Killing the Future of World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming Will soon release one of the most ill-conceived updates in World of Tanks history. Here's why I can no longer recommend starting the game.
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  1. Thanks for figuring this all out for us. Really stupid idea.

  2. I would add one more recommendation.Give us the multi-tanks crews right now and allow us to transfer the spare crews into crewbooks.

  3. THUMBS UP 1000%

  4. QB: I have a tip for you. Create 2nd F2P account and start it with 1.20.1 launch. ……. THAT would be interesting.

  5. This hits a lot harder than the post I made recently. I can’t believe the number of players with the sentiment that “The crew skills are not a problem, there aren’t any that I would retrain for.” They don’t realize that retraining isnt the problem, it’s that someone else willing to pay $25,000 is the problem that they will be facing.

  6. It seems like they dont play their own game. Tjey have a vision. They use the players to test it. The players say its very bad and unhealthy for the game. And the Devs ignore it because they dont want their work to go down the drain.

    EDIT: i hope they at least listen to what the Content contributors have to say and aknowlegde it instead of ignoring it.

    but i guess Gaming industry has changed for the bad in sooo many cases and WoT is one of em…..

  7. youv spent a long time Looing a these crew changs, qickybaby, New players, will find it harder to get into the game, Im not sure messing around with the skills is a good idea? I suppose we will find out in time, but there will be issues , making these changes, Crazy Rates of fire, causing Critical. damage, is not aways a good. thing? For me all wargaming are actually. doing is unbalancing the way. the game is played?

  8. It’s already not worth playing. ive come back off and on recently and its no where near as fun as it used to be, Warthunder to me is more fun now.

  9. Just need a cabinet for your PC and you will have the perfect Arcade game.. I’m just an average player got a feeling my wot days will be over thought my 4 skill crews were good enough oh well start looking for a new game..

  10. why re you still playing this game?

  11. WG probably thinks that the amount of exp to fully train the crew will be ” the experiment and variation” bc u won’t be able to get them all. So u have to choose and “sacrifice” some of them. You aren’t supposed to get all best of them

  12. Totally agree. unless wg makes some radical changes agains that BULLSHlT that is coming, I am no longer intending to play this game actively and not even thinking about buying any more stuff. I am sure that I am not the only one.

  13. I agree with you.

  14. 30:20. No…don’t do it for Intuition, DO IT FOR ALL THE DAMN SKILLS. Most of them are getting changed so priorities are shifting. It is a big change so they should just fully and freely reset everything once so that we may choose what we believe fits the new tanks.
    One could argue that a 0 cost reset WEEK is in order ,so that we could mess around and settle on different builds, but we all know WG would never allow that, so the bare minimum I am asking for is a FULL FREE RESET of EVERY CREW MEMBER we have(excluding the 0 skill perks).

    P.S. You missed the opportunity to add circus music when you were talking about the Manticore or the ELC Amx. Because that’s quite honestly so preposterous , so stupid that anyone who thinks that it’s somehow ok may as well be a clown. It’s like Idiocracy on steroids.

    I don’t recall where, but I know I’ve made an essay comment or post on the forum(I’ll try to look it up)…saying exactly what you said at the end…that crews should have experience tracks per ROLES, regardless of how many crew members the tanks have…that way every tank is equal and you keep the historical aspect of large tanks having large crews and so on. I just can’t recall where I said it, but I know I did.

  15. Valerian Schneider

    you know what the best about this is? i dont have to play it. i apreciate your thoughts, but truth be told i dont know a game that has gone even more p2w than this and become obsolete.i just think that calling them f2p should be illegal. my strategy : play f2p games for a while , until they become p2w then change the game. a pity, and no solution for the ppl living from making content. dont worry about retraining orders. you will get 8 from a free battlepass and 24 if u take the premium battlepass.

  16. 20:27 How do you know it’s 265m? Is there a way to calculate distances in WoT? Just curious.

  17. Wargaming had always focused on their core paying customers, and had never really upset them, for example the 279e or Chieftain never got nerfed because of this and you can find many more examples were wg made the better/addicted players even more competitive over the years. Crew 2.0 is just another level on top of this. Making already overpowered players even stronger, so they can laugh at the rest while farming them, so their fun level is at an all time high and they keep p(l)aying, bause every addicted whale leaving the game would cause massive issues, because new players aren’t able to replace them, because they can’t close the gap and have as much fun as the leaving whale…
    If this is the case, wg might milk their core players for all of their money over the next year’s by making them stronger and stronger on an even higher rate until everyone has quit the game

  18. There is only one answer! I will stop playing with 1.20.1. regardless of all the money I have put in. There are other games around. The already shrinking player base will shrink even faster with this. This game is becoming more and more frustrating, which is making new players stop playing the game fast. And old players are not willing to take more frustration.

  19. Thank you, absolutely great video! WG are becoming crazy! Great idea with the one skill for every role. Still, you havent mentioned huge WoT Plus problem. That is demounting equipment for free. You can simply have just 2 sets of bond equipment (vents+v.stabs.+rammer) and play EVERY tank fully bonded (no 3×250 bonds to demount). I bet there will be a mod for this.

  20. What WG really should do is just refund all the tanks that the people got back in the days, for full price. THEN, remove all the premium tanks, re-balance them according to how the game stands in 2023. THEN re-introduce them into the game (no need for discounts as people got a full refund in the first place so they should be swimming in gold after a refund of 20-30 tanks).
    THEN, divide ALL the crew skill requirements by 100.
    Not 4, but a hundred. Playing a tank for 1.000 battles should be the endgame goal. And scale everything accordingly.

