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  1. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 93 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.


  3. 145 GJN everyone, why even bother making this video.

  4. War Thunder physics at their A game

  5. MD-8 fuze shell is not that good for KV. I’ve done all my work with the higher velocity stock MD-5 fuze👉😼

  6. Grungar von Drachen

    Phour point oh?

  7. aleya the furry wolf

    I want this tank badly

  8. Sherman’s side armor is a joke, angling usually just makes it a coin flip

  9. Suomi mainittu! Tiedätte missä tavataan!

  10. Man who had a stroke in 2004

    Day 1 of making phly play cancer machine stug 42

  11. I love how Phly’s username converts to the forbidden letter F

  12. Finish more like Chinese copy

  13. If you look at protection analysis you can see the 100mm upper glacis and the 50mm turret neck combine to be 150mm near the interface. This is how they have broken the game at the moment with volumetric shells as the shell interacts with both plates and gaijin is adding them together.

    • Should’ve said these values are the flat equivalent protection on the T34 ’42

    • Same if you look at the turret side in armour view. Where the centrally modelled plate interfaces with the one nearer the front (or back), where they join , protection analysis shows combined armour thickness (for like a few pixels). I think this is what is leading to trolly armour.

    • And if you look at the intersection of those two plates and the turret mounted track armour, you can get over 170mm of protection which should be around 70mm

  14. I have a question what is the best way to get silver lions

  15. This tank had caused me pain and agony

  16. The KV-1B is what the Banished from halo would make

  17. dude have u never play the t72? i cant find a vid of you playing it. sm1 link me or this guy has to play it, im up to the t55, and holy shit am i destroying with it

  18. The ballistic cap, was a long and pointed cap fitted to a projectile to reduce air resistance in flight. So actually increasing penetration at medium and long ranges, because of the reduce deceleration by air resistance and consequent higher striking velocity. Plus some people believed that the cap ‘gripped’ the metal surface and was less like to deflect.

  19. “Can we put some PH’s in the comments”


    Battery acid: 1
    Stomach acid: 2-3
    Milk: 6.7
    Baking soda: 9
    Ammonia: 11
    Bleach: 12.5-13

  20. that intro was so great 😀

  21. I’m not sure what’s worse, this at 4.0 or the KV-1C at 4.7. It’s nuts that Germany gets two of the best KV variants in the game

  22. With T-34-57 moved to 4.7 this thing is unstoppable

  23. Driver’s Hatch should do it while using the M10 or T34-57

  24. Phour point zero

  25. That’s a UK plug not stonk Soviet Stalinium Bias Machine

  26. Gotta bounce ’em all!

  27. worst game i’ve seen from phly. Lazy waste of time on lazy potato shots.

  28. I love how the thumbnail tricked me

  29. This is PHour.0

  30. The 2nd map he played on thats the map where all The mw 2 bush campers go

  31. 2nd attempt
    Drive out in leopard A1A1 with apfsds

  32. I was baited Phly! I wanted three guns!

  33. So close to 1m

  34. for the people that dont know

    capped shells are horrible at angles
    balistic capped are strong against angles
    capped balisting capped are like capped but better over distance, that’s why T-34-85 with the APHEBC can kinda pen the panther at 0 meters away while the panther with with APCBC with 198mm of pen (dont remember exacly) has more trouble than the T 34

  35. Will

  36. Make

  37. Comment

  38. Hey phly could you please take out the pt-76 with APCR only? Attempt #3

  39. Phinland or Phunland 🙂


  41. u are like general in napoleon’s wars, just sitting on hill and watch on the battlefield.

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