    Attempt #3

  10. Phlydaily could you do some Japanese planes


  12. Something I find really stupid in WT is that you need to go to the front line to rearm (depending on the mission, of course).
    Either you brought enough ammo or your tank becomes utterly useless. But how much is enough? Too much and you explode by breathing. Too litle and all you can do is J out and respawn or become a free kill to somebody.

    I mostly play Arcade, so my ammo load is somewhat balanced to about how many shots I expect to get off before being killed. But it happens. Not many people left, my tank is pristine, It’s my last spawn, but I’m out of ammo. Only thing I can do is rush to a cap, unnarmed and completelly exposed from all sides.
    And if the nearest cap isn’t my team’s, I ring the dinner bell by capturing it. And if it isn’t my team’s and is the only cap on the map, well…

    I had this weird idea, maybe it could be implemented for World War mode. But you know how tank battalions have an Engineering or Recovery vehicle with them? Yeah. Tanks break down and need refit in the field all the time. Maybe Gaijin could implement ARVs or CEVs. They are armed, though their cannos are meant for Demolition, and they could resupply or repair friendlies anywhere.

    I don’t think anybody’d play them, though.

  13. You should play tiger 2p!

  14. See… now its one of your fav vehicles

  15. Liked how you were engaging targets rapidly man =)

  16. Darkwolfmoon Warrior Alpha

    I want that tank now, no questions asked ???

  17. Now say you were to run out of ammo in an tank game how would you reload your ammo

  18. During the very early days of the Korean war, the U.S. used many Fighter planes for defense. Planes ranging anywhere from the F-9F Panther to the F-86 Sabre. but before these planes were developed and deployed in large numbers. The U.S. was still dependent on using the P-51 Mustang as a front line fighter. The Mustangs, along with most other propeller aircraft, were displaced by jets, but a large number served in the Korean War, mainly in ground support missions. The re-designated F-51 was out-performed by the newer jet aircraft, but in 1951, two Mustang pilots shot down the first MiG-15 downed over South Korea.

    You will now do the same Phly, You are allowed to bring along a wingman to assist you, but you must score a Mig kill in a P51 Mustang and live to tell the tale by successfully returning to base and landing your bird afterwords.

    Attempt #13

  19. Do bulldog and ad 2 combo

  20. Phly idk If anyone has told you this because I doubt many of the people here care for hockey but you look a lot like a defender for my favorite team (the Pittsburgh penguins) named Brian dumoulin

  21. (Loving the unloved) Phly the queen has noticed a high number of german tanks ravaging our allies, namely the Panzer 4 F2. The queen has requested you take one of our new weapons, the Cromwell V. show those germans what high velocity weaponry looks like!!. (Attempt #3)

  22. I call hacks on those around buildings and rock kills lmao. I could only dream of getting that damn good. Hats off sir

  23. Now everyone who has this thing or will get this will do this tactic

  24. Wow ok HAHA lol.. Awesome as always…

  25. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #14 (?)

  26. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    Phly, can you make a video for beginner players of ground forces?

    tips for the controls, setup and such
    *just started playing war thunder*

  27. This AFV definitely deserves more videos in the near future Phly. Striker is fantastic!

  28. Phly Its high explosive time take out the m4a3 105 with he shells only get atleast 4 kills

    Hope you enjoy this one coz I just got the M4 aswell and it has only he shells. So it’ll be a learning experience. Fan from India

  29. @9:00. Good man Philip…. good man….

  30. Phly I am a big fan of you channel,take out the ju-r2 with that big bomb that I forget the name of, anyways love the vids keep up the great work!

  31. use strumpanzers as arty man

  32. Findlind, what country us that?

  33. Ai still broken for Ai gunners they won’t shoot at what the upgrade says instead it shoot at 0.3 or less which is when the enemy almost can touch you physically

  34. Are you going to continue with Wolfenstein 2

  35. Hey Phly, here’s a suggestion for loving the unloved. I know this is for tanks but I really want to see you fly out the F4U-4 USMC Corsair. Please? 😀

  36. Phily can you play the comet as it’s my next British tank to be unlocked

  37. #lovetheunloved fly out the Firefly Mk. I and dogfight atleast 3 times

  38. Its also a Post Vietnam LTV. Where the hell is War Thunder going now?

  39. Take out the Chi-Ha, the low tier pen tank in the game! Good Luck.

  40. Challenge: Fly the Bf 109 F-2 in Tank RB and get at least 3 tank kills with the rockets over however many battles it takes.
    Attempt #6

  41. Cool, now get an indirect kill with the brummbar.
    No, i’ll wait.

  42. All due respect Mr. Phly, post part 6 of wolfenstein or I’ll unleash the Russian bias.

  43. welcome to fidland

  44. How about you give DCS a try?

  45. anyone alse noticed server-problems yesterday? sudden packetloss (~70%) and sudden high ping (790-999), while everything else worked absolutely fine?

  46. 15:34 to me phly was going like ‘fuck this I’m out’

  47. 12:55 Air-raid siren? since when does War thunder warn you about Air-raids?

  48. So if played correctly the Striker has about 30+m of sand or soil armour XD

  49. Frederik Claeyssens

    How’s the weather in fiDland? Mostly sunny with some sun.

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