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Source: OddBawZ

The Tiger II 105mm in War Thunder is a that didn’t exist. This tank has since been removed but still exists those who earned it.

The King Tiger is infamously good in War Thunder. One thing I think most of us has never complained about is its lack of firepower with the Long 88! However, there were plans to add a 105mm cannon and here is War Thunders version of that!

The 105mm King Tiger not only has a bigger cannon, it also features a 900hp engine which is 200hp more than the standard Tiger 2! It also has a range finder which is an excellent tool dealing with pesky long range opponents.

Overall, the King Tiger is an amazing vehicle so why wouldn’t adding a bigger gun make it better? Well… 🙂

INTRO (00:00)
THE LONG ONE (01:47)
GAME 1 – GOING A NUKE (04:05)
OUTRO (40:00)



  2. My favorite Tiger II is the Sla.16! A little more horse power then your normal Tiger II and much cheaper repair cost.

  3. Corellian_Smuggler 1138

    That comet in your second game was an absolute fucking joke. WHAT.

  4. Hey I am thinking about switching to War Thunder from WOTC, I was looking for a premium tank thats good at low tiers to help learn the game and maybe with the in-game currency.

  5. The range finder is such a huge advantage at this BR.

  6. Jed Johnstone-Law

    5:45 on it like a car bonnet

  7. I like it, but the repair cost is just ridiculous.

  8. I WANT IT AND I NEED IT!!!!!!!!

  9. Does anyone know if or when the tiger 10.5 or Maus are coming back?

  10. They removed the cannon, and now his name is caitlin.

  11. Dude, the music in the intro was making me bite my nails!!

  12. 16:10 man… they’ve been as bad if not worse for a long time.

  13. I remember getting the 105 when they had the old useless round that literally couldn’t pen anything as the default. Man the grind was painful til you got the second round which is now the standard.

    Even the over penetrating solid shot was useless beyond sniping singular crew members.

    Huge cheeks, angular armor was useless against CHEATFS (before it was nerfed), 10+ second reload even with max crew…

    But yeah, if you penetrate with a round nothing survives unless its that Swedish STRV or whatever with the engine in the front.

  14. Odd your Bawsome 🙂

  15. damn too bad they removed my tank i paid $60 dollars for. i wonder if they plan on giving refunds to all the people who spent hard earned money on something just for them to take it away

  16. We need titles because of this #sockinsidemouth accent…

  17. I noted players with tiger 105 or panther 2 are usually most of them quite good. Coz maybe they started playing earlier?

  18. Compensating for something odd;p

  19. “Been spending most our lives living in a wereboo’s paradise”

  20. Can you take put the p47N its now 4.7

  21. where is the keybinding to adjust the distance like you do in the gun view? I still manually lift the barrel.

  22. gErMANy sUFfers

  23. What the name of the song at the start?

  24. imagine this thing is nearly same BR as jumbo with 76mm 😀 hilarious.

    • xxXHentaiQueenXxx

      Mostly if you play with 6.7 its 7.3-7.7 matches. This game puts you always up tier.

      Next time you feel bad that jumbo faces tiger 2’s remember that both tiger 2 H and 10,5 faces cold war vehicles more often than tanks it should face.

  25. Gaijin gave nearly all german ww2 tanks AA mg which they nearly NEVER used irl. But Gaijin cant give Sherman nade smokes which used irl for the whole war. Makes you think about bias and big three really.

  26. “removed for not being historically accurate” HAHAHA what a joke, since when has gaijin been worried about historic accuracy when theres a 1980s italian car playing with 1940s ww2 tanks?

  27. I enjoyed that fast paced hangar section of the intro, quickly get the facts accross and hop into the games without spending too long talking about it

  28. Completely forgot I had the 105. Its so OP.

  29. Great video sir. Thank you for an amazing night of joy. 07 and <3

  30. It’s pretty awesome, but things like this that weren’t built and are more of an imagining of what it would be shouldn’t be in realistic or sim battles. They should just be restricted to arcade and custom battles.

  31. Fw 190 gameplay when


    I got a triple ace in the Tiger II 105 once before, might have actually done it more than once, but man, when its good, ITS GOOD. Haven’t played that beast in forever though, but I spaded it quite quickly when I first got it.

  33. i wonder if i should start wearing headphones while playing this game so i can actually hear engines

  34. xxXHentaiQueenXxx

    My favorite tank to loose money since the tank repair costs are so stupidly high (even funnier is that my tiger 2 H has higher costs that 10,5 at the moment)

    Also getting bullied by cas, since players doesnt want to 1v1 me in tank combat…

  35. Love the Dawn of War music!

  36. Robert matzenauer

    i have all of the removed german vehicles and i like them all but i literally never play them thanks to the awful repair cost….

  37. what a banger. Literally

  38. how do you get the bearings at the top of the bar? I only get them when scoped in and I’d like a way to put them at the top permanently so I dont gotta scope in every time

  39. If you had killed that t34 you would have gotten it 🥺

  40. Hot take: since the tiger 105, panther 2 are no longer unlockable tanks, I feel like those of us that have them should’ve atleast get an rp or sl boost….if we already do than maybe I’m just behind on my knowledge. Haven’t played in a long time

  41. Can you make another video about this tank? I started to play way to late so I could unlock it, it’s so amazing

  42. You may not enjoy that tank, but we enjoyed seeing you play it.

  43. Never even got the notification for this video. Kinda annoyed by that really.

  44. We neeed, nay demand a Oddbawz Phyldaily one on one tank dual

  45. I’m just gonna say 150mm front plate cannon that can pen 250 plus mm of armour penetration and is at 6.7, Canarvon has 127mm front plate has 285mm of penetration and is at 7.3. Why?

    This is just my opinion that the Canarvon should be at 6.7 not 7.3, but tell me what you think!

  46. I have to admit that 75% of the time I do not even see the target you fire at untill you kill it….. I don’t know how you guys do it, LOL!

  47. “Grinded before removed”? Last time I checked, the tiger II 105 was a dirty pay to win bias c*nt-mobile

  48. I have me one as a back up
    I only pull it out when shit gets thick
    I use the Sal.16 as my main I prefer the 88
    Because the reload time is shorter
    Even at MAX crew MAX PARTS 1.05 is twice as long as my 88
    Max crew

  49. God this intro music sounds familiar but I can’t pin where it comes from!

  50. Why they dont make that a 7.0 premium tank?? There is many non historical tanks in game and they are not been taken out. Same to Panther II!

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