KILL YOURSELF CHALLENGE! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

KILL YOURSELF CHALLENGE! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. *Got any challenges you have in mind?! let me KNOW*

  2. 4th

  3. yes more of these days with !JUST YES

  4. pby Catalina and the M2A4 combo plzzz!!

  5. #challenge kill five tanks with one 250lbs bomb

  6. under 301

  7. they explode when you hit their engine because their fuel tanks blow up

  8. lets try zsu 57 and 2OP for the win
    ohh and try to kill a Tank *woop*

  9. phly, your amazing, stay epic!

  10. Hey I was just playing WT a few min ago!

  11. T-10m and Po-2.The Op russian cyka blyat combo.

  12. Mum get the camera!!! :D


  14. Theya Alexandru Peanci


  15. Phly you should play Silent sea hunters 5

  16. Phly, when you gonna do another red orchestra 2 video?

  17. That one dislike…..

  18. I have a gaijin like challenge, kill 10 tanks while flying a po-2 in tier V
    in one match to win an awesome unique aircraft


  20. how u go in commander place?

  21. fly the r2y2 and land it on a carrier
    but you have to kill a carrier 1st

  22. conqurer and hunter

  23. Now kill yourself with a torpedo in the pt-76.
    Edit* If you can’t pull it off in PvP, a custom battle attempt would be

  24. now do the same with rockets :D

  25. Truly an amazing feat. Very honorabru.

  26. Drive backwords with a mouse

  27. ZSU-57 and PO2 get and tank kill with the PO2

  28. Go on any tier 2 tanks and use HE and try to kill atleast 5 enemy. no HEAT

  29. try to kill your own plane with AA

  30. land a bomber like b-17 or b-24 on a carrier

  31. that was dope

  32. Kill an enemy tank/vehicle by pushing it down a cliff or into a lake.

  33. dragon beast seagion

    I have a challenge fly a bomber and try to take down an enemy

  34. Outro song?

  35. take out an enemy bomber in flight with bombs dropped from your aircraft,
    doesn’t mater what your flying as long as you get the kill with bombs

  36. That was awesome, good job Phly.

  37. If you completely negate the area where air can slow down a falling object,
    then every object falls exactly the same with 9.87m/s²

  38. What is the music near the end of the video?

  39. flight with a biplane in 7.7rating and survive so long you can

  40. it gave you points for that??

  41. Drop bombs from a bomber and switch into a plane and get hit by the bomb

  42. Using the 3 inch gun carrier u can only shoot at planes with ur gun not at

  43. kill a maus with low tier spaa..

  44. Bomb an aircraft carrier with a Pe 8 and then land on it with the Pe 8

  45. T34-100 + IL 28

  46. Amazing Vid Dude

  47. Phly for anything that’s falling (Big or Small) 125Mph is terminal
    velocity. This increases with less drag which is why the Bombs fall faster
    (About 200Mph) when the Tip is facing down during free fall.

  48. German 37mm Combo (ATTEMPT 5)
    Sd Kfz. 6/2 and Ju-87 G1
    Teach the allies ze good word of Hans!

  49. Get a kill in rb using the “long range sight” on f3f, the flying keg.

  50. that was awesome! nice job phly :D

  51. Kill 2 tanks with 1 shot (I made it :)).

  52. Never seen a person so eager to kill himself :p Very honorable Phly !

  53. phly,is-3 and ar-2 plz

  54. phly play the m60 or leo 1 but with a challenge only use hesh if you get in
    the front of tank you will do alot of damage if you hit upper glaciees

  55. Kill a plane with a tank’s main gun then kill a tank with a plane’s guns /
    cannon in RB

  56. try to get an ave match with the hurricane MK 4 using only MGs and rockets(
    no 40mms)

  57. The dick, im not a dick challenge. Realistic battle using any rank IV plane
    or tank try and get 10 kill assists without stealing a kill. If you kill
    someone else’s target then your score is reset to 0 and have to proclaim in
    the chat that you are a dick. If you accomplish the 10 kill assist you have
    to say in the chat that you are not a dick.

