KV-2, But Like Never Seen Before! | World of Tanks KV-2 Accuracy Build New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I have one very special episode for you, featuring The Legendary KV-2 with the most accurate possible build, the accuracy on that tank + I am going to host another contest for free stuff.

Enjoy the show!


  1. What ridiculous thing you would like to see me testing out next?
    Have an Absolutely Fantastic day, my friends! 🙂 Also, Good Luck in the giveaways! 🔥❤

  2. The RNG is broken with this setup 😅
    You can autoaim when driving and hit stationary vehicles 😂
    Nickname : pojebootins
    Server : EU

  3. Server: EU
    Nickname: Noobmania_DanuT
    You said positivity? I oneshooted a batchat 25t in my trashbarn. Ugh , juicy

  4. Name: Mascotte_420
    Server: EU
    Something positive!! 🙂 I love your vids… keep up the good work!

  5. username :Vukoslav
    server : EU
    Omg acurate derp king is soooo awesome

  6. Name: attila0099
    Server: EU
    Life is beautiful no matter what.

  7. nick:matildaabg
    make e50m ram video or complilation

  8. AmazingGamingplayz

    Name: lollingdominik123
    Server: EU

    The KV-2 is a big boi

  9. Sándor Cselószki

    Ingame name: cselo
    Server: EU

    I like that you try even the wildest setups on the tanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. When I need to unwind I just hop in my Pudel and chew up all the little guys. If that isn’t good enough the BT-7 Art. is basically a fast T3 KV-2
    IGN: Mr__Sparkly__Face
    Server: NA

  11. Name: GuruTuru1986
    Server: EU
    KV2 make bast way to die 🙂

  12. Name: snipergang
    Server: NA

    i tried the build out before, it actually is a big help

  13. Ilaskhan Mirzakhanov

    nickname: ilaskan
    sever: eu
    have a great day and remeber to play with friends

    Server: Eu
    I love pandas

  15. Username : corse2000
    Server : EU
    Dez you’re giving us a better 10th WOT anniversary than wargaming itself, all hail king Dez

  16. You can never go wrong with the KV-2
    Server: EU

  17. Username: _Hige_
    Server: EU

    Something positive? … hmm … I got it, a Proton

  18. name: JustAGamerNL2017

    haha i had this build already before this vid but jeah the main thing u need to trust is stalin XD (I am dutch i need that tank haha) 50 weed 50 see XD

  19. Really appreciate the content and commentary from your videos. Keep it up and may your supports and yourself grow 😊😊

  20. Name: maxmagnus
    Server: Eu

    I love your channel and your giveaways.

  21. Nickname: TheDomsy
    Server: EU

    Dude this channel growed quiet a bit and I think it’s beautifull. Keep doping great work we are here for you.

  22. Name: Rollender_Tod
    Server: EU
    There can’t be too many KV-2 videos 🙂 Always happy to see one.

  23. user: Disagio666
    server: EU

    Those kv2 games made my day!

  24. Name: TheSilentOne333
    Server: NA
    ** Of course I am a subscriber! **

    I think it’s awesome that even though the world is going crazy, all of us tankers can laugh and have a good time together.
    I hope you are staying safe, Dez.

  25. In my opinion, vertical stabilizer, vents and gun rammer is still the best option for many mediums!
    Nickname: henerum
    Server: EU

    Server: EU
    Name: hendrik2468

  27. Name: flightSS221
    server: Asia

    I hope everyone is doing good in the mental health department, because I’m not

  28. Name: Norrlander
    Server: EU
    That was a lovely episode!

  29. Name: Woltkiller15
    Server: EU

    Keep up the good work💪 We as tankers will defeat COVID-19 with our accurate KV-2’s!

  30. Abdullah Aldulaimi

    Been watching you for quite some time probably 2 years or more and I really like you kv-2 build
    Sever : North America
    Username: Mad_Baby_95

  31. most accurate kv2 shooting only gold 😳
    username: lbla123 USC server

  32. Keep it up Dez good work

  33. Name: Mas1sko
    Server: EU

    Everyone is bad at start. Don’t be sad, if you fail. Next battle can be better… <3

  34. I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  35. Server EU
    Name lucnos
    I love your video’s i watch them all

  36. This was really fun to watch as well as being informative. Ty Dez, keep on tanking.

    User: Mac869
    Server: EU

  37. Name : baeminhan
    Server: SEA

    KV-2 become a king in his tier.. really nice to see !

  38. Stuff
    EU server

    Subbed here for years but only just started watching your Twitch streams (subbed with prime there!) Great content as always Dez!

  39. edmunds miščenko

    Name: lacis112
    Server: EU
    Well the kv-2 is legendary and love that build

  40. Name: Sniper2_2015
    Server: EU
    In a KV 2 you dont care for MM 🙂

  41. Name: Antsa_23
    Server: EU
    Your videos are helping me a lot to get through this pandemic 🙂

  42. Smile like Stalin smiled when Germany invaded Russia in the winter!
    Name: TobitzaEzMmr
    Server: EU

  43. Name: krupis1989
    Server: EU

    GL and HF 😀

  44. Name: oldone
    Server: EU

    Thanks for the content – the fun times, and for all the useful information.

  45. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    positive energy only comes from when you shout russia and hit someone for 1000 damage 😀
    name: NKkrisz

  46. Well I want to be positive, but I just lost 11 games in a row :C. Those dammed ferrari french “tanks”. Hope you are doing better than me C:

    EU : NeverBeAlone07

  47. NightNight The Fox

    Name: NightNight77
    Server: EU

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I said something positive

  48. You cant have a bad Day in wot if you start your sesion screaming “russia”
    Server : EU
    Name : MSebicuuu28

  49. dude, you are amazing. keep up the good work!
    43615 on EU

  50. Gorston Gorstontopus

    Name: Gurkensalat_2016
    Server: EU

    Im trying to 3 mark the IS-M rn need some beasty help here 😛

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