KPZ-70 – Is There Anything Bad About This Tank? (War Thunder 1.71 Gameplay)

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KPZ-70 – Is There Anything Bad About This Tank? (War Thunder 1.71 Gameplay)

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  1. WAD UPP Notification SQUAD! Thanks for always being here early o7

  2. * He starts to reverse *
    Me: WTF is just this speed..!

  3. It kinda disappoints me that I couldn’t see the hatch on the left at the front wasn’t rotating the opposite direction of the turret. (At least not that I saw.) the MBT-70 was a joint project that the Germans and the US worked on together before the Germans decided it costed too much to stay with. I assume the KPZ-70 is the german prototype from the MBT-70 program and since all the crew was in the turret of the MBT-70, the drivers hatch rotated opposite the turret so he could still see where the tank was going while engaging.

  4. Oh I love Kpz-70 man

  5. Tfw phly fails math class. 1:23

  6. How am I supposed to get this without spending LITERAL hundreds of dollars??!

  7. Mas que tanque injusto, véy! Oloco, hit kill em qualquer um? Os cara metendo bala e o tanque nem perdia life ai 1 tiro e mata todo mundo? É vip isto ai? Pois um veículo assim, caso seja apenas adquirido com dinheiro real, torna o jogo pay-to-win.

    E logo este que sempre foi considerado justo e bacana pelos adeptos.


    More than unfair tank, lol! Does not make sense, “hit kill” for all? All the others firing and not taking life, there 1 shot and kills? Is it vip there? For a vehicle like this, if it is only acquired with real money, it makes the game pay-to-win.

    And soon the one that always was considered fair and pleasant for the adepts.

  8. KPZ-70 is just beautiful

  9. t64 plz

  10. Thanks for the heads-up Phil, looking forward to 1.71 release. I want the P-51H Mustang!!!

  11. Huh. New sound message things. They sound way worse, tbh. Same as last time I guess.

  12. it’s been so long since slick and phly were in a vid

  13. How to get to the dev server?

  14. Oh badass dude they finally got a new announcer in the game. Could never understand that dude anyways

  15. What? We can get silver and Rp from dev server?!?! How its impossible? I never know it

  16. Akbi killed you!! He is very very good!!

    And slickbee was there too, great match.

  17. 4:55 there is AKBI!

  18. Hi Phly, this tank had a crawling feature where the drive sprocket and track idler both dropped to the ground to lower it’s silhouette. I assume that’s not an option here?

  19. phly,slick and many miles away

  20. Darkraiplays WR Ø[mok]Ø

    i hope to kill that fucker’s whole fucking family

  21. Phly what times and dates do you recommend trying the Dev server because I try it all the time and it’s down

  22. How i enter in the dev server

  23. MBT-70 does not have composite armor just spaced armor.

  24. How do you have access to this stuff? When will it be released to the public?

  25. You now that kpz 70 have the engine sound of the leopard 2a5 from the april fools rigth

  26. so fast and so danger

  27. Good thing this only came out a few weeks ago on world of tanks blitz…

  28. I could watch this things suspension all day

  29. phly challenge time the panzerII DAK and the Do335B2

  30. Lol slickbee, phly and manymiles in the same random game

  31. when does the patch come out WANT MY KPZ NOW!!!!!

  32. It’s fucking ugly!

  33. This game keeps getting better and better

  34. Finally Germany gets a good tank to compete against Russian and allied bias

  35. That is just one ugly ass tank.

  36. German M1 Abrams.

  37. Wow Phly
    U have been destroyed by war thunder YouTuber AKBI!

  38. Akbi is Korean war thunder youtuber

  39. 152mm..??

  40. New enemies for Tiger II, Panther II and Maus

  41. kills is-shit with one shot, im sold. russian bias ends

  42. Did anyone else notice the “we’re on Poland”, despite not being on poland

  43. Really cool to get a sneak peek at a Dev server, lets us see some of the things there working on, from the new ( And Amazingly awesome ) MBT70 and its German Counter part, and Turret Physics !!!!
    I dont know about the rest of you, but I absolutely love the Firepower of the modern APDSFS rounds, So Deadly !!!. You almost dont need anything else. haha

  44. I kinda wish that it had a different gun sound from the rest of the 152s tho… ?

  45. AKBI is a youtuber ! Korean!

  46. I think the player killed you at 4:54 is youtuber too
    There is a korean youtuber named AKBI

  47. #Attemp1

    Phly we need you to test out our new calibre gun in the russian facilities, here is a lineup Stalin hand picked for you!

    ASU-57, ZIS-30, SU-57, T-34-57(1943) and the MIG-17

  48. Hmmmm…..I think you should do a MI-24 HIND

  49. Pls answer
    How to get into the dev server

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