  58. That looks so stupid in the killfeed XD

  59. do all of that but I na po 2

  60. bomb other plane using any bomber you like…

  61. Holy shit the T34 is just oneshotting everything, no matter where he shoots

  62. Take out the shermen 105 in high teir battles (IV-V) and get an Ace

  63. try spawning into a Bomber then leave it make sure it flies staight toward
    spawn and shoot it down with SPAA. GLHF

  64. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Zis-30 plz, the recoil is real!!

  65. Take out a plane with artillery

  66. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Same concept as the kill your self challenge, but instead us torpedus! and
    a pt-76.

  67. 0:02 That sounds like some scene in porn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    “Gib it to me”

  68. This might not be the best idea, but it’s all I’ve got.
    Spawn as a bomber with a torpedo( any bomber you like as long as it has
    torps), torpedo a ship and blow yourself up with the explosion of the

  69. Lmfao gg phly

  70. neck yourself

  71. Sit at a cap point with panzerwerfer and keep on shooting infinite rockets
    at enemy spawn or positions like artillery from far away and get a kill

  72. Attempt to get a kill on a tank with a plane of your choosing while flying
    under a bridge

  73. T17 and the hunter :DD

  74. play the su122-54 and the il28


  76. Critical Hit or Destroy a Jet with the GAZ ;3

  77. @phlydaily everything falls at the same rate, so yes a 100kg bomb would
    fall just as fast 5,000 kg bomb, HOWEVER, there is air resistance, so that
    will effect how fast the bomb takes to fall.

  78. Spawn as a GAZ, fire at bomber spawn, spawn in with a PO-2, see if you can
    pilot snipe yourself.

  79. Go on tunisia costom battles then use the maus to cross the map. The
    challenge is completed when you reach the end of the others runway!

  80. I guess you win Phly because I’ve been trying to kill myself for a while
    and it’s not working.

  81. Play the the new rr project dd

  82. Get a in a dogfight with the ju88 and get a fighter kill using the nose mg.
    I’ve done it a few times and it’s always hilarious! Bonus points if you
    make ace!

  83. challenge: 4M Gaz-AAA and Yak-17 the anti plane combo.
    you’re not allowed to cap!

  84. Fly jets in Arcade!Hhehehehe *creppy laugh*

  85. World of Warships CHALLENGE!!!!! Use Montana and have a never back down
    mindset, and never retreat attitude, Never turn away. Your awesome brah!!!

  86. Challenge: Uninstall War Thunder

  87. Get a tank kill with the 7.62 gaz truck! I have before, lets see you try

  88. #Challenge, Do the scene from TopGun using an American jet and Russian jet.
    You have to be inverted and with in 3 meters of the other guy for at least
    60 seconds.

  89. Hey Steve, can you do Chalanges in DCS ?

  90. what gpu do you use

  91. RTB-5 and MiG-17 :)

  92. Next Challenge: Drive in any tank to the enemy spawn, but your not allowed
    to use you gun, so be sneaky!

  93. Get a kill with the T-50 in a tier V battle

  94. try to land in a enemy aircraft carrier with a B29

  95. 5 Dehavilland vampires vs 15 pe8’s

  96. 16:00 You are talking about terminal velocity which states that in a vacuum
    then a feather will fall at the same rate as a bowling ball.

  97. Try to kill yourself witharty.

  98. Are there any tank maps with carriers? I can’t remember… But anyways….
    Try to take out a carrier with artillery? Or maybe the PT-76 is it?

  99. in arcade battles,bomb your carrier and spawn in another plane in carrier
    and try to kill yourself

  100. Try to get a Maus or Arado spawn with a Kugelblitz or an Ostwind

  101. p76 and a torpedo

  102. Gerhard Ten Bolscher

    leave a plane in mid air and respawn with another plane and try to ram that

  103. majestic

  104. The gravity pulls objects towards the ground at 9.81m/s2 and every object
    is falling at that speed I belive…

  105. #6th try aussie combo ac4 thunderbolt and mk21 beufighter wiht rockets pls

  106. at 10:27 that’s me and my buddy Casey rolling into town with our KV-1’s
    good seeing you in game man. love the content! funny thing is last time I
    saw you you were in hs 129 and I shot you down with mk. II aaa lol

  107. Amazing and Epic at the same time…

  108. Truly amazing, really enjoyed the video.

  109. Edger Van der Linden

    how do you even come up with that shit

  110. SU-122 and the MiG-9 you are only allowed to use HE for SU-122 and AP
    rounds for the MiG

  111. Phly you have to play the valentine on valentines day!

  112. arty vs plane.GO

  113. I’ve reported this channel because it gives me Vietnam flashbacks

  114. Drive backwards only and use only high explosive shells(normal and russian
    ones). gl hf?

  115. Wow! GG!

  116. he sounded so defeated like “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 *boom* 2.. 1….”

