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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Meet Major Update “Kings of Battle”: https://wt.link/kings_of_battle

In this update, 3 formidable aircraft join the ranks, including the F-111A which breaks records regarding its payload! Every nation in the game has received at least one ground vehicle, some of these include the M109 for multiple nations, the long-awaited Type 81 (C) for , the Vickers Mk.11 for Britain and the incredibly unique Object 775 for the USSR! The MH-60L DAP and Spike-capable helicopters have also arrived, and in addition to this, premium Battleships for Britain and Japan. Several new mechanics have been implemented, as well as the very interesting Flanders map, which features an all-new era adaptive format.



  1. MİG-25 PLLSSS

  2. we need night time air realistic battles

  3. I wish one day i could see Indian tree.😞

  4. Does the arado AR 234 have a drag shute from recent things I’ve watched I’m pretty sure only the b variant has it I don’t know about the c if it doesn’t can you please add it? The drag shoot??

  5. World of wars tripods in war thunder sounds fun

  6. Great updates you all.
    You won’t hear me complain anytime soon

  7. happy birthday wt

  8. No way bro said sabo”T”

  9. Happy birthday legend🫡

  10. c’est toujours la même chose regardez il mette la 5eme génération d’aviation américaine te il ne mette même pas la 5 ème génération d’aviation russe

  11. I personally gave up on trying to reach top tier, I like to play tiger tier

  12. I had no idea the Ardvark could eject the entire cockpit like that.

    Great job with this update and keeping to the roadmap, Gaijin! Let’s hope your good work will continue into the next year.

  13. Great a new set of non ww2 vehicles to get bullied by in a ww2 tank. Good work gaijn.

  14. RUSSIAN BIAS still in the game.

  15. Why do you make warthuder so hard

  16. nice work, but please let the following be premium categories : one check point, two check point,night fight thx


  18. Why is not mig23 pack 50% off or f4s ??

  19. What‘s that truck at 1:35? kinda looks italian

  20. Game is still dogpoo

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