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  2. Happy 1 mill phlyDaily

  3. get out of my property – watch your profanity.

  4. Ur logo. Lol

  5. The moment Phly said “Balls of steal!”, I couldn’t help but cover my face with a short chuckle and give this vid a like, “this” is the type of content I subbed for and should only get better as more dad jokes appear. XD

  6. Star Wars isn’t real life 🙁

  7. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 103 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  8. Who else just noticed his prof pic

  9. Funny. Yesterday I stumbled upon a poem called “Death of The Ball Turret Gunner”


    I see the dad jokes are finally kicking in

  11. 2:46
    that sound “A..hae”

  12. when the tank IS the spaced armor

  13. How many flak shells does it take to cook a chicken? Something tells me Phly knows the answer.

  14. Metal ball turret?
    This reminds me a sponsor.

  15. Scratching my pair of kugelbiltz while watching this video. The 73 dislikes are from planes shot down.

  16. Attempt 8. Play the Ho-Ro with only HE and shotgunning

  17. Johnathan KONSTANTARAS

    Congrats phly

  18. Me playing warthunder:
    Oneshot every kugelblitz in the game with every round from the start of kugelblitz existing.

    Hides in simple bush and remains undetected for whole battle
    Get shot from 2km in the deep of the forest behind thousand of trees and bushes. Seems like I’m the only one who play game with this green things.

  19. my favourite youtube channel

  20. I remember the time i got 10 planes in 1 game hahahaha the tank is from hell

  21. i still prefer old intro

  22. Do I sense a T95 inbound… slowly

  23. Ey bud congrats on 1Mil

  24. What the song in the intro? The rap one

  25. i love your thanksgiving profile picture

  26. Noobaryblue _YT GAMING

    I didn’t know it was you CUZ of the pfp

  27. Why I read the title as Ball torture at first.

  28. Remember when this thing spewed out 1200 rounds in a never ending stream of pure hatred, and didn’t overheat? Those were the days.

  29. Yo phly, can you bring up the old sayion song that you always use it in the old days, please cus it’s dam amazing song.


  31. I mean fation

  32. Not sure if you read this, but that background music gets old really quickly. It’s quite cheesy music per nation. This royalty free oktoberfest/french arcordeon/russian hardbass… I prefered the old style with no music/situational music but not that constant background “noise”.

  33. Phly, What is your channels profile picture?

  34. we really need the full hvap belt back for the kugelblitz ….. i miss those days :'(

  35. 2020 Phly Discovers Oscillating turrets

  36. i see every time in the lider bord german AA tanks and he has Monthly tank and plane kills
    this video is the best way to explain why german AA on of the best AA tank’s on the historie are

  37. Wadefok happend to ur logo

  38. Glad that things on my side.

  39. I heard a rumor phly won’t pin this comment

  40. Bolter, star wars ?!

  41. Wtf is the profile picture!

  42. Playing spaa when the new power update comes will be epic

  43. The Scotish Clone Trooper

    Kugelblitz is cancer, hence the name, kugelcancer
    Attempt 92: please take the crusader mk.3 to 5
    3, the heavy solid shot teabag mk.9 can go through the UFP of tigers at 100 meters

  44. congrats on 1 mil

  45. На русском: чё с авой?
    In English: what’s up with Ava?

  46. Woah phloppy woppy

  47. OI MATE

  48. what is phlys picture🤣🤣

  49. I have a question: How the crew can see all plane on the sky with a roof and no radar ?

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