  117. Send artillery, spawn in a plane and try to kill yourself with it ,please.

  118. With regards to the gravity thing, everything falls at 9.87 meters per
    second. Now of course you can add things to implement drag to slow it down,
    but two bombs that are the same minus weight are going to hit the ground at
    the same time.

  119. Amanda Todd nailed this challenge.

  120. Your comment about the feather and bowling ball had me in stitches! The
    terminal velocity of a bowling ball and feather are not the same XD you
    were possibly remembering the Apollo test where an astronaut dropped a
    hammer and feather on the moon…awesome video as well I friend this stunt
    awhile ago and couldn’t do it :P

  121. Yes, Steve, without wind resistance, any two objects should fall at the
    exact same speed/rate. They did the test in a huge vacuum.

    The reason why: Even though a heavier object is more attracted to earth
    (because of its heavy weight), it also has greater inertia, which makes it
    accelerate slower. Inertia is proportional to the weight of the object,
    meaning all objects will fall at the same speed if there is no air

  122. i saw one guy who kill himself with Arty whly he fly plane :D

  123. Only if both the feather and the bowling ball are dropped at the same time
    from the same altitude in a vacuum environment they will reach the ground
    at the same time phly:)

  124. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    Play Tank AA. Take the Tank with the Highest Caliber.. then only AP rounds
    and Kill fighters. No Bomber only Fighters and Attackers. Also use NO MG.

  125. Phly, bring back your top 5 epic plays, please!!! LOVED THEM. Personally do
    not enjoy the Squire ones too much.

  126. Try and land on a destroyer or battle ship using thr f4u in test flight

  127. why didnt you take something like the t50 or bt5


  129. Good, now do the same thing in tanksimulator! :D

  130. I wonder if anyone noticed the fee and was like WTF?

  131. when i saw the title i want about to cry but realize how he post the video

  132. Brynjar Karl Ísleifsson

    T10m plz plz

  133. Darth Cyruis Dark lord v

    Troll baronvon. Tell him to play realistic battle on tier 5, and support
    him with BT-5

  134. Thanks for using my idea!

  135. My next challenge is to get a kill with the HE51 with the 10kg bombs. It’s
    like sneezing on your enemies.

  136. shoot with a tank on the aircraft spawn and fly with a plane in the ammo
    sry for my bad english

  137. A feather doesn’t fall at the same time as a bowling ball because of its
    surface areas gathering more friction. Two spheres of the same size and
    shape but of different masses ought to fall at the same rate however.

  138. i have never heard someone so happy to kill themselves

  139. Kill three jets with a typhoon mk1a

  140. Nudelsalat ist lecker

    Try a noscope in a m18 while driving max Speed (the target must be far away
    about 500m)

  141. Land on the back of a destroyer with a plane with gunners and become AA

  142. Phly, the 1000lb vs 100lb thing, everything falls at about 10m/s due to
    gravity. Weight plays no part in the speed something falls, air resistance
    does though.

  143. phly see if you can bomb an enemy bomber in flight (if that’s possible) :)

  144. hardest challenge 4m gaz aa and mig 15 realistic bAttles

  145. nice job!! funny as hell

  146. kill the heighest teir tank you can in the lowest teir tank you can. you
    can pick the tanks but it has to be in a real game. for example the
    crusader 3 and a king tiger. try to get the biggest gap possibe between the
    tanks BR

