KV-1 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

First Ace in the , with just a “little” bit of luck.

Play for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. Kv-1 is very good tank for newbies / gain experiences / gain money.

    57mm is very good but for T-34, MM+2 have big problem (maximum pen with
    gold but small damage)
    85 mm is for THIS tank, rof is not bad, good pen and good damage for MM+2
    122 mm have bad rof, troll gun (1 shoot = more damage, next = 0) but HEAT
    is very powerfull.
    76mm is.. no don’t use this :=)

  2. More Likes to Osiris..Just leave him a like guys

  3. Luck of the Irish … or troll KV-1?

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +osirish And also, it’d be nice if you’d do a video using all the different
      guns for the KV-1. (apart from the 76… that gun is crap)

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +osirish WG don’t favor the Russian’s at all…

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