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Source: SirCircon

Taking a casual stroll in mountain with the buffed -100!
your replays here: !


  1. Loving these clips Circ! Thanks for the upload.

  2. Thought a lot about the World of Mechwarrior idea. Dont you think one could just use a bunch of fictional Countrys, earths modern day nations or maybe fictional companys that could justify some sort of techtree? That way you could outrule a certain amount of randomness by simply making suits of the different Groups in power similar to some extend on the same Tier.

  3. t-44-100. nice tank. even better now with the turret buff

  4. “Way to go! Thanks wargaming… KAPPA” -_-


  5. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Love this tank, the pen is frustrating though 😛

  6. Out of the 30 Tanks, how many were premium tanks in the match?

  7. Ah good, the first Circon match of “The totally not a Russian biased patch”

  8. The T-44-100 and all its variations got buffed! Turret armor and a lot better gun handeling + more pen on ap and apcr! Enjoy! <3

  9. Because the T-44 and T-54 were not OP enough….

  10. #NotificationSquad 😀

  11. My t-44-100 has the same exact reload

  12. LOL the chat, Foch *B* for *B* astards XD

  13. Can’t wait for 9.20.1

  14. You were ‘Johnny on the spot’ in that game

  15. How can you still play this pos game Circon

  16. filthyyyyyy~

  17. I luv u daddy circ. keep them glorious clips cumming

  18. panther 88 teamkilled E50

  19. 250 alfa, man. Amazing killstreak, CG. 🙂

  20. What a cheap ass Radleys man…

  21. Panther 88 killed the E50 XD

  22. The t44s are a joy to play now and i don’t think that op because lorr 40t and stuff..

  23. You make it look so easy. ?

  24. Suck my balls, suck my balls…

  25. The foch b metta

  26. World of Tanks videos

    I hate you , you make it look so freaking fucking easy 🙂

  27. you are unicum you know, everything falls into place for you, you get great rng, you got 3 op foch bs on your team, there was no possible failure for you

  28. :O It’s a UFO!

  29. Omfg kill secured indeed lmao XD what are these memes

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yeah.. they gave the Russian Meds “SOME” Love.. more like buff it to the strongest once on the Tier^^

  31. Seal clubber 😀

  32. wtf prem fochh 155 weird

  33. ultimate kill steal 🙂

  34. Wow…. great job…..woot

  35. coolbreeze12013 z

    Good to see you’re back, hope the move went well I hate moving to no end also. Anyways, enjoying your content as usual keep it up and when we gettin a New “Highlight” love those, and looking forward to all the new content to come lol Laters

  36. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Anyone here watch circon live stream? How does he have that much freee XP? I see he has not turnned accelerated crew training on. Is he doing same on all hia tanks? I usually tirn it on for all the possible tanks. I thaught turning it on is the better option

  37. 8 kills buff op confirmed

  38. OMG holy circon…

  39. Circon my faaavvvv <3

  40. WTF happened to that Tiger 2 that he was unspotted most of the game but was down to 185 health by the time he was spotted? Did he survive an attempted suicide off the cliff?

  41. 29.000 victories! ?

  42. “It was at this moment he realized…he needed a turret” 5:00

  43. WoW you made so much money! 😉

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