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  1. dat into is way too funny

  2. The hell lol ram them!!!!!!

  3. HAVE a great Sunday guys & Easter if you celebrate. ALSO VOLUME WARNING.

  4. Third

  5. I watched that stream

  6. already watched this in the stream :(

  7. Puppy Monkey Baby

  8. i was their

  9. I was going to make a joke about salt then I was like Na.

  10. The Dankest Scrub On Youtube

    I was in the stream

  11. 22th

  12. I was in this one woooo!

  13. If only I could participate in these :(

  14. Tank jousting next??

  15. me at 16:08

  16. Careful, Tank pron in the video

  17. Happy Easter phly

  18. hey phly, good morning :)

  19. whoop whoop

  20. I was watching the stream when this happened and phlys face was so red it
    looked like he was choking xD

  21. phly how do we now if you are doing custom battle on warthunder

  22. Why do you remove the Phlycam always in these highlight videos?
    Your reactions were reallly funny you might wanna keep the cam.

  23. No PE-8 500KG Bombs on bridge or is it overkill?

  24. The Turk maus screwed up badly because he drove with the butt in the front

  25. DAT 30-50 FPS !!!!!

  26. I comment for no other reason than wasting 3 secs of ur life reading my username

    So funny ;D

  27. Allah Allah

  28. Phly what your user in war thunder

  29. tank gangbang?;)

  30. U guys should make plane formations or use smoke to write words.

  31. Who’s hyped for April fools?

  32. Naval frontline NFL

    lol that looked fun

  33. ….if only the b29 had loaded the 8*2k bombs

  34. WeBe was in the video too

  35. “No shooting!” *machine guns intensifies*

  36. That’s art

  37. It’s like the scene from
    300 when the Spartans push the Persians off the cliff.

  38. First push starts at 8:00 btw

  39. Spartans versus Persians. Earn these shields boys, PUSH !

  40. Phly why don’t you play with baron anymore?

  41. this reminds me of pink Floyd: another brick in the wall. just that it’s
    tanks not students

  42. how can I play with you

  43. Need more world of warships didn’t like this

  44. I like that tank,it s so cool

  45. xDarkFlames957x x-x

    how do you get that Eagle title? :)

  46. 11:33 That Ferdinand was like “You shall not pass!” xD

  47. Die Kanone (Kannonenfutter1)

    The “all” funktion doesn’t work in costum battles #WTbugfree

  48. It’s like that one map in world of tanks all over again.

  49. 7:59 let me save some time who’s impatient

  50. Hotel Wifi vs Youtube

  51. I have an challenge for you: (only 3th person view)
    1.Start a test mission set the time on night and the conditions on blind out an heavy bomber (I tried the stirling mk III)
    3. do alt+z
    4. bomb something
    5.try to land!

  52. I dont think even the Spartians had such a glorious topple!

  53. I would love to be in one of those custom battles. do you get in via the

  54. That second battle was literally Girls und Panzer

  55. CaptainCaptainZach

    Happy Easter phly

  56. Phly, this stream was great! First of all, I was there! But…. 1000+
    viewers! Are you kidding me?!?

  57. Tog II should fit that bridge

  58. Tortoise ain’t got time for yo bombs

  59. Now a TOG could bridge that. Come on gaijin make it happen!

  60. The tortoise beats the mouse.

  61. Иосиф Steelin

    try to do something like that and then tell everyone to use their artillery
    support, i want to see a REAL artillery barrage! maybe against SPAAs

  62. Anyone know if war thunder will add japanese tanks…

  63. You just won internet gaming with this video. I hurt from laughing. Well

  64. My first thought when i saw all those tanks humping each other across a
    bridge was, “When did Phly join the Terran Republic?”

  65. Hey phly could you please fly out the P-51 mustang with the 4 Hispanic
    because or baron haven’t flown it out yet.(love your vids btw)

  66. I really want to be in one of these

  67. Miguel Pizzaia Crauzer

    IS-2 and p-51 Mustang tank destróier

  68. I wonder who that was that “Accidentally” ramped underneath you ;)

  69. I watched this stream XD

  70. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    impossible challenge: get atleast 3 tank kills with a pbj 75mm cannon.

  71. Gespensterdivision

    It seems fly dosent know that twitch has a 45 sec stream delay :P

  72. Who’s that Scottish fellow?

  73. the Maus on top of the Maus remind of girls und Pazner

  74. I made it into a vid by subcribing. Close enough. Notice me Phly senpai ;_;

  75. upload wings of prey again plz?

  76. Phly, pls fly out the Sea Venom FAW.20

  77. I Don't Understand Math

    XDXDXD OMG Phly this was amazing MOREE!!!

  78. Challenge: play with one of your friends and play with two Leopards but you
    have to have the tow rope attached at all times

  79. Welp, Plhy got a copyright strike for his KSP video playing interstellar
    music that just came out, RIP

  80. Was a really good stream

  81. tank gangbang :D

  82. you should do the exact same, but have the 5000kg bomb and whoever survive
    loses, so you would be pushing eachother to die

  83. u need a PE-8 :3

  84. Phly, you and all your friends should do a Doom Turtle vs Tortoise battle.

  85. Skipperino the Phlyerino: 7:50

  86. New Challenge I thought of. Rocket tanks vs PO-2
    The ultimate battle.

  87. Slippery™ Sandals™

    YO! Do the Jumbo with the 75!!!!

