KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK is the best in World of Tanks battle pass 2023 at 27 tokens; but is it worth it? I let you know!



  1. I should mention this vehicle, gets a free “large” repair kit with 15% improved repair speed! You won’t have to pay for it each battle.

  2. Tobias Markstrom

    Now to an important question, have you flipped it yet?

  3. I love the Kunze, it and the Char are the two best options imho. The Kunze is not for everyone, but if you don’t mind not having armor, it’s novel, fun, and flexible.

    • Kunze is hard to play for sure unlike Char-Futur… I am very uncomfortable with Kunze of Kunfutze as I call it… I don’t feel like driving a medium, more like a light mixed with a TD… It is weird tank…

    • I adore the kunze, very flexible, more so than even char or Leo, im nearly at my 2nd mark

  4. As with the Udes, you need to play differently than with the strv

  5. Should be compared to Kunze Panzer with those weird modes.

  6. Qc_ploum-zoum 2

    Maybe they can add a reset suspension button

  7. Where do I find the damn thing??? Looked in the specials as well as the German tech tree and cant find it

  8. Such a bad mechanic to have that ROF decrease in siege mode. Not only is it super clunky but it defeats the purpose of the tank. Min/maxing it is so inconvenient and obnoxious and it’s not user friendly at all.

  9. exactinmidget92

    im assuming this is based on the Marder chassis since it looks a lot like the bagel panzer from WT.

  10. Can anyone explain to me how the hell you can get that Tier 9 Chieftain?

  11. I wonder how that tank was supposed to load shells if it were real? Some sort of mechanism that would come from the sides or a loader hanging on for dear life?

  12. It’s like a mouthful of vegetable soup.

  13. Good looking tank.

  14. Good to see QB interacting more with his comments section

  15. ZeroPony Creations

    personally i’m not gonna get either of the new tanks this year, I already have all the other tanks from the battles pass (besides the Lorriane 50t cause lol) so just gonna spend the rest of the tokens I get on bounty equipment and see if at least this tank costs slightly less tokens next year

  16. Did QB get a new camera? The quality looks excellent. Rock on QB and all you tankers out there 🤘😎

  17. can someone maybe clarify this for me? I am a f2p player. I THINK i got like 13 tokens from the battlepass. It is currently IMPOSSIBLE to get this tank, correct?

    Also, there will be 3 battle passes this year, correct? I dont remember how many there were last one.

  18. In the german StuG IV there is a Loader-Radiomen combined that will fit in this Panzer

  19. What a freak! It has an open breach, who is sitting back there reloading the gun? Lol.

  20. Finally, been waiting for months

  21. So in travel mode its a k91pt and in sniper mode its a udes/strv 1030 and honestly id rather just play the k91 or the strv

    • Nice thoughts, love my K-91-PT such an underrated tank, great camo and speed, strong upper hull, fair dpm, though I feel the gun could be more accurate. The UDES 03 I love, sure not for everyone, but great gun and fair dpm, if you use the speed to relocate as the battle changes it can be amazing! I don’t mind the siege mechanic, so maybe this is my next tank!

  22. David Gallimore

    Corba or this tank if you only get one of them.

  23. wow 2 times on your vid i watched team raptor(cheaters) for your ads…..i guess this is support for wargaming to screw over the actual game

  24. That crazy ass mode shift kinda kills the vehicle for me entirely. To get full use will require going in and out of siege *constantly*

  25. 谢谢!

  26. Hey QuickyBaby love the content, I’ve been playing the game for nearly 11 years now but you still manage to teach me new things. I do have one quick question, I’ve been away from the game for quite some time and in that time they’ve added the BZ line of tanks. My question is if HE has any sort of overmatch and if so at what point does HE overmatch armor. I know any other round its 3x caliber vs armor but im not sure about HE either no one ever told me or i just some how forgot this info.

    • HE doesn’t overmatch armour, just AP rounds.

    • Oliver Pentikäinen

      Basically Bz tech tree is pretty okay. T10 has horrible weakspots but still okay armor. Be careful about the t8 prem Bz-176. Slaps 850 dmg with over 200mm of pen. Zooms 50 km/h with rockets. And has better armour than the t10 tech tree tank.

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  28. Wookiebaby could use a haircut! 😂

  29. Great video QB! I have one suggestion though- after just purchasing the tier 9 swedish TD and selling the UDES at tier 8, i actually sort of miss the independent gun elevation. In certain positions, you can activate the hydropneumatic suspension and aim down as far as possible to elevate that rear of the tank. Then when you aim up, you’re able to shoot over objects you normally couldn’t!! And, once you’ve shot, simply switch modes and the tank will sink below the object and the enemies cant return fire. Works great in very specific positions (though more than you’d imagine). An example is on the beach of Overlord, behind the ship or behind the sand/rock, depending on what side you’re on. I found it super funny, as on many occasions enemies would desperately try to shoot me, only to realize ive shrunk and disappeared. Worth a try!

  30. Tomas Rusakevic

    I kind of like this,I only feel like Cobra was trash where I wasted my tokens,I wish it we would be possible to exchange it.

  31. i got a qustion i play us and german tank i know german TD’s hit hard but not that acr. i’m kinda lost on the us Heavy tanks thow. i have the T1 heavy going down the line will it be worth staying in the us or is their more better tank’s?? i love to go head to head with other tanks just need to know what is the best heavy tank line in armo and damange. plz help me out i don’t to pay to play i love the grind just need some good advice and sorry for the spelling.

  32. Rhys Edmor Cal Ortiz

    the tank handles its depression very well. hoping it pulls through <3

  33. Seems like a lot of fun to play.

  34. One quite annoying thing about the price of this vehicle (and I bet WG made very aware decision on it too) is that a free to play player like myself can’t get it until the third season. After completing all three chapters (including the collections) from the first season I’m only at 13 tokens. Assuming the second season gives same amount of tokens, I will be one token short of being able to purchase this tank after completing it.

    @8:17 Strictly speaking this isn’t entirely true. There are two tier 4 German TDs that share the same commander as this one; Marder 38t and Pz. Sfl. 1C. But the driver and radioman are unique.

  35. the elc even 90 had two repair kits ? xd

  36. As I got the Swedish T8, T9 & T10, as well as the Kunze. I guess i take the Cobra before this one then

  37. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    This tank have much bigger hitbox than strv, Strv have 2 space amor plates above the track, the hull inside is much smaller than they look, like the Sheridan.

  38. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    5% less “accuracy” actually translate to 10.25% bigger aiming circle area, that mean you loss about 9.3% accuracy. This matter much when you play as sniper. But less affect in close combat.

  39. I think we should just call it KPZ HK.

  40. did i hear you say that the tokens carry over to the next BP iff so thgat is good news i am a bit short on days off gaming 😞

  41. My brain is just thinking how crazy this would be with a turbo🤪

  42. Henry Luis Orozco Fernández

    I just got a Kunze Panzer and saved the rest of my 12 tokens to get this beauty in the next battle pass. Seems I took the right decision there

  43. QB, thx for the nice review.
    I got all tokens, but i would never get a reward tank.
    For me: just give me the 50TP packed with bond equipment.
    You think that’s dull?
    For a player like me that is consistent

  44. The game is becoming more and more boring every day…

  45. looks like crap

  46. QB you said the only thing you “have” to spend before June are the points? is that correct? I thought tokens needed to be spent before December and points needed to be spent before November?

  47. Suwito Adi Tanoyo

    17:28 i really want to watch that battle at town

  48. Where are the view range circles on the 1st game? I had that issue lately as well and couldn’t fix it. Advice, QB?

  49. it the only tank i want this time

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