KRIEGSMARINE – Z-20 German Destroyer Gameplay (War Thunder Naval Gameplay)

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KRIEGSMARINE – Destroyer Gameplay ()


  1. You should play a game with a torpedo boat, the American one is really fun

  2. Milton Daniel Lopez Lopez

    Hasnt this been in development over 2 years?

  3. Phly, go watch some WOWs torpedobeats

  4. Hey Phly keep posting stuff like this it’s actually pretty cool and interesting to watch because this is new.

  5. Attempt #2. Get a controller (console) and fly any plane you want and become an ace. (No CAS, or deathstars, has to be air to air) (p.s love ur vids)

  6. You have to manually adjust the distance that your guns fire. It’s similar to how you zero the sight in tanks. That’s how you aim in naval battles. The game gives you the estimated range, and you manually adjust the range depending on target speed, distance, and direction of travel. I have it set up so my scroll wheel adjusts range, and my arrow keys move the guns to the left and right. That way I can aim my shots without having to move my cursor around.

  7. Phil can you do gameplay of torpedo planes on ship battles

  8. Why there is no fish in the ocean ??

  9. Phly can you do a video on the b24

  10. Do the North Korean combo (Yes this has nothing to do with the video))))))))))

    T-34-85 and Mig-15

    Thicc Jong Un will bless you

  11. You think they might add the Zerstorer 45????

  12. There is a game like this it’s world of warships

  13. Phly try pz 4 F2 and ju87 g, pls

  14. I much prefer world of warships from the looks of it but i would still like to give this a shot but idk how to get into it. Im assuming its still closed and you have to ask permission?

  15. better than world war ship :V no HP engine here haha love it

  16. The naval combat is fun in DD’s but pt’s is a different story, it is just who can camp the pt zone first – The other thing is really only the Fletcher and Z-20 are fun to play. take out the Soldati and you will lose all faith in this mode once more

  17. Am I missing something here? When I open up war thunder all I have is planes and tanks. Where do I access naval?

  18. It still bothers me that one way to kill a DD still isn’t to SINK it…. Taking out compartments is NOT sinking it, it’s depleting 4 hp bars… The flooding should have been the main sinking method but of course they had to be lazy.

    • Hah. Perhaps you’d like me to give an example of a ship becoming combat incapable because all of its crew died in real war? Have you ever heard of such a “ghost ship” drifting with nobody alive on board? Then why is it in the game?

      It’s exactly the opposite, the crew tries clinging on to the sinking hull of the ship. Tons of photos like that.

      What about hitting the 4 compartments completely above the waterline? They still can turn black and you can destroy the DD that way. Care to explain how that makes sense? And why is it 4, and not 5, 6 or something like that? What is the criteria? It’s just an HP bar in disguise, except it is not disguised well at all this time.

    • The way to sink a ship is that they should make it impossible to pump out water coming in from a large enough hole. The ship starts listing, eventually not being able to efficiently target guns and becoming a sitting duck at that point. And like you said, water submerging critical equipment knocks those modules out.

    • yes but my point is that as cool as it would be to have 3000 crew members visible, you have to understand the limitations of the game engine and net coding in which it will be almost impossible to tell how many crew were killed. you can already see the difficulty with sparks in Air RB where half your bullets are not registered because the net code didn’t register your shots. so imagine the game engine trying to register 3000 crew for each ship. so each team has what, like 12 ships, so that’s an average of 36 000 crew members the game engine has to recognize individually. That’s tough stuff and way beyond gaming abilities as of right now, maybe in 5 years or so we can see mass game engine capabilities like that, but until then, this feature would crash even the best PC’s running the best game engine gaijin can work together. So, for me personally a simple mechanic such as individual module damage and critical functions to the ship needs to be destroyed in order to shink it, + if extensive flooding is happening, it will also ruin the modules and all that. not a difficult implementation.

    • @ mr loominati No no, I agree with you. The new Youtube comment system is stupid and mixes the responses. IMO, ships function in a way that it is possible to entirely ignore crew. As you say, knocking out critical modules should render a ship combat incapable. My complaint is that flooding plays such an insignificant role in this whereas it was not so in real life. Hitting the hull below the waterline, even if missed a critical module inside, should allow the ship to take water and start listing, losing combat effectiveness (cannot aim guns properly, maybe affect turning). And water should eventually engulf nearby modules and render them ineffective.

