King of the Sea

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome to what was only supposed to be the first ten minutes of Mingles with Jingles but quickly grew to epic proportions. Don’t worry, Mingles will be here tomorrow but this turned out to be too amusing to not use.



  1. *I am sorry Jingles but life on Mondays without Mingles is like a meal with nothing but a plate, a knife, fork but no food! All work and no play makes Jack (that’s me!) a dull boy!!! Don’t you EVER do this again.Traditions matter!!*

  2. MajesticDemonLord

    Are the entirety of the KoTS matches with you and Flamu going to be posted? For those of us that don’t twitch?

  3. Ignored Advice Productions

    …Who’s crysatos.

  4. I think he was tapping, “I like the nightlife. I’ve got to boogie.”

  5. Roger Whittaker is losing his hair in the middle there!

  6. You look like there’s a full pair of pants there in the intro, Jingles.  🙂

  7. Jingles, you look so small compared to your bookends. nice try to increase your height 1st by tucking your leg under you, then getting your cushy high chair. still not enough

  8. Damn…….. No Mingles with Jingles…….. What to do with my preztels?

  9. Priority one
    Insure return of organism
    For analysis
    All other considerations secondary
    Jingles expendable…

    What? WTF? “Jingles expendable”? NO WAY!!!
    “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that!!!”

  10. its nice to see the guys who get my money but money well spent great game only wish would be to make the sea more realistic maybe choppy waters waves etc that plays a effect on how the game is played

  11. OK, you heard them, 2 million subs and we get Jingles in-game as a captain. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

  12. I’m enjoying this, although I have to be honest and say it is slightly strange seeing Jingles face! Tis good though

  13. “What did we just watch?” XD loved it.

  14. How short is flamu? I mean he cant be shorter than your relationships, jingles. Right?:D

  15. But where are the memes! ? 🙂

  16. casting couch at the end….ahahaha

  17. Come on WG give us a Jingles as a British captain

  18. I love that picture of an Alien, Jingles and Boo. Boo looking at the Alien like I’ll wreck your shit XD

  19. Look.. two North Koreans and a German.. what could possibly go wrong 😛 😉
    #GoodLuckInNorthKoreaOnThames #FreeTommyRobinson

  20. you let out Flamu’s secret

  21. soooo jingles how do you feel about the luchs of world of warships ? the MIGHTY KATORI the T3 GODSLAYER !


  23. Jingles dancing gif is perfect for when someone shows broadside to a battleship xD

  24. I’ve fought with and against SMILE in randoms. This is interesting to see them in a competition.

  25. who farted first?

  26. Knew a man…Bo Jingles and…he’ll dance for you…on a worn out KV2 #Meme

  27. Two million youtube suscribers? Did I hear that right?

  28. The set is supposed to look like the interior of a warship. . . Since when was there anywhere near that amount of free floor (deck, actually) space in an actual warship?

  29. Who is Rosa?

  30. Intescy Avenger

    You should have taken your British flag with you, claimed the everything and everyone for the Queen and England

  31. Jonathan Soholt

    Wtf is the chat ingame

  32. @18:35 for Jingles saying Kancolle Quotes


  34. It started alright, then it became five guys drunk on Russian Vodka.

  35. _Panzer_V 『PDE』

    Dang I’m starting to think the guy on the left and Crysantos are the same person…

  36. General Gao's Chicken

    Boo lives

  37. Wargaming charges $50 plus for a premium tank and they can’t provide a proper desk and chairs….Come on Man!

  38. Please 23:00 at quarter lower speed and enjoy.

  39. Pope Flamu I, Blessed Be His RNG.

  40. #NobodyCaresWhoCrysantosIs!

  41. Edmunds demonds

    Thankyou jingles this was one of my favourite videos in ages

  42. Hey at least Twitch pulled through on their job to make the gif..

  43. Wargaming really scaled back their chair budget….

  44. What’s a weeb?

  45. WoozyAlmond 176

    Oi…tell em to luanch world of warships on xbox!

  46. 6:00 holy shit Jingles xD

  47. That Gearing in the last battle pulled a Notser :PPPPPP

  48. therandomnessisreal

    And did they make the Jingles.gif already? 😀

  49. therandomnessisreal

    SMILE’s team chat at 20:38 xD

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