  147. Try to bounce a shell and hit an enemy aircraft. Jkjkjk. Luv ur vids

  148. Fight a entire air battle, flying upside down

  149. That was insane

  150. Challenge. Bomb a bomber. KABOOM!!!!

  151. The end cinematic was so epic

  152. Well. I bombed myself once.

  153. to be honest, phly, you worry too much about teamplay
    should’ve just orcestrated it perfectly from 3000+ meters away, with 10s
    delay, and driven RIGHT UP to the bomb, would’ve been so much better :)

  154. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  155. Well gravity is same for every object, air resistance makes the difference.
    Heavier objects fall faster, but shape (aerodynamics) is important too, so
    i think those bombs should fall in similar time 🙂 sorry for bad english

  156. +PhlyDaily Take out any anti air of your choice and try become a air killer
    ace rid the skys : >

  157. how do you get that binocular view on a tank?

  158. great challenge haha. will have to try myself

  159. Best Challenge EVER! xD

  160. NeverlostatBSgaming

    I just noticed there is a MySpace link in the description; Who even uses
    MySpace anymore?

  161. try to bomb an enemy bomber with a bomber. Please

  162. play realistic fly a jet any type of jet then try to touch the water with
    your wing without killing your self

  163. +PhlyDaily Land on an enemy aircraft carrier in realistic.

  164. How does warthunder calculate a tank being killed? I thought you had to
    kill all crew or cause a catastrophic explosion?

  165. Kill a destroyer with Pt-76

  166. Ram your own plane in Arcade.

  167. That experiment with a feather and a bowling ball falling is done in a
    complete vacuum.

  168. next stall climb a plane and see if you can have it land on top of you when
    it falls

  169. Well Done phly well Done

  170. You’re too happy about that :p.


  172. BaronVonSuperPhly :p

    You told me to check this video out earlier on twitch phly so I did and
    dude it’s epic! The only thing that could have made it cooler is if the
    bomb landed on the truck bed and flattened you haha!! Nice job bro and keep
    up the funny videos. Also, would it be possible to do some more sim battles
    in planes? My twitch account is BaronVonSuperMickey invade you didn’t
    remember me.

  173. Hey Phly pick 1 tier 5 aircraft or tank and 1 tier 1-2 airctaft or tank
    (depending on what your first decition is), I just wanted to spice things
    up 4 u so that you can have some fun as whell :D

  174. Fly a zero with the max payload and fuel on Iow Jima and crash into an
    person on a aircraft carrier

  175. 6.7 American line up but you have to use a m22 and get a kill

  176. Rise of Flight Career Let’s Play please!

  177. … GG …

  178. take any plane of ur choosing but u have to get 5 kills upside down and NO
    changing keys so when upside down its like the normal way up ….????? 🙂
    enjoy I tried and failed

  179. AirProduction -Airbajan

    Ask Baron to get a tier 5 jets and you get in a Bi-plane of your choice and
    try to stay alive and if you can’t get any kills ram the bastards !

  180. Take Bulldog into 7.7 RB and try and get 3 kills even with Sabot rounds. No
    Arty. GL.

  181. SPAA-wanna be challenge

    Take out a random medium tank, try your best to shoot down as many planes
    as possible with your cannon!

  182. Drive-by Challenge: take out the M18 Hellcat, and get five kills in one
    match while going at least 30kph. Keep an eye on the speedometer!

  183. E-100 anti aircraft!

  184. Give support for your team by raming peopl with a tb-3 free vodka for all
    (not atchally)

  185. Nick Hecht (OneChanceShot)

    Swim across the lake on Poland in your pt-76

    US WELLYS!!!!!!!

  187. HALP PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Try and kill enemy bombers by dropping bombs right over them in the air.
    btw i finally got you today philly_dailly

  189. Challenge: Use a tank and destroy the whole village at the west of tunisia

  190. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Land a B57 on a destroyer

  191. Submarine challenge !

  192. Get in a Panzerwefer and snipe some bombers

  193. Hey phly try to pretend to be an enemy tank and shoot your teammates!

  194. I believe you were thinking about objects in a vacuum falling at the same


  196. Try to kill a bomber with a bomber using only your bombs.

  197. Could you please do a tutorial on how to use the PT-76? I just unlocked it
    and want to use it but I don’t know how.

  198. Give Em’ The American Throat Punch:

    B-29A And The T32!

  199. “Why do they explode when I hit their engine?” Because USSR op

  200. intro song?

