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The king tiger!
Upload your here: !


  1. isn´t King Tiger the Tiger II ?


  3. A Circ pfft carries so much weight

  4. Oh Circon that’s not a King Tiger is a Tiger 1

  5. silly circon, tiger 2 was the king tiger

  6. Apparently all the famous Dutch streamers are colorblind.

  7. The tiger was my first 3rd mark, such an enjoyable tank. And so underrated because a lot of new players go for the tiger and do badly in it.

  8. Bush Wookiee, that’s something I’ve not heard since the Bad Company 2 forum days about how sniper class whine topics.

  9. When you carry this hard, you can call your tank whatever you want

  10. Confusing title, and me personally I am a bit disappoitned that it was not the King Tiger (=Tiger II). But nevertheless, nice round

  11. “Do you remember…?”
    The face priceless, good meme.
    🙂 you lightend my day again thx Circonflexes

  12. Guys you are aware the title is a joke right? A meme if you will. He means the Tiger is KING!
    Nope? Still don’t get it? Nothing more i can do for you then.

  13. Ass or tits?

  14. Should play the Tiger II next and prove them Russian Heavies wrong

  15. and where is the king tiger?

  16. You’d think the enemy team would learn by now…………..
    When Circon’s around, ghost HIM first, THEN go after anyone else………….

  17. at 3:10 he turned into the pillsbury doughboy

  18. SO…you’re the bastard making 3 marking my Tiger difficult

  19. 4:19 “Motherfucked suck my dick”
    So (technically) you either want a dude or a lesbian to suck your dick? 😛

  20. Three marked it few days ago!

  21. Tiger I is love, Tiger I is life

  22. Controversial opinion inbound: The Tiger I doesn’t deserve the legend it has. It had as many technical issues as the Boston Strangler had personality problems. It gained the legend by facing tanks that were no match for it, but ultimately lost because those tanks were easy to mass produce and the Tiger was anything but. The Tiger was innovative (which was one of its main problems; too many innovations in one weapon system), but not legendary.


  24. 1 million free exp! I think my heart just shattered

  25. Can you make a account on NA and play whit Claus kellerman?

  26. Top notch history lesson from Prof. Circon.

  27. King tiger is Tiger II actually.

  28. Monti_63, the real MVP.

  29. Oh shit, we got a badass over here….

  30. 1:31 Circon yells “traffic”….ummm, well, that’s what happens when you join the lemming train…duh!

  31. Iam glad that i 3 marked the Tiger already… Whit Circon now grinding it, it will be harder 😉

  32. yeah that was crazy… What’s your next challenge?? turning the m3 lee in a tiger?

  33. I saw the twitch chat and was thinking, “WTF are they talking about? The Tiger is great.” So many people cannot adapt to a tank’s play style.

    The Tiger was my second tank I three-marked, without even trying. Maybe it’s because so many people go for it as their first goal in the game, suck at it, and thus make getting a decent game look like an ultra carry.

  34. I call hacks. Nobody from your team went to the beach. Impossibru!

  35. Circon is the only person alive who can bully tier IXs in a Tiger.

  36. Circon hitting him with that 402thunder busy Wookiee lol

  37. wait what? wheres the vid of playing arty with his head?

  38. I remember giving Circ, the crazy diamond in my eyes over atleast 300 squids. Those were the days. Luv that guy. Women ruin everything 😉

  39. 3 mark the tiger 2

  40. Watching all those heavies bunch up and being a nuisance to each other is just plain painful.

  41. Oh God, the AT-2. I finished that tank in, like, 10 games. On one of the games I sat right in front of a KV-3 and farmed him for over 1000 damage.

  42. Says “read your history books”, but he doesn’t know the difference between the king tiger and tiger…

  43. You’re going to have a lot of fun 3-marking this tank. I have 3 marks on mine and it’s an insane DPM machine.

  44. One day, I too hope to play this effortlessly, and own lol.

  45. tiger owns t54, we cant have that, IVAN TIME TO BUFF T-54 BYLET

  46. Circon, 3 mark the Type 58

  47. To people in chat: 17pdr on BP is fine, but it needs RoF upgrade to like 14-15 and top speed raised to 30

  48. Suck my dick 😀

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