^^| Kranvagn Tier 10 Swedish Heavy. Ruining Ruinberg (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Managed to get a pools medal in my Emil 2 yesterday, was so proud.

  2. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    The tier 10 autoloaders are fairly balanced, Circon would have done
    significantly better here if he was in a 50b than a Kranvagn coz it is
    faster and has a better gun. Kranvagn not hull down is just a uparmoured
    and shittier 50b

  3. Band name and song title of the song that played for the first 3 min of the
    video please?

  4. +SirCircon
    Oooooh Jingle TOG, Circon TOG, Quicky TOG and Ik TOG
    All are in a TOG Platoon to bring us smiles and laughs! :D

  5. stop your zooming in and out…….

  6. whats the name of the second song??

  7. Where can we get your server reticle? I wants!

  8. So what exactly is the 50B’s use now?

  9. ah yis teh kranvang

  10. Norwegian flags on Swedish tank? Toppest of Keks

  11. *shoots a full clip of HEAT into a WT Pz. IV because memes*

  12. Nicolas Crittenden

    What’s the song?

  13. Русские сила , мощь , лучше всех

  14. who was band?

  15. world of hackers

  16. Carlos Valenzuela

    ofc 7k dmg always use apcr no ap

  17. Sorry if everybody knew this already, but Kranvagn is actually its codename
    and means ‘mobile crane’. Much like how ‘tank’ was the British codename for
    what we now knows as tanks, to hide what they really were.

  18. Why you only play top tier? Kappa.

  19. is the gun handling better than the tier 8 or 9?

  20. ah. the charge of the MemeWagon.

  21. Norwiegan flag on swedish steel? Oh the profanity!

  22. So….another crazy OP auto loader in the game

  23. name of band?

  24. In blitz we only have +1 matchmaking

  25. You should change the Flag when u play with Sn00ze :D

  26. Jim is so weird, he’s always leaving his sleeping bag, then wants to try
    and cuddle with me. What a creep…

  27. whats the zoom mod?

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That View Range Circle tho 😀 U rly should Play the Tank with Food^^ It
    doesnt really burn a lot. Also i researched the Swagvagn but haven´t bought
    it yet^^ I think im going to now xD And yeah, it is like an E5 Ace^^ 7 – 8k

  29. Band playing in the background is “All them witches”, if you like what you
    hear, go and buy an album, they absolutely deserve the support.

  30. What is the song in the background?

  31. Yeah you need those bags for carrying your team all the time.

  32. ill call bias on wargaming circ hit 95%of his shots without fully aiming
    where non god like players miss most fully aimed shots on 10 meters ;(

  33. Hello twitch chat.

  34. nice game

  35. Thx for music

  36. Nice replay, by the way you still have a zoom out mod? is it still admitted
    by WOT? bc I miss it in city maps.. :/

  37. Stop the unfair plane Circon.

  38. The Guy Known As...

    Hello comrades! I’m watching this in 2016

  39. Power creep is real. 🙂 Indeed. Maybe it’s a way to keep people interested
    in the game (after initial tears and rage about their favorite top tier).
    Is your Batchat, T-57 or, even worse your IS-7 sucking by now? Grind
    something else! Not a bad idea actually.

  40. Well Memed Comrade!

  41. Is Circon from Norway or is he just screwing with us?

  42. Fairy GoodMüller

    finally bought the kranwagon then

  43. Another patch. Another power creep. God Bless WG. Leaving the old tanks
    behind in the dust

  44. Nice music man, what is it?

  45. 286th

  46. Swedish tank is missing a sleeping bag..
    Swedish crew doesn’t need one for every crew member ;^)



  48. ayy circon ily content more yt vids plz,?

  49. First!!!!

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