KRANVAGN NERF – AMX M4 54 BUFF – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks are buffing and nerfing tanks again! First up the Kranvagn and M4 54!



  1. All they really needed to do was decrease the mobility

  2. nerfing the Krans speed etc huh? mbe they should buff its shitty standard pen then? nah WG wants those prem rounds flying around. guess only the Russian and Czech heavies need to be fast, have good pen, and good turret armor. is good for game.

    i imagine this to stop the Kran spam for ranked, same thing happened to the Progetto 65. ty ranked, what a wonderful mode.

    hey WG, heres an idea, y not just add a tiny little weakpoint on the turret or under the gun that all the 2 key pixel snipers can apply their skill at? oh, wait, it already exists.

  3. they need to touch more on the “seal-club” tank. The fv304 and M44 are just unbearable in lower tier, Hetzer, PzIV and Bugi spamming gold one shotting people is just pathetic, and the ultra toxic british TD that render half of the lower tier useless when they face them. But to be frankly, WG has created such a spider net of problem that I don’t think they can ever truly fix it

  4. The fact that they nerfed the Kranvagn and Emil to 25 seconds feels waay to much, its nerfing Emil II 3 seconds, but kranvagn nearly a 4 second longer reload. Its almost useless now, they could have made the krans reload down to 23.5 or 23.2 second reload, and if they dont nerf any other off the op tanks then WG compleately just dossent care about other tanks and only focuses 1 tank at a time but wont actually take time to look at the real problems (som 279 and chieftan)

  5. The thing about the tier 9 AMX is that I would never consider it to be broken. It can easily be countered by someone that can aim or knows how to move. I don’t think it needs a nerf.

  6. nothing done about broken tanks? guess I’ll have to wait another 3 years before I return to the game again

  7. Miguel Ángel Linares López

    I feel that the nerf to the top and backward speed will be the same Kranvagn like of the Blitz

  8. It seems WG prioritizes on improving the Rank Battle experience at the moment,more than anything alse.
    This Kran.. infested mode needed to heal.

  9. With the dispersion change my mle 51 will be switching full time to the 127, that alpha is so much more fun.

  10. Finally !!
    Also OP crap 268/4 will be nerfed !
    Then E100 !
    Common sense coming to the WG !
    Next stop MM fix !

  11. I really wish WG will implement these changes. making the game a better place to enjoy it.

  12. Kranvagn even with 800 hp still not fast enough lol, should have nerf other thing.

  13. As soon as I unlock the Kranvagn. Of course…

  14. force ppl to get reward tank that cannot everyone have it or quit because tech tree sucks, nice job

  15. Still looks like a beast, just slower (def will use a turbo)
    Dispersion during turret traverse is annoying though. But heck, this thing is absolutely bustedly broken on a ridge, so maybe also justified?
    Just wonder if these changes will shake it up enough to change the meta.
    It feels like this will be outperforming most t10’s, even with these changes

  16. WG nerfing strong tech tree tanks while The broken rewards tanks like chieftain and 279e are still unchanged lol

  17. Friendly Fire Gaming

    Ah, the Kranvagn. OP on the test server, nerfed into oblivion before release, buffed massively in 2019, and those nerfs will send it right back into irrelevancy.


    • Friendly Fire Gaming

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the Kranvagn needs a nerf, snd that’s coming from someone who enjoyed and got Marks of Excellence on the original version.

      But these nerfs leave the Kramvagn with no selling point.

      You’ll never be fast enough to vompete for any of the positions you *have* to use to be competitive.

      Your turret armour will never matter because your reload is so bad that you can’t defend your position.

      You’re not fast enough to relocate to a bew position.

      Competitors such as the STB will just laugh at you.

      You won’t have the accuracy or gun handling to use your gun at range, whoch you’re forced to do as you can never go for any aggressive positions.

      Since you have to snipe with a terrible gun, you’ll miss. A lot.

      Since we’re still not gwtting the proper hull armour, *which Wargaming themselves said was more potent than the frontal armour lf the IS-7 in one of their videos arpund the release of the Swedish tanks* .

      These nerfs are so brutal I’d rather just have the orooginal release Kranvagn back, which was already a terrible tier 10.

  18. Why does velocity change per shell?

  19. Another play to win nerf, how dare you players play Kran on standard ammo because it’s precise enough to aim for weak spots, we will nerf gun accuracy so only way to pen anything will be premium ammo. This game is dead, and started dying when WG went greedy with battle pass essentially creating different game play for those who pay and this who don’t. Stopped playing it year ago and when come back to it every now and then I simply drown or leave as it became unplayable.

