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I Got Married! (00:00)
New Dog! (01:25)
KV-1 Sport (03:16)
Game 1 (05:13)
Game 2 (15:59)
End Of Phun (21:59)


  1. Frederick Sullivan

    KV-1 – ew no

    Kliment Voroshilov Mk 1 – Yea

  2. Is it possible to learn this power called girlfriend in high school

    Edit: Just girlfriend in general

  3. Thank you. You rock and your still hotter then ever

  4. Congratulations !!

  5. In Soviet Russia, All Tank is Sport. Also, all Sport is Tank. Congratulations Phlee and Mrs Phlee + Petey!

  6. The fact phlippy is so calmly dominating the enemy team in game on is depressing for myself. I’m over here being the first death of the game with no other decent vehicles for the br

  7. You should make a video with the spitfire and call it how to spitfire

  8. Happy marriage phily from india

  9. When the hell did you grow a ‘stache?

  10. Congratulations Phly! I hope you two are very happy!

  11. Love the dog

  12. Congrats phly!

  13. Congrats PhloppyWoppy!
    BTW, love the Halloween picture u got!

  14. Stalin’s wedding gift

  15. Alexandro Triantafilo

    Are we part of the family phly ?

  16. Congrats

  17. sporks international

    congrats on the marrige.

  18. Congratulations to you and your husband.

  19. Phly im so happy for you. Congrats man

  20. Ricardo Santino Esmundo

    Play the M4A3 105 mini jumbo

  21. Congrats Phly!

  22. I Like new PFP!

  23. Congratulations to both of you and thanks for your great vids too ! Lovely dog too ^_^ ours died a few weeks ago from an agressive cancer, he was an ex assistance dog and was the sweetest (and let’s face it, sometimes the dumbest….). Thanks for giving yours another chance at a good life !! Take care !

  24. Congratulations phly

    What your honeymoon?

  26. Congretz!

  27. Phly im so happpppyyyyyyyyyy for you!!!

  28. phly.. i blame you for promoting spawncamping in putting yourself into positions where other players do not enjoy playing the game. i know i will take alot of flak from this comment from your community but i don’t care and also congrats on being a husband now

  29. I really like his stache

  30. Congratulations Phly boy!

  31. Congratulations Phly!!

  32. Congrats Phly!!!!!

  33. can you teach others how to be god tier in this game? I would also like to get more than one kill (when lucky) a match and almost get bored with wins

  34. Congrats to the both of You! But seriously, in 9 months Phly announces he became a father and then he vanishes due to not being able to sleep the whole day :O

  35. good luck too u man and happy hallowen

  36. do a vid on the Italian f104s, its the fastest plane in the game

  37. Happy for you !!!

  38. Congratulations Mr. & Ms. Phly. So she put a ring on it good for her. 🙂

  39. gongrats phly

  40. Grats man

  41. CONGRAAAATS PHLY!! don’t worry man, I’m staying subbed to ur channel. too much phun to ignore!

  42. Glad for you Steve have a happy marriage

  43. make a video whit here

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