KV-122 – POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

ϟ -Want Free GE?
-2 – POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER ( Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. I vote for the Easy Eight, the M4A3 Sherman (76); the APHE buff, as well as
    the Ez8’s HVSS makes on-the-move tank duels absolutely lovely. If you’re
    doing Combined Arms, I always use the P-47 and/or the F6F, but you just did
    a ’47 vid, and almost every US tank you do, you seem to use the Tiny Tims
    anyway, so you’re call.

  2. i love the ability to one shot with a 40 mm Pak gun

  3. what is this bs music phly!?!?!??!?! GO BACK TO OLD MUSIC INTRO!!!


  5. Russian Accuracy Comrades

  6. Play the Sabre!!

  7. KV-1S and PE-2 soviet steel sends stuggs scattering

  8. pls the zis-30

  9. kv1s is in this game..

  10. russian bias agian

  11. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    i give up this is my last attempt #40
    phly plz play.tje sherman firefly and the mosquito fighter bomber out for a
    fot the queen phly….

  12. Luis Martinez Gamboa

    Dude someone can send me a tutorial to range a target recently a star to
    play sim battle and I don’t have any idea how to shoot so I shoot like 5 or
    6 shoots to hit a target so I want to practice ???

  13. yay phly say some a good thing about wot my 2 fave game

  14. Hey Phly can you play the KV 122 ty

  15. 10:51 that was one of the most unluckiest dead by arty that i ever seen…
    Sent that to thundershow Phly!

  16. Rest in Peace pre-0.9.3 Tier 6 KV-1S. You will always be missed.

  17. Thanks for doing this after I requested it about half a dozen times.

  18. Anonymous McAnonymous

    ZUT-37 and Zhukovsky’s I-153!

  19. Dear PhlyDaily plz react to Hell of the War(Short War Moive2016)

  20. the ISU-122 had the 122mm at 5.7 for a long time lol, just no turret

  21. Fly out the new American jet F9F-8 Cougar

  22. Hey phly try a sim battle

  23. this tank is a kv1s meaning a kv 1 + is

  24. 0:23 what is “thunder war” phly?

  25. PLZ play the M4A3E2!!

  26. Phly, please bring back old intro song! I loved coming home from school and
    hearing that song wth you hyping shouting, “WELCOME BACK TO THE

  27. sees lineup…



  28. DarknessDragonTR [Efe]

    get the rarest tank you know in wt phly 3th atteptmaskl(derp verb vol.3097

  29. Thunder war???

  30. The MAUS Pls……..Its been absent for a long long time to be fair. Give
    the beast a chance.
    Let Zeeeee germans have funzzzzzzz…

  31. how do you have so much gold eagles ?

  32. I liked the way you did the JagdTiger video FUNNY AF…try to make more
    videos like that ;)

  33. What is the intro song?

  34. Great job with the volume levels and managing the peaking, Phly. Really
    great editing work! :)

  35. I enjoyed the Jagdtiger video more tbh.

    Not enough random alien messages and “how to —- By Phly” tips in this

  36. PHLY PLEASE PLAY TIGER H1(23Rounds) AND FW190 F-8(Max Bombs)

  37. pff Panther reverse is only 4km/h ! which sucks so bad.

  38. Nice intro

  39. I like WT and I also like WoT

  40. KV-122 is good, but the IS-2 is better!

  41. That shit must take a day to reload irl, having the back bit of the
    ammunition beneath you can’t be very effective.


  43. Jagdpanther and FW190 please :)

  44. could you please play the tiger porsche with its hybrid engine

  45. that Comet I you killed at 7:33 was me ?

  46. Hey fly, you like big cannons? Play the t-44-122 and choose the plane

  47. this tank is basically an SU-122 with an is-1 turant and a kv chassie

  48. Grant Wiggo (FriendlyGamingManner)

    “welcome to some thunder war” :/

  49. when u got that shot to dip in for that tiger kill, I do that all the time
    with my kv2

  50. thats just a kv 1 with a dt122 mm gun with is-1 turret

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