Kirovets-1 in 99 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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World of Tanks Kirovets-1, New Soviet Premium Heavy Tank. Trading Caravan Event 2022 – Offers for Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks, Bond More.

► Information about the Trading Caravan:

Today I have a very special news episode for you, featuring new event called Trading Caravan… Very special, because it was recorded LIVE together with my live stream family. 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. Full match with only tier 8 Soviet premium heavy tanks.. WEN WG? WEN?

  2. get what? gay techno music?

  3. Technical issues, caravan down

  4. Fear not, all the Russian heavy tanks that won’t be use in Ucraina u can buy from wg. The caravan is working properly technical issues in progress like the tanks stuck in ucrainian mud.

  5. I selled 3 tier x tanks for it i hope i dont regret it

  6. Shuffling holding vodka

  7. Great video Dez! I love the short format ! Imo you can do even 1-2 min longer if You will want to add more info. Once again great vid!

  8. They need to make more premiums like this. You sacrifice a lot of gun performance to gain that kind of mobile armored platform which is fine. Every tank should have 1/3 or 2/3 of those things depending on how much they’re tuned. I still advocate for a mass rebalance of tanks. I remember when the defender caused a riot in the community. Now it’s par for the course while tanks like the T34 and CDC still exist.

    • Defender only caused a riot because people didn’t know where to shoot it. I never thought it was OP, still don’t. It IS very strong, but it’s certainly not invulnerable.

    • @darrenjpeters when it came out the lower plate was unpenetretable for about half of the tanks it faced, so no, it didn’t cause a riot because people didn’t know where to shoot it.

      As for this tank, it’s absolute garbage. 703-2 has better armor, and incomparable gun.

    • @smiork valexy Don’t you mean, the lower plate was impenetrable by half the tanks it faced, if the drivers of those tanks didn’t press the 2 key? You need roughly 220mm of pen to get through it on flat ground. And then we have the cupolas, which are easy to hit and pen, especially for a taller tank. And no question, 703 2 is a much better tank.

  9. I want the kv4ktts

  10. Waiting for the Object-PTW-900

  11. This video was as long as my amusment to hear that we get another russian heavy premium.

  12. World of Soviet premium heavy tanks. lets go!

    • As long as they’re not broken af, I’m actually not that bothered.
      Right now the best tier 8 heavies are a US (Renegade), a Czech (Skoda), and yeah, okay, a Soviet (703 II).
      Still, that’s only one out of 3.
      This tank won’t change that at all.

  13. Whats going on with the trading caravan event?? Technical problems occured…when its gona be back?

  14. Who asked for this stupid tank? Balance the game instead

  15. In a world where time is money, these videos are an absolute win ! Congratz!

  16. Wargaming is just downright disgusting…

  17. Very nice video Dez!
    This short format is funny and informative 😉

  18. G.I. In The Wasatch

    You showed the KV-4 KTTS instead of the KV-4 kreslavskiy..

  19. Youtubers, stop mistaking KV-4 KTTS for Kreslavskiy! >:V

  20. I guess we’ll be up to Objekt 2366 by this me next year?

  21. imagine 11 tanks once crew, going to be a busy crew

  22. Sometimes I wish they just made the vehicle rank in simple numbers.
    Object 1, Object 2 … Kirovets 1…
    Now, if you want to do a quick summry you trip over the loooooooooooooooooong numbers.

    But Dez, Awesome video!

  23. The clear example of copy/paste on the part of wargaming, only modifying a few things and of course on paper, a bad gun but in the game, a better aim than a lowe. Russian BIAS

  24. Guess, I’ll keep my 703 basically a kirovets with one More gun

  25. “World of Russian Wartanks”

  26. It”s aiming time is actually not that bad. IS-3 is worse, 703 II is worse, even the 252U is worse. It’s the accuracy that sucks.

  27. Please vote for type 59 discount

  28. Thanks – that was all I needed to know! : – )

  29. Haven’t watched but if I’m not mistaken it’s literally a single barrel 703 2 no?

  30. love the video 😀

  31. They better not put that k2 in the game….if so we just have to burn down and blow up wargayboys headquarters

  32. I kinda liked the Kirovets 1, it brings me the feeling of an average tank, not too good and not bad either, Im really excited to put my hands on it. (RIP 17 million credits)

  33. why this soviet shit selling for limited? another p2w?

  34. Nice video, I love it <3 😀

  35. A𒈙𒐫A𒈙𒐫A𒈙𒐫𒈙𒐫A𒈙A𒈙I𒈙A𒈙T𒈙O𒈙Y𒈙O𒈙M𒈙A𒈙R

    It’s seriously getting on my nerves when the idea of “low standard shell penetration” or “low view range” or “bad aiming time” is used as an excuse for balancing. none of those things are relevant with these sort of tanks because they are designed to fight in close quarters! Plus low standard shell penetration doesn’t matter anymore because premium shells just have absurd penetration values.

  36. I dont see the point of this vehicle

  37. Is3, Kirovets and 703 are the same tank
    wg: we dont think so

  38. All sold out after 10 min WTF

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