  20. I am not playing anymore, but this nerf to Krnvagn is utter bs. In age of constant powercreep, this tank will need buff in notime. Wtf WG, are you drunk ? xD

  21. Its like getting shot at close range and the medic treating your powder burns and not the bullet hole. . . A lot of people are quitting playing tier 9 and 10 as they are constantly fighting against the 279e or Chieftain. . Even in tier 8s your having to fight them in about 1/4 of your games where there is basically nothing you can do against them. . . I’m sticking at tier 7 until they get sorted.

  22. Wish they would be the T69, T54E1 and T57 Heavy… I love them but they are suck a drag to play…

  23. As a AMX M4 54 player, I am very happy for the buffs, it was a fine tank before for me but now it is just going to be awesome!!

  24. Chieftain also very annoying and it must be nerfed.
    Plus STB, Obj 907 and some other medium tanks reload time must be higher.
    What do you think?

  25. if this nurf came to blitz the tanks will be getting a Hugh buff lol Kran only goes 30 forwards but nurf in reverse i think it goes 25 in reverse

  26. Idk QB… I think the VZ is WAAY more balanced than the kran. The vz is definitely strong with its gun but that cupola is an easy pen even for new players. The kran? You put that on a ridge line with a decent player and it’s damn near indestructible so long as they don’t overpush… it’s more normal when I face off with them for my team to just reposition rather than even try to trade with a hull down kran. I think this nerf is needed and good. Leave the VZ alone it’s got enough weak points.

  27. Lmaoo they finally nerfing the kran? To late in my eyes

  28. they didn’t do enough go after 279e and cheiftain too nerf these shitters into the ground

  29. well deserved nerf, ranked battles were unplayable thanks to gazyllion on Krans

  30. FINALLY the AMX M4 gets some love! Godammit i have waited for this a LONG time!

  31. Dorian- Amos Matulin

    I think the Premium Tanks are not to mention because they are played 90% of the time by better players. Not saying that they are balanced but its a big point to make.
    Thanks for your content.

  32. Don’t forget, Sweden is almost a NATO member, the tank now is a Reserve tank 🙂

  33. Stefan Trebinjac

    BTCHER the Kranvagn! Demolish it to the ground, those stats look beautiful test is not needed just fire it off. Enough of that tank! That tank was so OP for so long that I wanna vomit when I see it.

  34. I wish the 127mm on the AMX M4 51 was buffed. A little more pen like the 130mm on the tier X would go a long way.

  35. Franklin Clinton

    I personally have a deep hatered for Kranvagns and this entire hull down meta so i am as happy as one can be.

  36. “butchered” is a good description. The proposed nerfs are too much IMHO.

  37. I do hope the 50B gets a slight buff and the rino gets a big buff. WG finally doing something good.

  38. 1600 HP “Still not amazing for a T8 HT” WUT.. are you goign insane QB? Its one o the highest raw HP pools in the game on that tier. I think only 1650 for a very few tanks surpassed it.
    Well… if you want the game broken, go ahead and make such absurd claims.

  39. Pz VII line need some buffs too.

  40. About our boi Rino? Nothing? Needed a buff from day 1…

  41. i can’t stand my Kranvagn…i know it’s supposed to be OP but it’s my worst T10 lol… I’m way better in my Emil 1951… how can they nerf it?! its gonna be even worse?!! lol

  42. Why they startend not a at the end of the list and buffing tanks … no they cripple the Kran/Emil2 like the whole italian med branch (T8-T10)

  43. See you in 2 years when kran is buffed again because with these changes the Kran will be probably unplayable

  44. I’m a beta tester (April 2011) and a whale – or was, and I have a kranvagn but don’t play it much, too busy grinding other tanks.
    But… that is a MASSIVE nerf to the Kranvagn! 🙁
    So, after 11 or so years I’m thinking it’s a big NOPE for the … whatever the premium Battle pass is, and it’s likely that when my 107 or whatever days Premium runs out, that will be the last I buy.
    I have premium WoWS ships – but no longer have that game installed on either of my PCs (HTPC nor gaming PC) and …. feel likely that if WG nerf tanks I rarely play but enjoy when I do, well, they’ll be losing a customer.
    I’ve got over 100 other games (like Skyrim, Witcher 1, 2 3, and more) that I could and should play, and it looks like that’s where I will be heading in a few months.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  45. why dont buff type 5 heavy ?

  46. Nice WG playing Chieftain will be better.

  47. Vz.55 the most OP ~

  48. gotta keep those soviet tanks at the top.

  49. Really have to stop nerfing tanks to make up for lack of proper artillery

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