      Right now, it plays exactly like HP bars: Keep tanking damage without any consequence, the next shot *you died*…

    • i get your drift.

  19. uss alabama pls

  20. HOW U GET!!!

  21. I Would tanks planes and ships at one map

    • AutisticHungaryBall

      Personally i don’t think thats a good idea, planes okay but thank i don’t think so. You can see the fire rate on this thing. And on maps like jungle, one of the capping sites usually on the shore. So tanks just wouldn’t have a chance. An imagine if they put battleships in the game, those have 250mm or bigger caliber onboard

    • AutisticHungaryBall

      Good point… I do think planes and ships would be a great combo especially if they add carriers that you can use to assist your allied fighters in battle

    • I know MMA brought this up once in one of Chicken’s videos. He quotes “Speaking from a tankers perspective, I do agree, Air RB has been getting the short end of the stick for some time. HOWEVER, there are a few things that should be noted. Mainly that most of the French and Italian trees are meant for air RB gameplay. The only real exceptions to this are those nations tier V lineups which feature exceedingly potentially powerful ground attack aircraft like the F84G and the Vatour 2A and B.

      The amount of actual purpose designed ground attack aircraft in war thunder are actually quite small. What we mostly have are Fighter aircraft pressed into a ground attack role which is what makes aircraft like the Spitfire and the P-47 so popular.

      In addition you mentioned that most aircraft are geared towards ground RB, which is true and theres no denying that. But it isnt just because its easy, its been done because that was war thunders initial basic vision of a combined air land and sea battlefield without having to make three separate games like Wargaming has been forced to do. Now while we could argue till the end of time about the feasibility of naval combatants in this idea, its important to note that every single weapon of war is meant to do ONE THING and ONE THING only, and that is to support the G.I. with his rifle. Within War thunder, the closest thing we have to an infantry unit are tanks and as a result it not only makes sense from a gameplay perspective to have aircraft supporting the ground forces, but it also makes sense from a logical and historical standpoint.

      Now with that said, how should Aircraft become more relevant? Well here’s an idea, get rid of a standalone gamemode for aircraft and tanks and straight up combine the two. Now I know this sounds like either the worst idea you’ve ever heard, or a remake of what we already have, but hear me out on this one.

      I also want to preface my idea by saying that in order for this to work, the time per battle and number of players within a battle MUST increase. Preferably to 64 players minimum which provides teams with a tank team of 16 players and an aircraft team with 16 players with no ability to swap between them. With aircraft in current ground RB they do ONE thing, and that is strike tactical objectives like a heavy tank on a hill with a dominant firing position. But what if aircraft could play a real role in the STRATEGIC objectives not just the tactical ones within the same battle. A perfect example of this is logistics. By destroying logistical elements like enemy factories, trainyards, or supply lines, they dramatically influence the course of the battle on the ground. Say for example that by destroying a train carrying fuel and ammunition, the ability to respawn in heavy tanks on the ground is taken away for a particular team. This forces one team to either formulate an effective air response to deal with the enemy aircraft roving behind their lines knocking out their ground capabilities, or suffer a ground battle at a disadvantage as the loss of air superiority should be.

      Killing ground attackers and bombers with fighters should yield high benefits for a team, like for example defending that fuel train that will provide your tank team a bonus to the respawns or amount of heavy tanks they can bring to a fight should not only give you a certain multiplier for all other actions, but grant a significant bonus to what you would earn otherwise. In addition, fighters should gain an “escort bonus” that continually counts up when they are within a certain distance of bombers or ground attack aircraft. However, if the aircraft they are protecting is destroyed, they lose any extra money they would’ve gained by keeping that attacker alive until it destroys a strategic target. In addition staying in close proximity to squadmates and wingmen should also grant a similar bonus in and of itself.

      So what does this achieve? well if you make something profitable, logic states people will do it. And by encouraging the protection of strategic elements in an air RB team while destroying the enemies, you foster an environment where not only teamplay is encouraged, but also has real live benefits. In addition, Tanks will have to start off on a relatively even playing field and will depend on their air elements to not only provide tactical CAS like they are used to, but to also reduce their enemies capability to fight on an even playing field or even just to deny the enemy an advantage.

