KING DIESEL (War Thunder 1.57 – Tiger II Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. hi Baron!

  2. Thank you for waiting…King Diesel will see you now. What tank do the
    Germans need the MOST?

  3. Hmm…what do you guys think about the addition of the Sturmtiger?


  5. Sturmtiger ? he had a 380mm rocket mortar, and ze aiming would be the same
    like on the P.z Werfer 42. Schönen Tag

  6. and im german

  7. Владимир Маяковский

    Pay to win
    Gaijin, Gaijin never changes

  8. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    *TITS* like more tits

  9. (Claps??) i love your explanation of “sick”

  10. get rekt baron! :)

  11. Thank you for mentioning the M-1, I was about to! Those gas turbines suck
    through fuel like crazy!! I know they’re good and all for sprinting, but
    once you’re out of fuel behind enemy lines, it doesn’t matter how slow the
    enemy is!!

  12. Get better soon Baron we love you

  13. The Tiger II is too..
    (pun intended)

  14. only reason tigers and pathers would brake down a lot was because they had
    to stat off rods so they dont get boom. go aroccs bad grounds. other reason
    the had slaver laber working on this so they would always do make them
    right or not put in a part. this tanks where very good

  15. If this will be at 6.7, I will still face IS-3’s and T-54’s. Great.

  16. I thought the Tiger 105 was the King Tiger…. I’m confused

  17. this shit better have the same fucking battle rateing! same fucking thing
    as the fucking H all you do is fucking shot it on the botom anywhere on the
    sides. on the front shit better be fucking 6.7 if its 7.0 dont bother
    getting it you will die everything time

  18. I just gonna say this of the WW2, the winners make the history. My respects
    to the nazi technology.

  19. I will never understand why it will be a premium. King Tiger with a better
    engine and just more amor on the turret… Thats not good for a premium but
    hey T-44-100 deserves more to be in the normal tech tree right?

  20. the German ‘big gun tanks’ were completely impractical and that was why no
    one else did it. they only existed because Hitler liked big guns

  21. Do hellcat

  22. fucking premium shit just make it have 100,000 rs points instead of fucking
    4000 shity golden eagles

  23. I can’t think of anything the Germans really need. A light tank maybe? Like
    the Panzer II M. Only four of those were built though.

  24. lets give the panther D a whirl ;D (please uplike)

  25. It will still face 7.7s, no gaijin I will not buy for that!

  26. Are you playing in the backgound?

  27. do you take way to many rounds in your tiger like alll you need is 20 shots
    and the APCR rounds suck ass dont bother using them

  28. Only E-series or the Löwe can save the German tankers


  30. p1000 ratte

  31. But will the Sla.16 engine fit in my Honda?

  32. Russians get 2 new tanks, us gets 1 low tier plane, germans get 2 new
    tanks, uk gets 2 new tanks, they must love us!

  33. If the Germans wanted to more their larger tanks over any significant
    distances they used rail. The Russians were able to simply drive them
    there. That is why operationally the T-34 was much better than the Panther

  34. theorangedoom > baron

  35. why not the Kanonenjagdpanzer?

  36. new nick name for king diesel vin diesel xD


  38. Why does it take so much time to gain new Tanks damn

  39. Baron, I always enjoy your videos, and they help me all the time and I
    appreciate what you do for the gaming community

  40. You are correct about the Stug III, but the Tiger, King Tiger and Panther
    were all too complex, time consuming and expensive to produce. In that
    sense, the German engineers failed.

  41. they should add the super Pershing and m1a1 Abrams jk but the Pershing
    should b added

  42. My favorite tank!!!! Thanks baron!

  43. well thats $40 or so i need to make sure i have when the patch hits

  44. I’m gonna buy this thing. I don’t care if I go against IS-3s or T-54s, I
    just want a tier 4 tank! I’ll probably take it in custom battles a lot
    anyway… And thrash everyone…

  45. use HE rounds with the Sherman 76mm against pz 4

  46. although you are right in some aspects about germans putting big guns on
    chassis, this isnt true for the stug III it was developed before the panzer
    iii was outdated and only a few actual panzer iiis were converted to stugs

  47. Baron, please do next WT gaming video with T-54 (latest version) and MiG-15
    late with finnish army roundels and make ur finnish fans proud of you 🙂 if
    you do that we will thank you for doing it;) Finland!

  48. “to tits.” I dont think this is negative at all.

  49. you should play more with phlydaily and you other friends like before

  50. the germans need a leopard 2 from 1980 (1980 protypes had the armor of
    today leopards but i dont think as strong)

  51. I’m not being rude or anything but I just woke up from falling asleep to
    your voice…

  52. I hope that you will get better and make much more great videos.
    I wish you fast recovery to previous form Baron 😉

  53. hey baron how many golden eagles u think king diseal will cost?