  88. +phlydaily could you do more armoured cars as my dad drives them and i
    wanna see how good they are.

  89. Challenge: attach to a tank, and the, make it drive off the bridge, and try
    to lift its up, again.

  90. Ive got an idea for you phly, Bring the most amount of tanks you can in a
    match and tell them to do a very tight cluster. Once you got that done tell
    everyone to call in artillery on their spot. See who’s the last tank

  91. I always thought that the original “Phly Crew” was awesome, it always
    brought fun videos be it costum matches or simple gameplay
    glad to see Phly playing with Jack again, it would be great of others would
    also “comeback” since I think Phlys older videos were much better than
    those made in the last year

    in fact we can see how his subscribers grew in last few months after he
    left the “powerhouse”, wich had been stable when he played with Baron

  92. Love this video. +1 like

  93. I approve of this son.

  94. what happened to the ksp video? it went down really quick and hasn’t come

  95. Best video ever…..

  96. I spy WeBe lol

    Get down the I153 on a TB3
    DO IT!

  98. m6a1 has more horsepower than the tortoise and t95. It is second only to
    maus with its 1000+ horse power

  99. After the German, British, and american armys ran out of ammo, the
    following events occured

  100. u r crazy

  101. Lmao this was great

  102. i laughed so hard at the kugelblitz in the beginning

  103. 8:34 Look at the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F2 LOL

  104. best. video. EVAH


  106. Seba was the most front guy, you form a line on him. Phly you were the
    closest to the right side of the bridge- you take the right side and not
    the middle.
    Gee what an unorganized bunch of derptards with toptard leading the way

  107. Liviothan_ productions

    I remember watching this from the stream and I still laugh so much

  108. This is the greatest thing I have seen! This needs to be done again!

  109. And that is how tectonic plates work

  110. 17:00 lol, did JackScott just reference Girls und Panzer? Was feeling the
    same XD

  111. +PhlyDaily do it again with T-35 or the SMK!!! The Soviets again have the
    bridge tanks!!!

  112. Phly how do I get in a Custom Battle with you?

  113. Reminds me of that Girls Und Panzer scene

  114. GODDAMIT i thought as i saw the twitch notification: what will i even miss
    if i don’t watch this ^^


  115. Omg I loved that =DD

  116. Brother Ptolemaios

    should have been a pe 8

  117. Jack at the end: ‘I love the tore-toys’ lmao

  118. COL. Sanders misses the E-100!

  119. PLEASE!

  120. The Anonimous_User

    It’s like a pe-8 comes in with 5000 kg and gets 31 kills!

  121. sorry phly i really dont like videos like this i love your channel bust
    most of all i like the informative aspect of the videos not when your
    messing around like this :(

  122. it was in your live, right

  123. 16:50 its webe vs phly

  124. 17:00 that T.V show is girls und panzer when the hetzer goes under the maus

  125. Doesn’t everybody love the messerschmeet 163???

  126. i ferdinand :(lol

  127. Hey Phly, I was on dev server and I was able to do the tricolour smoke, I
    updated on my other computer and I can’t find tricolour, where is it?

  128. See this is where the TOG ll would be useful, Bridge assaulting:)

  129. Need to do event, where everybody needs to try to kill the Maus, with Tier
    1-2(3 depending on tank gun ex Hetzer) tanks.

  130. Kieler Christophersen (kbond)

    lol this stream was AWESOME!

  131. like herding retarded cats

  132. 17:00 jack reference girls und panzers

  133. Should do tug of war on the bridge with the toe cables!

  134. did you know WeBe was in your game

  135. Since I’ve been getting more into this game, I want to get a premium plane
    for the British line. Should I go with the D.520 bundle or spend a little
    more and get the Typhoon Mk 1b bundle?

  136. Hey Phly!!! You should show case the new Sea Venom!!!!

  137. Should’ve used the pe8 with the 5000kg.

  138. Hi…lar…I…ous!!!

  139. phly just asking any tips for new fighter pilots

  140. Nikolai Bukhtiyaov

    what’s the name of phly’s twitch channel?

  141. abraham gonzalez duran

    dont u love listening to jacks voice?

  142. Seba XD

  143. 16:30 where is my PE 8?
    (Soviet Russia does care about ff)


  145. “Give them nothing but take from them everything ” lol

  146. +PhlyDaily The total tonnage is approximately 1649.8 tonnes according to
    the amount of tanks dead or alive XD. Good video and any objectives? XD
    Thus, I find no reason for War Thunder not creating the historical P1000
    rattle XD. The total weight on the bridge is far more than that and if it
    didn’t make it into the game, maby its a great topic for April fools, what
    you think? (P.S. when is the next game? May I join?I have two Top tier T54
    fully researched and waiting fr yours order XD.) ^__^

  147. i love to see how those people work togheter. it gives me hope in this game

  148. Do you need a special permission to upload war thunder videos?

  149. 8:31 don’t look kids

  150. fireball262 gaming

    Do you want to play together if I had I dream it would to play warthunder
    with u if we could I have a head set and mic my username is

  151. play wiht the (me 262 and tiger 2 sla. 16) plz

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