KRIEGSMARINE – SCHNELLBOOT S.100 (War Thunder Naval Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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War Thunder Ships Info –

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Magnus Årøy (NorwayTrucker22)

    World of warships please !!!!!

  2. Naval Forces SUCK!

  3. congrats gajin u fuqed up. boats are boring

  4. Do the Firefly Sherman and the Typhoon, This time more pepper and less

  5. hey phly take out the bv 238 the only german battleship in the boat battles

  6. Use some tanks again

  7. Use the M103

  8. looks like they have fixed the damage models, everyone is dying a lot

  9. I feel like gaijin is testing the water with boats, i feel like they are
    going to go bigger soon at least to like destroyer sized ships

  10. Mr Phly sir, please don’t ever change you’re opening music on war thunder.
    I really do love it. More power to you kind sir.

  11. The s 100 has a torpedo animation

  12. move your mouse to the left or right to select the tube (green line) or
    smash spacebar to launch both

  13. Damn imagine bismarks and iowas tearing each other appart on the warthunder
    Fucking turrets blowing up, bridges being destroyed, ally scout planes
    spawning on you ah imagine.

  14. So i bought the He 219 a few weeks ago and i haven’t used it because i am a
    wee babe in Realistic, how the fudge do you suggest i use it?

  15. anyone noticed you can tow other boats?


  17. phly stop shooting in the hull places that are already black, you take a
    enemy ship down if you make the whole hull black.

  18. If you hold spacebar and then look to the left with your mouse. The left
    line will turn green, if you then let go of the spacebar, the left torpedo
    will launch.
    The same applies to the right torpedo.
    This way you can fire one torpedo rather then both.
    I hope this made sense.

  19. loving the new naval game!

  20. in my understanding the green torpedo line means which torpedo to use so if
    the green line is on your left you well only fire the left torpedo and the
    same thing for the right side.

    hope it helped.

  21. The Unqualified Gamer

    wtaf warthunder YOU DUN FUCKED IT UP

  22. Ach ja das Schnellboot :)

  23. 11:14 you could here the bomb bounce of the hull

  24. Phly daily I want to see you play depth charges attack

  25. As a sailor I can say that the physics is fucked up

  26. If you want to destroy ships faster, just blacken all the sections of the
    hull. This will cause them to drown immediately.

  27. Hey phly love the videos keep up the great work and lol am I the star of
    this video or what.

  28. Stole name from slick how dare you

  29. Sir Stefan Channel!

    how to torpedo:
    Hold down the button, use the aim to choose which side you’re going to
    When the line goes “green” let go of the button and that sides torpedo will
    Upvote so he see’s + other people can see

  30. Unknown “1001001SOS” User

    How do you play the Fairmile? it is not available for purchase.

  31. Torpedos Bias confirmed

  32. How the fuk do u get boats

  33. free eagles for war thunder is a ripoff now unfortunately 🙁 was ‘OK’ for a
    short while there…. but they’ve had some REALLY questionable practices as
    of late, and have on many… MANY occasions refused to payout eagles owed
    to users among countless other unsavory ‘issues’…. fair warning for
    anyone not in the know on the current state of that E4WT scheme ;)

  34. Why is my world of tanks so different??

  35. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    what if you strapped a 380mm naval gun to one of these little boats?

  36. why did I get a German south park ad before this? XD

  37. Maus and BV-238

  38. I get that you want battleships, but they are too slow, reloads are too
    long, much, much bigger guns and way longer range. And requires a lot of
    tactical planning. If you are to play battleships in WAR THUNDER, you will
    be sitting in front of the computer for a dozen hours to finish a match. Go
    download World of Warships if you really want Battleships.


  40. Ayye that fade and the end with the music was pretty badass

  41. schnellbooty

  42. Wait when did boats come out

  43. I feel like the “enemy ship on fire” and stuff announcer voice things sound
    way too modern in ships.

  44. repair:
    342…..WTF IS THAT

  45. This looks like it would be a lot more fun if there was a pve element to

  46. Hey guys there’s an even better version of Free Eagles recognized by gaijin
    called “Free GE”! it’s got better payouts and faster customer service (btw
    if you want 10 eagles instantly just enter my invite code: wr6py

  47. It appears as though the torpedoes on the S100 can be fired either single
    or both at once double tapping seems to fire both but holding lets you
    mouse over which tube you wanna fire, giving you the green indicator that
    releasing will fire it

  48. Anyone else saw that guy with the title Master of Russian Bias?

  49. They have to make a submarines!

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