KV-2, But Like Never Seen Before! | World of Tanks KV-2 Accuracy Build New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I have one very special for you, featuring The Legendary -2 with the most accurate possible build, the best accuracy on that tank + I am going host another contest for stuff.

Enjoy the show!


  1. What ridiculous thing you would like to see me testing out next?
    Have an Absolutely Fantastic day, my friends! 🙂 Also, Good Luck in the giveaways! 🔥❤

  2. The RNG is broken with this setup 😅
    You can autoaim when driving and hit stationary vehicles 😂
    Nickname : pojebootins
    Server : EU

  3. Server: EU
    Nickname: Noobmania_DanuT
    You said positivity? I oneshooted a batchat 25t in my trashbarn. Ugh , juicy

  4. Name: Mascotte_420
    Server: EU
    Something positive!! 🙂 I love your vids… keep up the good work!

  5. username :Vukoslav
    server : EU
    Omg acurate derp king is soooo awesome

  6. Name: attila0099
    Server: EU
    Life is beautiful no matter what.

  7. nick:matildaabg
    make e50m ram video or complilation

  8. AmazingGamingplayz

    Name: lollingdominik123
    Server: EU

    The KV-2 is a big boi

  9. Sándor Cselószki

    Ingame name: cselo
    Server: EU

    I like that you try even the wildest setups on the tanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. When I need to unwind I just hop in my Pudel and chew up all the little guys. If that isn’t good enough the BT-7 Art. is basically a fast T3 KV-2
    IGN: Mr__Sparkly__Face
    Server: NA

  11. Name: GuruTuru1986
    Server: EU
    KV2 make bast way to die 🙂

  12. Name: snipergang
    Server: NA

    i tried the build out before, it actually is a big help

  13. Ilaskhan Mirzakhanov

    nickname: ilaskan
    sever: eu
    have a great day and remeber to play with friends

    Server: Eu
    I love pandas

  15. Username : corse2000
    Server : EU
    Dez you’re giving us a better 10th WOT anniversary than wargaming itself, all hail king Dez

  16. You can never go wrong with the KV-2
    Server: EU

  17. Username: _Hige_
    Server: EU

    Something positive? … hmm … I got it, a Proton

  18. name: JustAGamerNL2017

    haha i had this build already before this vid but jeah the main thing u need to trust is stalin XD (I am dutch i need that tank haha) 50 weed 50 see XD

  19. Really appreciate the content and commentary from your videos. Keep it up and may your supports and yourself grow 😊😊

  20. Name: maxmagnus
    Server: Eu

    I love your channel and your giveaways.

  21. Nickname: TheDomsy
    Server: EU

    Dude this channel growed quiet a bit and I think it’s beautifull. Keep doping great work we are here for you.

  22. Name: Rollender_Tod
    Server: EU
    There can’t be too many KV-2 videos 🙂 Always happy to see one.

  23. user: Disagio666
    server: EU

    Those kv2 games made my day!

  24. Name: TheSilentOne333
    Server: NA
    ** Of course I am a subscriber! **

    I think it’s awesome that even though the world is going crazy, all of us tankers can laugh and have a good time together.
    I hope you are staying safe, Dez.

  25. In my opinion, vertical stabilizer, vents and gun rammer is still the best option for many mediums!
    Nickname: henerum
    Server: EU

    Server: EU
    Name: hendrik2468

  27. Name: flightSS221
    server: Asia

    I hope everyone is doing good in the mental health department, because I’m not

  28. Name: Norrlander
    Server: EU
    That was a lovely episode!

  29. Name: Woltkiller15
    Server: EU

    Keep up the good work💪 We as tankers will defeat COVID-19 with our accurate KV-2’s!

  30. Abdullah Aldulaimi

    Been watching you for quite some time probably 2 years or more and I really like you kv-2 build
    Sever : North America
    Username: Mad_Baby_95

  31. most accurate kv2 shooting only gold 😳
    username: lbla123 USC server

  32. Keep it up Dez good work

  33. Name: Mas1sko
    Server: EU

    Everyone is bad at start. Don’t be sad, if you fail. Next battle can be better… <3

  34. I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  35. Server EU
    Name lucnos
    I love your video’s i watch them all

  36. This was really fun to watch as well as being informative. Ty Dez, keep on tanking.

    User: Mac869
    Server: EU

  37. Name : baeminhan
    Server: SEA

    KV-2 become a king in his tier.. really nice to see !

  38. Stuff
    EU server

    Subbed here for years but only just started watching your Twitch streams (subbed with prime there!) Great content as always Dez!

  39. edmunds miščenko

    Name: lacis112
    Server: EU
    Well the kv-2 is legendary and love that build

  40. Name: Sniper2_2015
    Server: EU
    In a KV 2 you dont care for MM 🙂

  41. Name: Antsa_23
    Server: EU
    Your videos are helping me a lot to get through this pandemic 🙂

  42. Smile like Stalin smiled when Germany invaded Russia in the winter!
    Name: TobitzaEzMmr
    Server: EU

  43. Name: krupis1989
    Server: EU

    GL and HF 😀

  44. Name: oldone
    Server: EU

    Thanks for the content – the fun times, and for all the useful information.

  45. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    positive energy only comes from when you shout russia and hit someone for 1000 damage 😀
    name: NKkrisz

  46. Well I want to be positive, but I just lost 11 games in a row :C. Those dammed ferrari french “tanks”. Hope you are doing better than me C:

    EU : NeverBeAlone07

  47. NightNight The Fox

    Name: NightNight77
    Server: EU

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I said something positive

  48. You cant have a bad Day in wot if you start your sesion screaming “russia”
    Server : EU
    Name : MSebicuuu28

  49. dude, you are amazing. keep up the good work!
    43615 on EU

  50. Gorston Gorstontopus

    Name: Gurkensalat_2016
    Server: EU

    Im trying to 3 mark the IS-M rn need some beasty help here 😛

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