  54. I want muh T62! and T64 with stronk composite armor and auto loader

  55. Knowing Gaijin, The King Diesel will be BR’d so your fighting 8.0 T-10M’s
    and others!

  56. Baron, you still haven’t figured out how to pronounce Nashorn. The literal
    translation of that word is “nose-horn” or “horn on the nose”. So please,
    stop saying na-sh-horn and instead say Nas – Horn, because your current
    pronunciation is cringe worthy.

  57. Sekrit Dokument sez Jermin deesul iz 0.000000000000001% less cuntbustable
    xaxaxaxaxaxaxa))))) br 7.7 xaxaxa))))

  58. I like how you squeezed your image of the Skink in Baron ; D

  59. most needed german tank is ratte

  60. porche did ww2. confirmed

  61. von der vater land 卐✙ (I’m not a nazi)

  62. Most needed german tank?
    The Wotan!

  63. Most needed German tank(s) = The waffentragers

  64. Vinci, Vinci, Vindineaisl tiger

  65. Char b1!

  66. Really the Germans don’t seem to have any of their own tanks during the
    early cold war apart from the Leopard 1.
    The West used American/British tanks, and the East used Soviet tanks…

    The only thing I found was this thing called the ‘Europanzer’ which was a
    bi-national West German, French, and Italian project.
    I’d imagine it to be a stop gap between the Panther2 and leopard.

  67. why do you play tank arcade?? its horrible

  68. Why is it premium?!!!!

  69. Its still unfair that a Tiger 2 habe to fight against t-54 and t-10, this
    br is just broken

  70. “Gameplay” which is the tiger 2 H already in game ATM……

  71. The allies put logs sandbags and a plow on their Shermans

  72. Destroy the Comunist Hater Spy!!!!

  73. might actually buy this, I need a good tank to speed up my German research

  74. We need E-75, E-50, e-50 2, Sturmtiger

  75. Dislike for X hidden behing the turret



  78. I want the Waffentrager, T29, T34, Hummel, IS 7, T-62 ( propper enemy for
    m60), T-55 etc… but i will have to wait :)

  79. Should they add the Tank Grotte 1 for the Russians? It was designed by
    Germans for the Russians, with a 107mm case mounted gun and a 37mm turret.

  80. Well this background gameplay sure gives me a deja vu feeling…

  81. King vin diesel

  82. You know how the americans have a really hard time fighting King Tigers?
    Well what if we give the germans a chance to buy an auto-win.

    King Diesel is end to Tier IV Americans in rb, xaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  83. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    F9F-8 Cougar
    Now Tanks

  84. > releases good tank
    Welcome to gaijin the most greedy company ever

  85. Most needed German tank?…that would probably be the Leopard 2A7 for it to
    balance high tier… E75 was a strong plan like the Maus but more
    maneuverable, so maybe it

  86. the P1000 :P

  87. Hew to make a gud tunk.
    Put sum traks on it. very stronk.

  88. @rwd76 Tigers yes but Panther was almost as cheap to produce that Panzer
    IV. :)


  90. Hmm. Interesting. The diesel fuel won’t be able to be light on fire easily,
    even with HE shells, and you still get the great armor with that fantastic
    long barrel 88mm gun. Funny, Gaijin make it sound like the diesel engine
    has less rang,e but diesel engines are far more fuel efficient then
    gasoline engines, but of course, gasoline engines are far more powerful.
    But the engines are very different, so maybe their specs are weird.

  91. Operational
    Road: 170 km (110 mi)[5]
    Cross country: 120 km (75 mi)[5]

    not a few dozen

  92. is there any word on when the new update is gonna drop?

  93. i like the new tiger, but all i hear trough out this video, is *pay to win
    *pay to win

  94. ok… i will buy this one.

  95. What do you guys think about the Panzer 68, Panzer 61 and Panzer 58 for top
    German post world war II tanks? That could be really powerful against post
    world war II tanks.

  96. desiel brothers must have been givin this KT

  97. great videos baron hope you feel better man.

  98. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    can we just make it so ww2 tanks fight ONLY ww2 tanks? cold war tanks can
    fight cold war tanks. heck a rank called 1946 would be fine with me… i
    mean come on sort them by year. idc if the kv-2 and the tigers will be
    overpowered… THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY! D:

  99. Aye that’s me if i was a tank :)

  100. Pz 1000 is what is needed

  101. Historicaly T-62 was potential enemy for M60.

  102. ehhhhh I don’t know, I love the german tanks but the tigers and the
    matchmaking… fighting is-3/4’s occasionally mauses and t10’s U just feel
    fukin useless. you HAVE to flank which very often goes wrong with such a
    tank. unless I wanna stick to track and cannon shooting… maybd I just
    lost my touch (haven’t played in several months) but I see tigers being
    tossed around in alot of matches.

