Kunze Panzer – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – Kunze Panzer. Here comes the first of two reward vehicles from the 2021 battle pass! Sleek, small and powerful it’s the Kunze Panzer!


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Played a few matches and I feel that the siege mode is kinda useless as the gun is pretty accurate as it is… The trade off in reload speed in exchange for extra WOT “RNG accuracy” and a few extra degrees in gun depression with a paper turret is not worth it.

  2. 19:51, it’s a bear!

  3. I think most people are just going to use the non-siege mode, and sometimes switch to the siege mode for some long range sniper shots.

  4. Why does it look Russian?

  5. “I never had any marbles to begin with anyways”.. I’m sure you could have phrased that better xD

  6. Krzysztof Ciechanowski

    it`s realy nice tank, but I`m afraid that I have to wait for that until next year or two, because I dont want to pay for it in this battle pass 🙁

  7. So wargaming really hates German tanks..

  8. Um, the arty shot looked to have gone right through your tank XD

  9. I love my WZ-120, would I love the Kunze Panzer?

  10. The Kpz 50 t is going to be on sale on the next season of ranked, right ?

  11. Hey QB nothing on this vid ,want your advice on on what tank to go for a phase 1 or object 777 thanks or if anyone else want to chip in

  12. I do have to say that this is one of the most interesting tank that WG ever made

  13. This tank just makes no sense. What’s the point of all this when you put it next to the PTA. Entering siege mode in a paper medium tank is just going to be a death sentence, and outside of it it’s a PTA with a damaged gun.

  14. My birthday is coming up, i guess ill give wg some money for the battle pass so that i can get this tank since it looks really fun!

  15. Horrible ad placements Quicky

  16. This tank is like playing a game with a reverse y-axes on the mouse. I mean, it’s playable, but good luck enjoying it.

  17. So a tier 9 STB with worse DPM? Word.

  18. Hey KunzePanzer, why are you so tilt? kappa

  19. “I just wanted to point out that I never had marbles to begin with…” XD I love it. Never change, QB.

  20. I played with this tank on my team yesterday. It was played by matikrosbi… does anyone know him/her? I asked about the tank cause i guessed it wss new but got no answer until now.

  21. What wg seems to have tried with this tank is very interesting. To be honest, I quite like their thinking here. Would I get this tank? No, mainly because I’m not good enough to use it

  22. Deadspace2 … that´s a game 😀

  23. Greg & Nancy Spear


  24. I thought they changed the turbo so it doesnt work in siege anymore?

  25. Why cant it work like the STB1???

  26. Dez has review of the K-91-PT out today for anyone interested

  27. Well it looks and plays different, so I guess that’s a good thing for the variety in the game.
    I will deffo pick it up, not sure about the full p2w expectations of all the whales though.

    Although maybe that’s why we had so few gold sales in the black market event this year!

  28. SPG would love this tank very well..

  29. a tier 9 Indien-Panzer with hydraulics??

  30. So it‘s like an stb 1 just with lower dpm and the need to switch to get that gun handling

  31. qb: mentioning swedish meds constantly

    stb1 be like: am i a joke to you?

  32. Please no drama, just dont buy/drive this tank wich will solve all problems ….. and future ones.

  33. I was playing on the NA server earlier this morning and guess what I saw…. one of these and the player tore up the game with over 6,000 damage and a top gun. He made it look effortless. How he got it so quickly…. must have been a CC… I didn’t save the replay.

  34. They basically screwed free to play players once again.

  35. 20:25 he is not anonymized. The name is right there on the screen xD

  36. Could you win any new tanks in previous battle passes?

  37. Well, I’d place a bet that in 2 months wg will introduce a new, __russian__ medium line with 12+6=18 degrees of gun depression. Just watch.

  38. This tank seems like it take a little bit too much micro managing in order to get the most out of it. Which is very situational, as the match progresses……and you get charged let’s say you will often times forget and not be playing it optimal.

  39. FrenchFry_McFlurry44

    A bit off topic, but I just played wot console and it is awful! Anyone know why it’s so different?

  40. Thanks QuickyBaby for talkin about the mental health you pay with for playing WoT.
    I got 3 bounty in the previous 3 battle passes one per battle pass.
    With the new battle pass you grind as much as the previous 3 battle passes combined.
    4 hours a day for 3 months for a medal, no bounty equipment, not even one.
    At least it’s fun fighting +2 tiers with your 75% crew, first gun, first engine stock vehicle, cause you need so many vehicles.
    The engine is on fire, the turret is stuck, the loader bought the farm.

  41. So when I am playing steel hunter I am earning only battle pass tokens? You wont be able to get tanks playing only stell hunter and frontline?

  42. CZ: Kunda Panzer

  43. “Potatobaby” 😂

  44. Fuck war gaming

  45. still think udes 16 and cent 7/1 are just all round more solid tanks ! also anyone watching the chat in the last game ? classic wot game right there

  46. how does the battle pass work? im a new player

  47. Retropaintball clips

    Blackmarket 2022 : kunzerpanzer, startbid 50 million…

  48. Grind a bit of everything. I hate Steel Hunter and find Frontline boring after a couple of days,and unbearable, after a couple of seasons.

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