      This puts a reliance for tankers on the aircraft to provide them with an advantage to win the ground battle, while also forcing the aircraft to rely on the tankers to ultimately win the match by giving them the best advantages possible. And by making that cooperation profitable, it makes the matches far more competitive, profitable, and fun to play.

      Now this idea is not bullet-proof by any means and would need serious refinement but I do think that the core concept remains solid from both a historical and gameplay perspective. On the air side of things, it provides roles to seriously participate in pretty much any aircraft type. While at the same time encouraging teamwork through profits. On the tank side, it means that the aircraft are dependent on you to win the match and play to the best of your ability with what you have. If a team starts to go downhill both sides are responsible and not just one.”

    • AutisticHungaryBall

      Martian_Gaming yes, planes are okay, i would like to torpedo some real player who can turn away from it, not just some ai who moves in a line. That would be fun. Especially if they put battleships in the game.

    • you know you can torpedo ships right now vs real players my dude. take a plane like a wyvern or something and drop a torp. why did you think that’s impossible to do right now? Oxide actually made a montage of this stuff, but with RP-3’s.

  22. No torpedobeats. -Unwatchable-
    Just kidding. Nice video, hope you can upload more to show your opinion on the naval testing.

  23. More of it please

  24. when will war thunder naval forces come out

  25. Wiryan Tirtarahardja


  26. Try bf 109 k4

  27. emmmm

  28. I am going to point something out to you to make your life easier, you know how when you are aiming at a ship and the game adjust to its distance?. When that distance changes you can click your mouse wheel to adjust it for you, that way you can still aim right at them or you can adjust it with your mouse wheel manually.

  29. Phly please play the Ki-61-I hei, there is no Video of it on the Channel.
    Its more or less a german Plane, german Engine and 20mm MG151.
    Its time to mix The Way of the Warrior with Blitzkrieg.
    Attempt #4

  30. will they add cruisers? if they do that, goodbye world of warships and if battleships come, it will be time to uninstall world of warships

  31. Hi bro , how can i use the ship on warthunder? Because and i dont have any ship on my version of warth :^/

  32. follow me on myspace

  33. Metallicahardrocker

    wow so accurate these guns

  34. Hoch lebe das brausende Meer, hoch lebe die Seeräuberei.

  35. not gonna lie, ship gameplay looks boring as fuck…just spam shoot until someone dies.

  36. Challenge time for you Phly.

    Take out the american M10 at 5.3 br and try to infiltrate the enemy ersatz M10s.

    Attempt 1

    The Russians are attacking the Vaterland. on the whole german-german Border, they are breaking trough!
    Mobilize the Bundeswehr, until NATO-Forces arrive. For this, use the WHOLE of the german Tier VI in one Deck+the Cl13 Sabre. Play with 3 Friends, one uses US-Tier 6, one uses British, one uses the French.
    Try to play mostly Fulda and get us some epic Clips!
    Good luck…the whole of the west relies in you.

    (Also, Bier and Schnitzel if gut enough.)

    Attempt what ever

  38. Does war thunder need to improve their naval forces?
    Agree or disagree. Your choice.

  39. So is the naval version only for for PC sorry I’m a PS4 scrub

  40. Okay, that’s even better than WOWS. A lot better!

  41. Phly said “war thunder naval forces back in the day is so easy that an actual potato could play it”

  42. Robert den Blaauwen

    Will there be realistic flooding mechanics? Cause that would be great.

  43. Make ontos bush tank ;PRAY AND SPRAY!!!!!!

  44. Ammo rack simulator

  45. Hey McPhly! Idea for a miniseries! Create a premium vehicles buying guide by playing the regularly available premium vehicle and then reviewing them at the end of the video. It would be great to know which tanks should be purchased and which to avoid.

  46. Can’t wait till they make this more available to the general public

  47. Blaze_Bomber Tanki Online

    Phly, next on #LovingTheUnloved
    Take out The Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #49 (?)

  48. Please just put the all of the ship types, please! It would be great and I wouldn’t care if the game is slow paced, it would be awesome

  49. Attempt #13: play the bunker on tracks, the mighty tortoise!

  50. I really regret spending $30 on a naval pack when I can never test the thing due to the random ass test schedule. why can’t they just run a server all weekend instead of for 5 hrs at a time.

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