Kill ’em with kindness – Standard B

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Source: Circonflexes

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Standard B tier 9 italian medium tank!


  1. Michael Cartwright

    Epic game!

  2. Magical forest also known as Sherwood

  3. I want to touch your beard

  4. That last shoot on ikv 90b was pretty interesting aimbot confirmed ! 😉

  5. I suspect the 13 57 did hit him for 88. And I know they try their best to get 200 damage rolls. But you can’t fire him for tryin at least?

    • Balc0ra’s Gaming with 57mm gun, it is a magic if you did more than 1k per battle

    • Um, what? This is a 13 57 we’re talking about. 1k damage per battle is easy.

    • Dont aim shoot,works for all my french autoloaders for low tiers and side shots only.

    • Woot! I’m a wizard, Harry!!!!
      Doing above 1k every game in my 13 57… (Except the ones I f-ed up)
      Feels like I’m out of ammo in 50% of my games.

      Be patient, cunning and go for side / rear shots. I guarantee 2k in good games and 1k in bad games. Plus the spotting damage (tracking damage not so much xD)

  6. i remember going into the forest in my elc and suddendly ramming a stealthy type 59 just as i spotted him

  7. *spaghettio eating intensifies*

  8. did he 3mark the blackprince yet?

  9. Loved the old Murovanka, magic forrest and A3/4 in my beautiful stat padding Hellcat! I used to play with G1nge/Paul and Noreddy (CIRC 2 ) in the good old days 😉

  10. NOT “killing me softly”? One job Circon

  11. What tank it’s at please tell thx u awesome day and ur awesome dude

  12. God, I want the Standard B so badly. I just spent the last couple days unlocking and upgrading the P44 Pantera. It’s a fun tank, but tier 8 mm is concentrated aids.

  13. Liked the YOLO run

  14. Magic Forst was one of the best things in WoT history. Sadly they removed this camper paradise.

  15. I wish players can ping the map for info to help their teammates

  16. Too much Selena Gomez songs Mr. Circon. 😀

  17. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    6:23 Like how the Bobject 257 is too afraid to push a Tier 7 TD and a Blyat Prince…

  18. “Blacklist if he drowns” ? dosnt that just stop somebody messaging you?!

  19. I have about 15 games with tier 10 progetto,for me the standard b is the best tier 9 medium,and the best italian tank from tech tree

  20. orange is the new orange

  21. Got taste again…WTF how can one lose taste of beer, next time go visit doctor 😀

  22. I miss old Murovanka, as well as Northwest.

  23. I loved hunting Pixies in the Magic Forest…..

  24. Christiaan Carstens

    Look at me, LOOK AT ME, remember that face. Thats how you should do it.

  25. Jesus Circon! At least try to look like you are sweating it! Are you trying to make us look like idiot?! Be a bit considerate please u.u

  26. I didn’t see one for you with a quick search, but if you search YouTube for “Murovanka magic forest”, a number of links by other people show up.

  27. Anyone else find it really weird how Circon asks the 257 where he got shot from, he doesnt seem to reply (Because we cant see the chat cuz of circons facecam) Yet the 257 responds to the PM afterwards?? LOLWUT xD

  28. 253 with zero damage on a top tier game? Well damn. He must have actively tried to archive that.

  29. Netjes gedaan, was een mooi rondje tanks rijden±P

  30. I’m the captain now, bitch! lol

  31. Lets all take time to appreciate the shot at 2:10

  32. What do you see when you look at me ?

  33. The great dark forest? Peperidge farm remembers…

  34. Wow…you can be dick….huh?

  35. I miss the camping spot on Dragon Ridge where you literally throw yourself off a cliff to a little landing zone and the enemies have to dive after you and fall into the river if they want a shot at you.

  36. You can blaime BILLY ( scorpion ) lol

  37. Congrats on 100k subs.

  38. Like a Boss

  39. He doesn’t quite have the hang of the Italian Auto Reloading tanks yet, so far I’ve seen him miss like 3 kills and so much DPM because he just empty his entire clip for no reason.

  40. HE spam from nowhere in an e75.
    Just prevented me to come back in game.
    Fuck these degenerated subhumans.

  41. look at me

  42. Nice piloting Captain~

  43. Why is Circ’s post game result tabs broken?

  44. LOL, you had one job Carl (aka scorpion), One.  Your fired.

  45. clang clang, “BRING OUT YOUR DEBTS!, clang clang, “BRING OUT YOUR DEBTS!”

  46. El Capitan es tu

  47. Who does 88 damage? You are fired. You are literally fired.


    Circon don’t ever change man.

  48. I feel kind of bad for the BP. He deserved the kill just for doing some damage in a BP

  49. Circon, you could have given the Black Prince this one triumph. That poor guy 🙁
    I’m really glad I gridded the BP before 3 5 7 xD

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