King Tiger on the Prowl in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. King Tiger is one of the reasons I started playing World of Tanks – let’s see on prowl!


World of Tanks is a 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I think I will switch to war thunder… all matches fell fake as shit… one time I can’t penetrate nobody, even light tanks from behind at straight angle, and the other game I put one straight trough heavy’s upper plate at angle that should’ve bounced. I hope they stop doing this shit just because they want premium players to feel like gods.

  2. Its not acctually american.. it was captured not american.. it has history videos..

  3. I think the Tiger 1 should go to tier 6 and the King tiger should be tier 7 (like the prem). They could introduce a Tiger II (H) at tier 8 and buff the E75 a little. Would really improve the German Heavy line.

  4. i wonder when QB is going to learn how to spell out APCR correctly…

  5. Yep, the Zimmerit paste was to protect the Tiger II from magnetic mines that the Nazis thought would be a threat in the future. QuickyBaby, more like HistoryBaby! ??

    I’ll leave. ?

  6. Hey QB, 10.6k combined, like a hulk in TS-5. Thanks.

  7. This is not DeJe Deda, its serbian movie replica ” ‘de je Deda?” Witch translates to “Where’s Grandpa?” From the movie “Frozen Stiff” or on Serbian “Mrtav ‘ladan”. Sorry if its the duplicate comment 🙂

  8. Quacky Baby feature the Fv4005 please their games are fun.

    Like this comment so he can see it and if you support this idea.

  9. Interesting Historical fact, Zimmerit was put on German tanks to prevent magnetic mines sticking to them, but the Wehrmacht was the only army who used magnetic mines throughout the war.

  10. Hey liking your vids. Anyone Ever play against this guy? He plays with tiger 1

  11. thought this was going to be a real king tiger game guess not

  12. 4:40 Quickybaby still can’t pronounce “subsequent”

  13. IF Twitch takes the King tiger away , what use is my twitch prime account ? Unless they replace it with more ” Stuff ” As im only a member of Twitch for the rentals , the King Tiger and the free commander every month etc . Jack ryan on prime is a good mini series but ive finished watching both series (1-2) of i think 8 episodes each , apart from that the viewing choice on prime is dismal . Not worth it .

  14. PC Mehetmed Armitige

    Everyone use he bcos at least a few shots will do some Damage and have a chance to destroy modules, rather then bouncing and letting you go round full hp

  15. I hate how Tiger has full hull sized engine hitbox. Would be nice to have that on Ruski tank for once

  16. That Panther was the real hero here with his skills

  17. I was going for panther

  18. Wtf is so wrong with wargaming… So, lot of players have been asking for a King Tiger tier 7 with its standard 88 and wargaming went ahead and put it on the fucking American tech tree??? Fu wargaming

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    QB featuring the King Tiger…a meteorite must be approaching the planet. They day we’ll see a good Tiger 2 replay is getting closer.

  20. I click this video because I saw german tank XD

  21. I don’t like it becous when I play a tier 5 tank like my amx elc bis end I can’t pen him ;-; when I play with my KV-2 I only deal 200 splash end then I am stuck with the slow reload :/

  22. Fake gameplay, no M44 statpadder ruining his first top tier game in 45 minutes

  23. Sorry QuickyBaby but at the start of the match if you load into game and don’t move your gun will move straight down to max depression. If you are not loaded in when match starts the gun will remain at +/-0 degrees.

  24. MRTAV LADAN! HAHAHAH, ‘De je deda!

  25. The hell with amazon/twitch prime,got like 11 months,paid every month,claimed everything inlc. King Tiger,but this month my tank is gone,crew inside barracks,other things also recieved,but tank is gone. Don’t tell me about rentall on/of or unlink/link you’re account,nothing works,wait for next month,otherwise bye,bye all prime crap.

  26. I had a crazy full tier X game and tagged you in wotreplay but you rather choose a FAKE king tiger versus lower tiers…

  27. Tier 7 premiums are pretty useless. Can’t be used in strongholds, frontline, or any other mode other than pubs.

  28. The King Tiger is one of the more balanced premium tanks I love the tank i think despite the t8 armour it has its weak sports the gun is pretty cool for t7 but the mobility is meh. You can easily take these out if you out play them. Its a fun tank and im glad i have my twitch prime. Hope i keep it.

  29. Speaking of tech tree showcasings

    Have you ever done an arty tech tree showcase??

    That would be helarious ???

  30. Martin Vom Sozialamt

    Kudos to the Panther from H3lp 😀 you did well my friend
    -Exec from h3lp

  31. Tiger 1, make it tier 6 with the gun it actually had, make the tiger 2 tier 7 with the gun it actually had ( long 88). And then hey, look at that, doesn’t sound crazy to me, the only reason those tanks are at their tier is because they have guns they never had -.-

  32. Well, a nice game, but the fight against the panther… ouuuuh, that was a reaaaally bad play, lucky that he didnt died there.

  33. Other than the M44 and the Panther the enemies were not good in any sense so I’m not sure if this KT was over powered or if the enemy team was just muppets? Both? I don’t know. Not impressed by this battle.

  34. Really? After ten damn years of making bank off tanks you STILL don’t know how to pronounce “Zimmerit”??? Have you REALLY NEVER read a book about tanks, or tank warfare, or ever WATCHED A GODDAMNED DOCUMENTARY OF ANY KIND???? It’s not “Zimmer-ite” you muppet.

  35. “is the King Tiger an example of a vehicle which has been toned down?”

    Well, they’ve already “toned down” the regular Tiger II into nearly complete uselessness, so a version of that, with even MORE nerfs should certainly qualify!

  36. How do you stop the barrel from aiming down while shooting over a ridge line? I don’t understand why the game dose this.

  37. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    This guy is honestly bad. He got lucky

    He should of went forward at the end. He had near full hp and he’s trying to snipe a hull down panther, come on. Get up in his face and win the bloody game.

  38. This was literally all luck. No skill…

  39. Justin justintheman

    They selling skins now the panther 2 and E50 and E50m has skins you can buy in premium shop

  40. Yeah I love the King Tiger, I love owning them in my t29.

  41. pay2win bs
    The only tier 8 heavy that would not be op if brought to tier 7 would be the 50 100 lol

  42. Tiger vs panther fight was so cringey

  43. That Panther fight shows you just how quickly RNG can throw out a game.

  44. More luck than skill, this game. Enemies firing he instead of gold, or just looking the other way… That doesn’t happen too often in this game, does it?

  45. Why didnt he go unspotted and then go behind the O-I? Would have been way easier I think… And safer maybe.

  46. That Leo made me sad. It’s my favourite tank and he could have taken the tiger out or at least fought it better.

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  48. Филип Стефанов

    10:14 in the chat “bravo majstore” 😀

  49. King Tiger will be in Christmas the boxes

  50. idiot in tiger

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