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Thanks Beckett for putting this together


  1. merrik van grinsven

    Attempt #2 take out the russian KV85 please phly

  2. It looks retarded, should not work but is stupidly effective in the face of all logic. This thing is a Dalek.

  3. Deja Vu?… huh didnt i see this before? :S

  4. KV-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

  5. Phly we loved the last version : (

  6. ok i was like WTF!! lol

  7. Totaly not reposted

  8. 20 million people died because of stalin and you put him on your thumbnail. Well done…. next time put hitler on it – downvote

  9. 90%: “Hey Phly, Isn’t this a reupload?”
    9%: Other shit
    1%: My comment

    *Seriously, **_shut the fuck up_** about the reupload*

  10. I searched kv-2 and saw this, *i definitely need to watch this

  11. Left after two solid minutes of looking at razors

  12. Seth_Gaming P01N3R

    Hey Phly you should play the Prendergast’s Spitfire FR Mk XIVe I would like to see how others play it

  13. Those one wipe Charlie’s never work in one wipe. Maybe I just spray shit errywhere

  14. Reupload’ent

  15. Smurf In Disguise

    Bro i was freaked out when i saw this because i felt like i saw it before and THANK GOD I DID. Please Phly no do this again.

  16. Airborne Artillery


  17. Loving the unloved! play out the M41A1 Walker Bulldoge And see if it still plays up to the 6.0 Meta!

    Try #1

  18. old one… LAME … come on phly cheese steak

  19. kv -2_king_derp !

    Re upload

  20. U sirious wotb Tons of badges?

    66,6 reload 0-0

  21. You have never played the t95E1

    Attempt #1


  23. We are reuploaded comrade

  24. thegreatshamelessone

    Made of Stalinium alloy and powered by the souls of dead Soviet infantry.

  25. AmericanMoron playz

    Challenge use a T34 85 to take out 4 german panther’s

  26. Ūnited Statesss _OF_AMERICA

    I woked up and saw this shit , I was like deja vu because I just ate a sushi ,before I slept

    going commit sudoku for that joke

  27. I think it’s more likely to be KKKV-2

  28. Your hardest challenge yet… take out a Tiger E with only ONE SHELL of your choosing, you will only be able to replenish your ammunition in captured zones… good luck

  29. After seeing what was on pgs 10 & 13 of the Reader I became fearful of what the Member Handbook might have in store… “Member”…. seemed like a theme was taking form…

  30. Ok here is the thing phily. I watch your videos every-time I unlock a new tank because I honestly don’t know which ammo/bullets to choose. I like how you explain stuff. So, can you make a video explaining ammo and all that? I still don’t know what they mean even though I’m rank 3 in (American, German, USSR and British). Lol. And yes I am a NOOB! even though I got get high scores.

  31. He went back in time !?!

  32. We need Air to air Stalin guided missiles for Po-2

  33. can you BTD again?

  34. immemorialwatcher

    editing error?
    oh, this must be why i fell asleep last time i saw it.

  35. Didn’t he upload this video

  36. Play world of warships

  37. Phly please give the S.O.8000 some love on this channel! It has been 2 patches and you have only previewed it!
    And now when the 20s been buffed its 6, nose mounted MG 151 will rip apart everything it sees!
    And more phlydaily needed.


  38. Yah yah yah yah yah yah
    Like if you remembered that

  39. Hey!! Phily what would u do if War thunder decided to add battleships in which ship would u pick??
    Mine would be IJN YAMATO

  40. Данијел Данијел

    he already uploaded this video..prob copyright, he had to remove it and upload again

  41. If this tank really existed ,I do think it would have been the first and only able to do a back somersault firing all its guns 😀

  42. Estariol Sternenbrut

    I can’t even remember the said editing error xD

  43. Play the t95e1 phly

  44. Ten’nō no tame ni, anata wa KI – 44 o hikō shi, Nihon no hontō no chikara o shimesudeshou! ! ! ! Banzai! ! ! ! Banzai

    For the emperor, you will fly the KI-44 and show the true might of japan!!!! banzai!!!! banzai


  46. Just started playing war thunder thanks to Xbox , any tips on The US aviation??

  47. 저사양게이머이윤기

    Hmm… I felt Deja vu.

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