  201. Phly when there is no resistance from wind gravity causes a feather to fall
    at the same rate as a bowling ball. Basically everything falls at the same
    speed when no wind resistance

  202. I challenge yout to stall j out and have it land on you!!!!

  203. Hey Phly can you fly the bf 109 f-1 I just got it and man in realistic it’s

  204. Why did he explode when i hit his engine? -Phly’s dumest sentence yet.

  205. So in a vacuum a 5000kg bomb would fall at the same rate as a 1000kg bomb.
    However taking into account air resistance and difference in shape or
    aerodynamics of the projectile I would imagine there is a slight difference
    in the rate at which they fall.

  206. Wow I should kill my self it looks fun!!

  207. 17:39 Challenge Complete.

  208. V for Victory mate! Do the British Empire proud and use the Valentine 75mm
    with Vampire!

  209. +PhlyDaily Congratulations on the superlative suicide!

  210. Love the Challenge thing! xD

  211. Holy crap

  212. PhlyDaily I thought of something that would make war thunder even more
    epic, Helicopters. War thunder has post war jets, so why not add
    helicopters that were used in the war. Do you think the developers are more
    likely to listen to your suggestions because your a well known YouTuber?

  213. people looking at the kill feed were probably like, what?

  214. phly, what scientist did was drop a feather and a bowling ball in a vacuum
    and watched as both fell at the same time

  215. I wish I could have seen if anybody commented on the feed. If I saw that in
    game, I’d have to say something. Too perfect.

  216. Take out a plane with a KV2, i did it once

  217. IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly the Po-2 in a 8.0
    tanks rb and kill a maus! good luck phly

  218. jvideo121 Playthroughs

    “Why did they explode when I hit the engine?” – Stupid things Phly has
    said, 2016. And yes, I get that the tank would more likely catch fire than
    explode, but it’s still a heated piece of metal with fuel going into it and
    mini explosions everywhere. It’s very explodable.

  219. Ye-hea! I knew this one would get it. Congrats to whoever suggested btw

  220. Here is a challenge for ya, play the T95.

  221. Land a B-25 on a carrier and be the king of battleships shooting at other
    battleships (you know the floatplane battleships) except you’re on a
    carrier. Though it’s not a quite a challenge, or is it?

  222. When the ball and feather fall in the same times because there in a vacuum
    and the feather also doesnt uses the air to slow down ,although when it
    come with a rock n pencil they fall in the same time without vacuum.

  223. Use any bomber and destroy an enemy plane by dropping the bombs on the
    plane. I’m sure it’s possible.

  224. Please HELP!
    umm.. guys im planning to buy a LAPTOP for gaming and school work and
    research. what brand (model) should I buy? Like a type of laptop in whick I
    could war thunder without lag and with descent graphics. I go for the ones
    that would last long and are not too expensive. Thank u.

  225. hey phly what happened to bandit??

  226. A13+Hunter good luck

  227. Can you imagine the people in the game, how the heck did he…. hhhmmmm….
    How do you bomb yourself???? :))))))))))

  228. Upright productions

    Gravity affects all objects equally so no matter how light or heavy, all
    objects fall at the same speed. Experiment done by Galileo.

  229. Kill a Leopard Tank(all Classes) Tank With a PBY Catalina xD

  230. if you want to listen a Italian guy speak some Italian shitty language
    about war thunder pass to my channel and check my last video ??

  231. Well according to newton, every thing on earth has the same gravity index,
    which means the falling time of the 1000kg bomb and the 5000kg one is the
    same. But the 5000kg bomb is bigger, which adds up to the drag of the bomb,
    making it falling slower than the 1000 kg bomb. ( sorry not native speaker
    shit english)

  232. Land a plane to another plane mid air.

  233. I have a challenge, get to a high altitude with a bomber and when your at
    the top drop a bomb and try to out run it.

  234. PublicTransportationBelgium

    The kill yourself challenge is proudly sponsored by the Suicide Hotline

  235. Land a plane on the pt 76 lol.

  236. Get a maus or t-95 or tortoise and pull a reserve tank as much as possible.
    But its needed many player lol :v

  237. Low tier AA battle :D

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