KING TIGER KILLER – Sherman POWER (War Thunder Tanks)

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TIGER KILLER – Sherman POWER (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. gokouと変態おじさん!!


  2. if only War Thunder RB battles are like this, I would play War Thunder
    always like I used to

  3. Haha and whenever I try to use the Sherman, I’m one-shotted by some dick in
    a Tiger/T-34 from across the map through several buildings and wreckages.

  4. Take out the T92 (8th Try)

  5. I have a question how much does YouTube start you off at when you hit
    30,000 subscribers I started my own YouTube channel and I was wondering how
    much do they start you off at

  6. that first battle was awesome, love the new mode

  7. Moist warm democracy is the best! Cold hard rough communism in bad

  8. Only improved your armor angling please it burns

  9. WOw! Now they know how my avrage round gos playing americans!

  10. it was like the film fury phly. Btw good vid.

  11. I really hope they don’t make this the regular system. It’s cool for
    historical events, and the way that it enforces teamwork and prevents
    vehicle spamming is great, but I think regular RB should stay allowing you
    to chose what you spawn, because I think that’s a pretty big and important
    dynamic of the game.

  12. Since you did the Premium version, Try the Fw190 D9
    PS: you did play it like 2 years ago in sim.

  13. Holy Cow, this is the most action packed sherman gameplay i’ve saw in a
    long time! Amazing!

  14. How do I get into this mode?

  15. your voice is a little too low. harder to hear it without full volume

  16. M10 GMC and SBD divebomber please

  17. 16:50 “I think i have an enemy tank very close” King tiger down the street

  18. guys how do you get many golden eagles

  19. 03:04 watching panthers gliding by gave me chills. imagined what allied
    crews would’ve felt

  20. Lol good job, almost like I am watching war thunder version of Fury

  21. Phly, why you have so much ammo? You get ammo racked much easier that way!

  22. That’s one of the most intense tank battles I’ve watched yet. Awesome shit

  23. Who play War Thunder?

  24. shermans in this game are good when u play them with other people

  25. The teacup and the teapot combo(attempt 6):
    The fierce crusader mk 3 and the slow but deadly Wellington (the first one)
    and if you don’t like the welli bring out the fast typhoon with bombs.

    Bring the British to victory!!!

  26. I swear M4A2 with that track is giving me a mad trying to kill it with
    russian F34 gun -_-

  27. Holy fuck phlys such a kike

  28. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    Phly I had my headphones on watching this and my boyfriend in the next room
    over came in and said “someone killed a king tiger..”

  29. m4a3e2 is op

  30. YES!!

  31. that was swee

  32. that was swee

  33. Ярослав Зябликов

    это наша игра…

  34. phlydailyfan yeah

    We need MOAR war thunder !

  35. Самый лучший борец с Тиграми-это M22 Locust!

  36. phly, devil and baron could get confusing…their voices are quite
    alike…Phly, convince Baron to play with you n Devil…you 3 would make
    for intense play

  37. હેहै ð霊ತಿಳಿತ್ತೇನೆ

    what is that wraping around the front of the tank barrel on the sherman?

  38. кирилл иванов

    Мало динамики!! Жаль, что мы, не можем сыграть вместе, я бы вам показал
    Привет из России!!!!

  39. Please do more vidoes with devil, please

  40. KING TIGER KILLER —— 1 kill .. anyway nice video ;)

  41. What?SL to pull out a tank,how long was it like that?

  42. At first I thought that guy was Baron and I was happy for a second, but

  43. 5:17 Not as good as the Panther? The Panther has pretty bad turret
    rotation, especially the D variant

  44. I love how Phly just goes full army mode in combat. (Push on Alpha, that
    kind of stuff ^^)

  45. next challenge: kill your self challenge with se brümmbar

  46. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    Anyone else STARING at the tank on the left at 17 minutes?

  47. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    Phly play the Strv 81 FOR SWEDISH BIAS, and you get to use the anti tank
    guided meatballs ;)

  48. ‫אביב גנון‬‎

    one of your best videos phly.

  49. Bt7 Tokyo drift

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