KV-13 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

I over on twitch 5days a so come check me out!


  1. Classic Foch, a blast. Блять Gun!

  2. Holy shit, Foch, I have missed you.

  3. XD , one of your best upload Mr. Foch !

  4. DeathInYourEyes1992

    Blyat I’m dead.

  5. *Much cyka very blyat. wow. 11/10*

  6. ‘Tiger poo on hill’

  7. Oh my, this is like the KV-1S review all over again!

  8. I noticed you earned 2 Bonds for that battle. How the heck? I thought you could only earn those in “all Tier X” battles…?

  9. ThiS was FantastiCLY Funny !

  10. Lol the gunner is too drunk.

  11. i really do like this gopnik influence, seems bljad like what this channel needs more of, bljad

  12. “You are so close, that you can’t miss even if you are unconscious” Best comment of the match.

  13. Mohammed Aldarwish

    FOCH!! YOU ARE A LEGEND. Thanks for making me loling for 11 minutes non-stop.

  14. This was very funny to me

  15. HAHHH, best Commentary :)))


  17. this need to be a recurring thing, comedy gold blyat pizdets!!!

  18. Vodka best

  19. I had to keep rolling the video back because I was laughing so hard! I need some vodka now!

  20. don’t even play game anymore, still love this channel.

  21. omfg I just shit my pants from laughing!

  22. saw it on stream, but the professional commentary makes it special

  23. I want to squad with Foch, Ivan and the asskhole Kolya!

  24. Don’t fuckin’ do it again this 30 hours stream… is not healthy….

  25. Sorry, had to downvote, that voice just got old and annoying very quickly(imo) and I couldn’t go past 2 mins in the video.

  26. Facking hilarious dude, you da man.

  27. kv13, very good, no need to aim, HE do dmg every single time da

  28. I watched what the POS T-25/2 player did on your team…Jesus why do those kind of people even play????

  29. Great video as always! However for those of us who wants to do achievements like this I suggest a easier -biased- tank to play: The A-44. Tank is faster, heavier and has 2 guns for different achievements: 57mm for permatracks and firestarting and 107 for outtrading some heavies/TDs.

  30. The one and only Foch – never change !

  31. The gunner is too drunk he was so excited about the ramming kill blyat he fucking down entire bottle blyat…You Fuckin made my day SirFoch 😀

  32. when you know foch hates russian tanks. hahaha

  33. Hilariouis! Good Stuff Foch

  34. Loved the ammo rack shot!
    Thumbs up!

  35. best replay ive seen to date!

  36. Ivan tank u saving his house, u get Vodka next time

  37. Laughed my butt off watching this Foch, don’t ever change.

  38. That was hilarious Foch, he drink too much vodka, wait ,,, cant  drink too much vodka,, pretty funny you could keep that up all game!!

  39. Good job comrade, wodka for you!

  40. Tiger Poo

    made my day xD

  41. “Drink vodka but be smart”…..
    But Foch…..Drinking vodka isn’t smart blyat…..hahaha

  42. anyone know which stream this is from?
    wanna watch the original video 🙂 ?

  43. Big gun blyat! No barrel blyat! No aim just shoot at tank at stalin will hit blyat

  44. Put big gun on it! Have big alpha make it premium! And we will have good primium blyats

  45. You don’t have head anymore blyat!

  46. Hopefully and da XDXD

  47. tiger poop 😀

  48. Кристиян Лазаров

    This comment , man !! ? made my day.. ?

  49. That voice like fingernails down a blackboard

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