  103. “So let’s just call it the King Diesel…” BARON BARON, What are you
    doing?!? Not the ‘Von Diesel’??

  104. I’ll get it just to add to my collection of German tanks we need the e
    series on German line with a different version of the e100

  105. no don’t gaijin needs to fix the game

  106. Still using the mg34 I see

  107. evanatromitoszarsaz

    Who the fuck uses “tits” in a negative way?

  108. there were round 200 tiger 2 built in ww2

  109. I absolutely love how he just had to add that little snapshot of the AAA
    Sherman. LMFAO

  110. NVA T-54

  111. Ahhtaczy “Griffin And T Gaming” Gaming

    Watching him play the Tiger 2 makes me *facepalm*. When he was ambushed by
    the KV-85, he should have rotated left enough so that the KV-85’s shell
    would bounce and began to back up. Instead he drives forward and gets
    ambushed by a M18 then finished by the KV-85. All which could have been
    prevented by quick thinking. But good job Baron, I remember when that video
    came out.

  112. gasblowbackkid (aaron)

    what if the germans were able to get a captured kv2 premium tank

  113. wel nice a good tank for germens and its premium…. really ganjji. this is
    starting to bicome a p2p game in most parts nostly in hight tier. make it
    free so ppl can enjoy a game not get ther norvs of. anywey nice vid and if
    posible if u buy this tiger can u give it a speen so ppl can see it ..only
    if u buy it.sry for my ENG and nice vid agen.

  114. Why do you always play arcade I thinks it’s better to play realistic cause
    it’s more exciting watching the round wondering if it will hit and kill

  115. Did Baron try to subliminally Skink us?

  116. diesel????????

  117. hope you get to feeling better

  118. King Diesel.

    PS. Stug is considered by some historians as one of the top best tanks of

  119. Without better rounds or a better gun, a 6.7BR Tiger 2 just isn’t worth it
    to buy as a premium.

  120. we need the E line added in, E75 would be Beast!

  121. I thought German tanks used gasoline during the second world war?Did the
    germans ever produce a diesel variant of the Tiger II?

  122. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Yeah, because 20mm tracks are SOOO useful…

  123. Heinie van der Walt

    We need Swastika’s in WT and those who are against it stfu and dont be a

  124. Do you now what the price Will be for this tank?

  125. How are you doing Baron? Love the video!

  126. Premium….still gonna get one shotted. We need the Ho-18 and the Leopard
    2, so its balanced against those T-10’s and Mig-17’s

  127. You said it again XD it’s not Nash horn its nas horn and the sh in English
    isn’t the same in German, in German its sch instead of sh ;D

  128. Man…seems like 1.57 wont dissapoint us,huh?

  129. Really war thunder premium tank……Typical ……..

  130. Wait , those tigers should have electric transmissions right? It must move
    forward and backwards at the same speed.. Did gajin implement this feature

  131. get well soon Baron!!!!!!

  132. Well the King Tiger never really had a MG on the turret. If you won’t
    belive me search for one and send it to me per pm^^

  133. Track links do not provide any protection from AProunds in RL.

  134. In theory this should be less flammable too like the Russian tanks that run
    on diesel too

  135. how to get more golden eagles ty

  136. Toma Radenkovic (webhead89)

    Tiger II with the petrol engine still had better mileage than ’68 Mustang.

  137. soso the premium tiger will be a lot better then the regular one… that
    just bullshit…
    well done gaijin..

  138. We dont need premium tiger ii JUST BUY talisman on regular tiger ii …

  139. Dear BaronVonGames , I have the audacity to challenge you to a duel 3vs3 .
    If you accept challenge please add on Steam [3DPϟϟT ] Dominik_PL [ xPAWx ]
    Then we will discuss what when and how to take place.

  140. The russians had massed troups at germany’s border preparing for europian
    domination, and the spread of comunism. the germans discovered this and had
    to act fast to destroy the soviets, as the longer they had to prepare, the
    less likely europe would win a war against them.

  141. still waiting for the GW TIGER and the ARDELT WAFFENTRAGER or what
    wikipedia calls it in english the kight unit armorbearer

  142. When are they going to add the hummel can’t wait for it

  143. Still waiting for Gajin to add the TOG II.

  144. I`d call it “Samurai”

  145. Linus “Almighty” Newman

    its great that you don’t cower behind the Wehrmacht logo like everyone elsr
    does and use the real symbol of the Germans in ww2

  146. BR 7.7 prolly

  147. use the bb237

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