Kirovets-1 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The Kirovets-1 combines an Object 703 II, IS-3A and the classic IS-3 in so what's not to like? Here's all you need to know!



  1. Why not compare it also to IS-6 ?

  2. I had a weird feeling when I saw this tank and I just realized it’s the WZ-112-2 in Blitz

  3. an IS-3 with a better hull, thx WG…….
    wtf it also has better mobility ???

  4. another fast HT with good armor, yes that is something game really need…

  5. Where are the stardew valley content QB

  6. Does anyone else get triggered that QB starts putting turbo on all of his tanks?

  7. My good ol’ IS-6 got once again even more outdated and outclassed… I’m used to it now and I rarely take this thing out of my garage, but I’ll never sell it WG ! Never trade it either ! this is my most played tank, I have an history with it, and whatever new bullshlt you keep adding to the game won’t make me give up on the IS-6 of my childhood ! (damn this game has been going for so long…)

  8. The Kirovets-1s turret is exactly the same as the stock turret on the IS-3 (even same name). Reason is, as some have already explained, that the Kirovets-1 (and the Obj. 703) are protoype versions of the IS-3

  9. If we’re going to get more T8 Soviet premium HTs can we at least get a unique one that follows the line of the 705A/705/IS-M?

  10. new soviet premium tank= wargaming copy paste.

  11. Time to rename the game… “World of Russian premium tanks”.

  12. It’s on console

  13. Still will prefer my 703 2. I set it up with turbo in a mobility slot as well as the field mods, so now it feels so much more agile. Add the fact that you have a double shot capability that allows you to trade with t10 heavies, it’s my tank.

  14. who the fuck asked for this tank, why do we need this tank? there are so many like it already in the game

  15. Another IS-3 premium clone that’s better than the tech tree tank and still WG lack a brain to buff the IS-3 for years now… Nothing new in world of premiums.

  16. Why does this tank go so fast? lol come on WG.

  17. Piotr Montgomery TV

    Looks like OBJ-703-2 Downgraded.

  18. Retropaintball clips

    How do you get this tank in game?

  19. I see no need to get this when the 703 II is almost an exact replica with a second gun.. Which makes it better. So why would you get the kirovets-1?

  20. I do wish he would stop saying against equal and low tiered tanks, the MM will guarantee that you see higher tiers, people wil say this is OP but I am guessing higher tierd tanks will have no problem with this.

  21. Jesus fucking Christ why do we need another is3 premium varient

  22. Owned it for years on Xbox/console. Nothing special.

  23. Kirovets basically obj 703 ii skinnier with single barrel gun

  24. At this point, I’m not gonna be surprised that he’ll put Turbo on everything

  25. I’d play this as a sniper. Would be fun!


    Pity they were all T8 games as in reality we regular players will always find ourselves in T10.

  27. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    Kirov reporting….

  28. looks complet 2022

  29. Negrutu Robert Mihai

    Qb you need to understand that turbo is not helping all the tanks to perform better, so please learn how to play and when to use tubo. Dont use it every time

  30. Ah yes, the better IS-3 or Russian version of 53TP

  31. I’m waiting for an Amx Elc with an E1100 turret. 🙂

  32. Well, when you’ve said it yourself, technically the kirovets has been in the game longer than the 703 2
    Strange they only added it to pc now though. On console we still only have is3a with an autoload not an autoreload which is frustrating. And still yet to hear about any double barrels

  33. Defender, is-6, is-3A, 703-2, this thing and more. How many Russian heavies do we need?

  34. It is one of the best t8 premiums on console and been around for years.

  35. Norimotoji Chishikato

    This tank is literally WZ-112-2 from WOT Blitz lol, although with worse gun handling and 1 less gun depression 😛

  36. event in sea crashed and full of bugs

  37. Buckets_Full_of_Bacon

    The sound detection skill is just like a sixth sense for arty… If u play arty u will rather have sound detection than sixth sense imo

  38. panzerkampfwagen VI ausf. B

    finally, a balanced tier 8 soviet premium heavy tank

  39. Is it just me but when i play Wot i would shoot first at premium tanks then normal ones later

  40. more op russian tank this game is so broken and just full of whales

  41. I already spent 1 mil of shuffle. Damn.

  42. It has the hull of a 703
    The turret of an IS3
    And the gun of a IS5

  43. Qb logic: this tank has terrible worst in class gun handling? TURBO AND VENTS it is!

  44. Why does he say the AMBT is first American autoloader? 71, 57, 69, 54………aren’t those all autoloaders

  45. an other tier 8 in wich we will see in 9/10 mm tier 9’s and 10’s …. great ! we need more of those

  46. Seems to be similar to the alpine tiger. (Underrated tank btw)

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