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  1. Everyone making French Surrender jokes until they fighting them at 7.3 :))))))

    • @The Camembert2guerre a dunkerque premierement cetais la resistance et non larmer , de plus elle na pas retenue les allemand mais seulement gagner du temps pour permette au troupe britanique de se retirer et puis cetais pas larmer au complet …. bataille de bir hakeim yavait les canadien et les anglais pour un total de 3 700 homme pour faire face au allemand et italien . ya beaucoup de connerie dans ton truc x) ou tu connait juste pas lhistoire

    • The Camembert2guerre

      @thejimyyy la résistance à Dunkerque ? Oulahhh…. et bir hakeim les anglais et canadien… mec tu à de sérieux problème tu doit avoir 14 ou 15 ans pour sortir de tel conneri.. ecoute tout est vérifiable même sur YouTube..

    • @The Camembert2guerre si tu veux respecter ton pays apprend à respecter sa langue, après si t’en a rien à faire de passer pour un collégien en retard c’est pas mon problème t’as raison… Des fautes d’inattention ça arrive mais là faut faire un effort, même pour toi

    • I have the power of the 1k like

  2. Play the Amx-13 (6.3) it has a new gun sound effect, attempt #1

  3. i want this but i know its going to get a BR increase once i buy it.

  4. Day 1 hey phly do the l3/33cc at 10.7 with the bois

  5. I swear that turret is on everything!

  6. ChernomirdinReturn

    14:20 WA WA WEE WA!

  7. Bruh that french tank looks like shit

  8. Always remember to buy this in war thunder rather than the piss poor version on WoT

  9. Maddox Chanthavong

    Hey Phly! I’m from North Carolina also!

  10. this thing 7.3 while strv 103 7.7, much more to compare but god damn it gaijin do you even look at your own game before putting random br on stuff ?

  11. those are GPU fans on the back

  12. Well deserved break my friend

  13. A-26B-50 video please

  14. Somua SM in wt: Has armour
    Wot: *no*

  15. Bartosz Piątkowski

    3:51 to hell

  16. War thunder really be running out of ideas so look at world of tanks for new content

  17. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t done a VFM 5 video yet XD. Yk, considering it’s meme like appearance and speed

  18. WT is broken! Absolutely unplayable on PS4 Pro, even after I have spent nearly $1000.00 on tanks. I suggest you run from this money pit and get you a game that you only pay for once like Generation Zero (cool game).

  19. Can someone tell me why theres 2 fans in the back of the tank?

  20. I would love to see a video where you teach us how to counter the ERBs and hunt down some of them yourself. Maybe do a colab with somebody on the topic. (They are really annoying to deal with alone.) Thank you in advance if you do so. I literally can’t play a game at 5.3 without being spawn killed by them after a few minutes.

  21. This and the video yesterday convinced me to a) buy the Somua SM package, b) buy the AVRE package (its… not the easiest tank to play, but definitely phun!) and c) finally give in and buy TIGOR ! o/

    Of course all through your link!
    Happy new year, phly!

  22. The only way to not suffer as Germany in this is to just camp and let everyone push before you

  23. سعود عبد العزيز اليزيدي

    take the hs 129 b2 30 mm cannon in air rb and destroy the ground targets

  24. Even though I don’t play War Thunder that much anymore I still enjoy watching you play it . Keep up the great work Phly.

  25. how do you spell you nickname Phly?

  26. DarkNinjaCorporation

    that reverse speed tho. yep, definitely a panther lol.

  27. That tank is awesome. Just wish I could figure out how to setup this game on my Xbox. It’s hard if you don’t have mouse and keyboard

  28. day 26 asking phly to phly the Ju 87 D-5 with the 6 20 mms

  29. Is it just me or did the French get their hands on a 3090 founder’s edition in 1945, but decided to slap it on the back of a tank instead of a pc

  30. Until when will it be on sale ?

  31. Day 27: hey Phly please take out the Aussie vehicles

  32. if they keep this piece of s.. at 7.3 then the king tigers will need to go 6.3 and 6.0.
    Again gaijin just making sure nobody wants to play geman med tier.

    • They always make new nations OP. Gaijin’s been doing that since 2015. Then a year later they nerf it, once a new nation line up comes along.

  33. I know I’m not the only one who likes that fan animation

  34. Hey Phly, how long til Mig-21 PFM video? I know one is coming because it’s a major event vehicle, but how long?

  35. French in 1945: We need tank
    French in the 50’s: We don’t have tank, but we have lot of shell

  36. Fuck! now gayjin nerfhammer it………………..

  37. this think you know is french tank when you see the baquette do mixer on the back

  38. I really dont understand how phly go straight, pass the middle of the map, see tanks that dont see him, continue, then get 3,4,5, kills and still no one takes care of him…
    Me i just try to take position but wherever i go there is someone waiting for me.
    Phly is god, GJ

  39. Day 19: play the m6 heavy tank give it some love

  40. Like your videos. Kinda wondering if you could put one out for those of us still working on it. New tank. No Mods. BR at 7 or below. Crew around 40 or lower. Just some good gameplay earning the way up the ladder. The old fashion way. LOL Some tips and tricks are always helpful. Thanks

  41. can you make a video about KV 44

  42. bad joke. French super tank, panther coming down town to C French super tank see panther here’s papa. C is mine

  43. Wow it can pen anything, has a 4 seconds reload, you cannot kill it with a turret shot, the turret bounces most shots anyway, you need to spend actual money to fucking buy it.

    Wow, starting the year off great.

  44. Its literally better than the Leo 1, at everything, at a lower BR.


  45. I don’t know how you can stand to play this game as broken as it is.

  46. Sir Percival Blakeney

    Pls end the Somua terror.

  47. This tank is so fucking braindead to play I stg

  48. Frederik Claeyssens

    3:43 I’ll help you finish that sentence. Premium. This thing is Premium. Gaijin is not that good at hiding that kind of stuff.

  49. “buy this tank so the allies will win some!” *the french immediately start betraying the allies*

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