Kranvagn review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. Hey I was wondering if you would like to try my game called Strayspells.
    Its a strategy game with magic.

  2. well done to the centurion x player props to him he almost got you!

  3. Freshwater Spaceman

    Thanks for the review, looking forward to getting mine. I’ve had the same
    experience with the Emil 1 so far, great on hills hull down but pretty
    average everywhere else. Enjoyable all the same.

  4. Lowe Stromwaldlichtung

    i like old version of reviewing tanks. new version is weird with small text
    that covers the game

  5. The krankenwagen

  6. I remember this on stream, it was hilarious ending :D

  7. Kawabungavagn

  8. New Title for the video:
    Go Fuck Yourself, Swedish Edition

  9. “sorry if the commentary is not up with the usual standarts”
    Nice one there ^^

  10. 4 x 400 = 1200 Kappa

  11. Whats your favorite tank?

  12. I don’t think you need to read out all the stats out (especially if you cut
    them straight from tanksgg in anyway). Just point out the things that make
    the tank you’re reviewing special (either in a positive or negative way).

  13. Teammates… :facepalm:

  14. wow that stats display thing is new
    nice as always sirfoch 😀 my fav wot real talk youtuber

  15. wow what a close game

  16. wow gg?

  17. Fochhhhhh

  18. Damn, those 2 tomato teammates at the end…

  19. The Crackwagon

  20. lol that t69 had a good game

  21. stupid broken shit tank. There is no way a tank with so much gun dep should
    also get -12 gun dep

  22. Ramming is retard bait. Never do it unless you are absolutely certain the
    trade is worth it

  23. President Donald Trump


  24. 2:30 – 4 x 400 = 1200. I have been lied to all these years. Thank you foch
    for the math lesson.

  25. great, more of my brain cells died for watching your teammates in the

  26. sirfoch doesn’t even know about cold blooded medal. that should prove how
    OP kranvagn is…

  27. That poor Centurion. He didn’t even notice

  28. so its a tier x t29

  29. I feel bad for that Centurion. He deserved the win and lost by 2 seconds…

  30. which potato gun is worse? emil II or kranvagn? at the moment I am at emil
    II and gun is testing my dedication of finishing the line.

  31. The Scorpion's Den

    That match was way too close. Intense!

  32. Dang, close one. Good job.

  33. Poor bastard in the CenturionAX.
    Also, for other reasons, poor bastard in the t69.

  34. i love this intro

  35. Can you make video on what tier 8 tank is the best in 1v1 battle? Or just
    leave a comment

  36. You’ve been doing daily videos it seems like so don’t be hard no yourself
    to say “sorry if the commentary is not up with the usual standarts”.

  37. I have faced Kranvagan frontally with IS-3, and managed to penetrate it
    with AP rounds in the lower plate and the cupolla, and if IS-3 could do
    that Tiger II and some other tanks can.

  38. so many videos lately..what the reason might be?
    Is Foch’s car broke?
    Has he gotten hooked on coke?
    Does he want to move from the baltics before the russians nuke it?

  39. 6:11 I see War Gayming extended the IS-7’s ‘space(d)’ armour to the back of
    the turret now. I guess because having those Romulan Deflector Shields on
    the sides of the hull wasn’t enough….

  40. You guys saw the arty rework? 20 seconds stun, just ridiculous.

  41. Foch: “I have been penetrated more then once” 0_0

    We learn more about you every day. :-)

  42. just in time:D

  43. The new type 5 derp will just shit on this now lol

  44. LV Aim

  45. Muhammad Qasim Dilawari

    The medal is spartan
    For getting a bounce when u are on low hp

  46. Great content as always

  47. Holy fuck what an ending to that battle.

  48. hey Foch can you make a ‘is it worth…’ censored porn clip review :O

  49. krans turret isnt ultra reliable. I got penned in the turret ring by an E5
    with AP and a jageru AP shell on the 400mm+ part. Also a jageru penned th
    upper part of my turret with AP 330+ part?(likely highroll pen)

  50. Also, the jap heavies now laugh at the kurwawagon…

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