^^| KNIGHT. (Console Cromwell) (World of Tanks.)

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  1. This skin is so ugly imo, but hey, it’s a cromwell :^) How do you guys like the console version?

  2. i didnt know you play on console nice

  3. add me please i got alot of tanks in my arsenal name RAPTOR133769

  4. i got mastery class i did 5k damge

  5. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Thanks for showcasing some console gameplay! hopefully you can get the mouse to work so you’ll enjoy it more.

  6. Admiral Anderson

    The no kills, cap all strategy carries over pretty well from the pc to the console, it seems;)

  7. if your British then the skin is beautiful

  8. i’m a console player and i’m sad I missed a chance to play with or against you 🙁 would have loved to kick your ass in my light tanks lol

  9. Watching Circon play on console is so painful DX

  10. Those gun sounds tho …:/

  11. Being very experienced with the console version… this is painful.

  12. Is it just me who feels all of these tanks with flags over the entire thing are really obnoxious…? It’s really loud and doesn’t have any subtlety…not very British ;P

  13. Disgusting frames

  14. the console version for me is way more fun than PC mainly because the graphics are better and there are soo many more maps

  15. For everyone that didnt watch live, this game was played last knight. *grabs coat*

  16. So that’s why I went on a losing streak of 10

  17. Hampus Johansson

    holy shit only 1st class?!!!

  18. But the sound. sucky sucky

  19. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Tier Aids and Below. Also how did you get to Play on Console?^^ Do you own a PS4 or XBox? Also why did the Consol Keep the Nice Map at the Start, i loved it.

  20. now I wasn’t expecting that , amongst my many sins , I prefer the console version , they are really working those extra threads and the improvements just keep coming .

  21. What the fuck sort of peasant memes are these?!?

  22. Using a keyboard and mouse convertor?

  23. Balc0ra's Gaming

    1922 XP is not much on console vs PC. As they still have higher bonus XP and credit income and less penalties etc. Thus Ace is usually above 2K on most tanks. Same with income. As 2K damage on a tier 5 T14 is usually 100K with premium. Thus getting to tier X is way faster there. As I did my first tier 9 grind non premium in less then 120 games.

  24. Nice to see some console stuff! Both platforms have some pretty cool stuff going for them. And yeah, most tanks on console have a mastery requirement around 2-2.5k base xp.

  25. José Hernández

    Lol he doesn’t even use auto lock

  26. wait, why is circon playing with the console scrubs?

  27. damn, i want to have those sexy looking tanks as well. There are so many croms on the console tho.

  28. Console Memes

  29. I just bought the IS-7, and I know that its dispersion and aim time are pretty bad. Should I have vents, rammer, and vert stabs? Or vert stabs, rammer and gun laying drive to compensate for the poor gun handling?


    lol i have the knigt on ps4 i have 2 marks of excellence, my highest dmg game and got a mastery badge was 4.7k dmg

  31. looks better than PC, thats for sure.

    Also it looks like console players are fucking oblivious. they just let a cromwell shoot them in their sides. So much worse than PC players. (In this battle at least)

  32. Circon is looking like an orthodox priest here

  33. …and the sellout is now complete!

  34. Whether you think console is better, or not you must admit:
    That Field of View is just dreadful, probably a form of optimization made to the game so less is rendered.

  35. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Circon, please no!! The console version looks like crap.

  36. It’s very hard to get ace tanker in the Cromwell knight, people are doing very well in it

  37. I wouldn’t argue that console players are better than PC players, but I would argue that it’s easier to play console version over the PC version.

    If that makes any sense.

  38. Why is it only in 720? …. oooooh, never mind.

  39. If consoles could use a mouse and keyboard then they’d be more viable.

  40. To me it looks like you get more XP and creditsin Console version than you would had got on PC

  41. Oh my god the PlayStation tankers are so bad try Xbox One

  42. Was there a special on WoT console last night for the make a wish foundation or something? You aren’t seriously trying to tell me they’re always this bad

  43. The guy sounds like Harold Ramis in Ghostbusters

  44. Everyone’s saying how this looks better than PC… how about you turn up your graphics settings?

  45. No!, Just no.!

  46. That ELC AMX bis ign on his team tho….

  47. Sounded like Homer Simpson was your tank commander

  48. martynas samsonas

    I just wish PC had so many variations of maps. I mean i doubt I’m the only pc player who’s sick of getting the same maps over and over and over and over again… sometimes even 4-5 games in a row on the same map

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