    I’m really glad I stopped playing this game 10 years ago. From time to time I log back, but I feel like an old WWII veteran on a quake server with all the 12 year old script kiddies running around noscope-ing everyone.

  21. Dodged this Bullet like 7 years ago, i am glad i did

  22. just crying and bleating that his throne will be toppled and be a mere mortal like the rest of us.. Always happy to feed from the W.O.T table… just carry on selling that merchandise

    • Not at all Colin, I will have 8 skill crews you will not. I will farm you harder than before. I’m a sweaty nerd that will benefit from this. However I realise that with changes like this all that will remain are sweaty nerds in an unpopular game.

  23. i hope one day wot or wg will close the game cause of stupidity …….lets play old game COD2 online XD

  24. you not looking??… you can change 12 skills per day o stop ya bleating

  25. This won’t just increase skilled players crit hit gameplay, don’t forget about all the players using illegal mods and hacks (there are many more players using these than you think, using illegal mods is just as rampant as rigging). Weak spot auto aiming and module auto aiming will also be more frustrating to,play against.

  26. This game started going bad the moment they introduced premium ammo.

  27. Oh god, I can only imagine E25 and shrek tvp 100 in a down tier

    Edit for qb

    The moment you said a huge amount of E-25 going to come back, I immediatelly know that this is one of many plans from WG to put those broken premium tanks such as E-25 of course, back to the shop

  28. I feel like you’re way overreacting to this. Also it seems to have been implemented pretty poorly. I played on console and they reworked the perks/skills a bit like this a few years ago.They combined some in a way and removed some, and also added some. The key that realistically made it work though was that on console you only trained skills to a commander. The whole crew got them really I guess. But with the rework you could only pick nine skill/perks per crew so you couldn’t just roll through with everything and roflstomp everything. You actually had to decide how you would play that tank most of the time. The real kicker that is vastly different from console and pc is that after the rework… if you had a tank with all the skills/perk then you could choose any nine that you wanted and they were instantly trained and ready. If you had a crew with nine skills/perks before.. you had nine skills/perks you could instantly train and were ready. If you had a crew with 3 skill/perks on before.. you could instantly train and use 3 skills/perks on.

    I wouldn’t be mad about them doing, I’d be mad about how they did it.

  29. thumbs up!

  30. The game keeps getting more, Elitist.

  31. QB I’m an “average” WN8 player. I certainly don’t get 1000XP per game. Nowhere near that! More like 500XP. So at least double the number of battles crew training requirement….

  32. Thanks for the honest breakdown & views as always QB. I have been playing vey casually, off-and-on, for 8+ years now and have never been a great player but used to enjoy the game. I uninstalled WoT prior to Lent this year … looks like I won’t be re-installing it after Easter. RIP.

  33. @Colin Murrell which has nothing to do with my comment about my prediction of WG selling high skilled crew members in the future?

  34. its just insulting on what they offer and what they demand (not request or ask ) they must think we are billionaires with no life and idiots if we accept this between all the events and the milking now these changes the greed and mental separation from reality is actually concerning am thinking medical assistance may be necessary as they are clearly just insane

  35. I think this game is long time overdue for final failure. This is wargaming just tying to cash in one last time on addicts inside the game. The only way to stop the spread of this cash in cancer is for influencers to STOP playing wot after the update. This will immediately further kill the popularity of the game, hence there is a slight chance that WG will make some proper changes. But honestly, its just the game, forget about it and find new hobby!

  36. I think WOT is getting more and more complicated and serious. This all just takes the fun out of playing. RIP WOT

  37. Reasons I left the game for WOWS five years ago.

  38. After 10 years of playing, having grinded all tech tree tanks tanks and owning dozens of premium tanks, the implementation of crew 2.0 system and WoTplus marks for me the end of the line. Goodbye WoT.

  39. at this point WoT just needs to limit the number of crews that can be replaced in a single battle and the game is gonna be a grindfest like war thunder.

  40. I admire your desire to do videos like that. I can see the amount of time and thoughts behind this video. I was a sweaty nerd in WOT for 9 years, but I’ve given up in 2021. All the changes and the requirements now are just impossible to achieve without paying WG a solid amount of money. I still hope that one day, they realise and make the game enjoyable again, because I did not have fun in the game for years. If someone can make a pressure and force them to changes, its people like you and the great community behind contributors. Thank you for all the work that you have done over the years.

  41. These 1 hour bitching videos are more and more frequent. Can we get some gameplay please?

  42. Am going to blitz now

  43. QB Thinking about the 9 skill crew problem…..if it takes 107K battles to achieve this then it’s actually not really a problem in practice is it? There won’t be that many (if any) players with 9 skill crews. In fact it COULD be solved by simply limiting crews to 4 or 5 skills, or perhaps limiting TANKS to a total number of skills (to solve the crew numbers problem). That way you’d make skills much more of a swings and roundabouts decision than the current accumulation of skills to achieve a super crew.

  44. Accordingly to the official forum warriors, YOU are the one who is insulting whoregayming with your hate speech content. 12 bans for you would be a insultingly weak punishment. Main german forum Bot with its spastic fanbase already said: Its all ok, just have your wallet ready. Nothing to see, everything is perfect and if you are just a unworthy free to play player (untermensch) im more then prepared to just wipe the floor with you with a big smile on my face. Thx wargaming, your the best!

  45. EVEN blitz has gotten unplayable. i deleted my game. done with their bs.

  46. I think now would be the right time for all the content creators to come together against this update.

  47. all i can say i think soneone needs to call for inspection to WG offices to punish them for abusing alcoholic substances at work …

  48. I haven’t played for a couple of months now. The complete monetisation of the game is sad. No objection to a company making a profit but this is greed pure and simple. The subscription change is diabolical.

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