KING OF THE HILL in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Plummps is going to King of the Hill in World of Tanks playing the Kranvagn in an epic close fight!


World of Tanks is a game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Lol, I bet the next door neighbors could hear the E100 screaming some expletive when they missed those two shots.

  2. 279 TRASH PLAYER ….

  3. GG but the aiming on the JPZ-E100 gave me cramps.

  4. 279(f) will be a version of 279(e) that u can get from lootboxes

  5. Concrete camper game, its all about luck an incompetence of enemy team than skill

  6. That 279e is literally the most stereotypical 279e player ever

  7. That 279e was right. The JgPz E100 is an utter idiot. Just rush the Kranvagn with HE loaded

  8. Ah… typical WoT winning team INTing the “losing” team until they realized that they fcked up big time.

  9. spongebob squarepanrs

    images it was an afk maus lol

  10. I’m sorry QB but obj 279 e here is salty but also 100% right lmao

  11. Why I can’t get those ****players in the red team?

  12. jgdpz e100 need a HE at all times lol

  13. Had to downvote because QB didn’t faked the engine noises.

  14. Enemies Kranvagn also did nearly 9k, nobody ist cheering for him LOL

  15. ozan koray doganay

    this game is soo boring now, that even watching replays are boring. I was playing this game for almost 7 years and don’t like it anymore

  16. Grats to plummps on his epic game , also grats to you on getting 10k gold from WG treasury to create you own awards

  17. Normally the 279e is 279f in German, (early=früh) strange why it changed in the replay.

  18. Well played, but …

    Really exceptional was the performance of the enemy team that approached the Kranvagn one by one granting it a safe reload between the attacks.

  19. i had the same game like this but was a draw 🙁

  20. your game play is cuk

  21. That guy in the 279 literally called everyone involved an idiot…

  22. Object 279 (f) is the name of the tank in the German game client. “f” is for “früh” just like “e” is for “early”. Plummps is a German player so it must be about this somehow.

  23. How did he not even get 2k XP with all these medals, Whuut?! Even in a Skoda T56 with just 7k damage I got 2k base xp, i dont get it lol. Anyways, brilliant to see QB covering other tankers on his channel!

  24. the one that everybody wants!!! 🙂 this craks me up every time

  25. That 279e is such a salty boy

  26. I think it would be pretty cool to have a soundpack but it’s just quickybaby making tank noises.

  27. yo QB, did you notice he did the Kolobanov’s also on 19th of August, aka the date on which in 1941 colonel Zinoviy Kolobanov had his famous last stand? so this was a proper Kolobanov’s imho 😀

  28. World of tanks is a slow game? With matches that last 8-9 minutes on average?
    Yeah, no.

  29. Retropaintball clips

    7 bonds???? Wtf!!

  30. You can’t imagine the anxiety it gave me to see this guy sit right in the line of fire of 2 artillery, with only 200hp left for like 5min straight

  31. 7:05 wait….. did he just say he’s not the best player in the world? 😮

  32. but obviously 279 is crying ,that how much he kranvagn paid for these “‘idiots” to farm them XD typical 279e kid player, if hes not the one farming dmg, teammates is bastards right

  33. That obi. Is a czech, sadly czech players in this games are utter muppets.. explains his arrogant behaviout in chat

  34. How many times can you say “plummps”?

  35. Grand Admiral Raeder

    holy. shit.

  36. i dont understand why the jagdpanzer e100 didnt just “rush” the hill. especially after the standard b suicided. kranvagn needs two full reloads worth of pens to kill the e100 from full life. thats plenty time to get in a position that doesnt suck as much.

  37. so its
    279 (e) = early
    and in germany is
    279 (f)= früh
    very akward

  38. Jealous Obj 279e player in the chat lol


  40. Saronkddn06 [D_EDS

    Obj. 279 e is the englisch translation vor early.. and f is the german translation for früh

  41. Re: Changing of the tank name

    Plumps seems to be a German player judged by the name. In the German client the 279e (e=early) is called 279f (f=früh=early).

    So it seems the replay gets confused with the tank names of the watching client (English) and the names of the replay client (German).

  42. One of the best results, yes, but definitely not one of the best games.

  43. That JP was the best example of a gold noob. He doesnt know how to use the different ammo types in different situations

  44. That was amazing

  45. He said it! “The one that everyone wants!” Love it!

  46. Did qb just say kranvagn is a tank destroyer? 😂👌

  47. Obj. 279(e) malding hard in the chat. Cry more, you tryhard baby, lmao.

  48. the one that everyone wants will never get old

  49. @QuickyBaby 279 e stands for early. Plummps is swiss so likely his client is in german and the german word for early ist ‘früh’ so on the german client the tank is called Obj. 279 (f). Probably the replay mananger is confused with the different name versions of your replay manager and his replay

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